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World’s Best Surfing Camps for Women – Top Ten to Check Out Next Vacation

Whether you’re a brand new surfer or a seasoned pro, it’s well worth checking out one of the many different camps across the globe. Each is tailored to a certain audience, skill level or other demographic, so it’s easy to find one that suits you.

Today we’ll be checking out some of the best surf camps around that are only for the ladies; mixed-gender settings can be intimidating for some people, especially given how vulnerable you are at sea, so it’s understandable you might want to feel safer.

Whatever reason you feel like checking out a camp without the boys for, there are a great deal to choose from, so without further ado, let’s get started checking them all out!

1. Pam Burridge Surf School, Australia

As the 1990s reigning ASP World Champion Surfer, Pam Burridge is pretty well known amongst female surfers the world over; her schools situated in Bendalong and Mollymook are designed to prioritize making surfing accessible to women.

This is done primarily through their regular girls-only surfing retreat, allowing you to head out with coaches accredited by Surfing Wales and the Australian Sports Commission, targeting beginners who are ready to hit the board for the very first time.

With no pressure and plenty of fun, you’re bound to meet a lot of fellow surf-loving ladies who are either trying to start learning or looking to brush up their skills. You should also know that Pam loves yoga, so you’ll probably end up doing a little bit of that during the weekend, too!

2. Dominical Wave Rider, Costa Rica

Speaking of yoga, the Namaste Ride package offered by Dominical Wave Rider out in Costa Rica is girls-only and combines the beloved meditative pastime with another: surfing! Explore this beautiful country in a whole new way.

With the whole package, you will receive:

  • Seven days/six nights at your choice of accommodation from their approved list
  • A delicious, home-cooked breakfast every morning
  • Five days professional lessons or a surf tour
  • Rental of professional surfing equipment
  • Daily yoga classes at the Danyasa Studio
  • Transportation to and from all activities at the camp
  • Full body, therapeutic massages
  • A chance to visit gorgeous local sightseeing, including stunning waterfalls
  • Free downloads of photos and videos from your experience (and analysis of your technique!)
  • Complimentary souvenirs
  • Round trip transportation from San Jose/Quepos Airport and back 

You can also choose to add extra activities to your itinerary if you so wish, giving you the opportunity to make your trip of a lifetime even more memorable.

3. Siren Surf Adventures, Mexico

Situated in the heart of sunny paradise, any Siren Surf Adventure is a gorgeous experience. Hosted by Kristy Murphy, former head instructor, and coordinator of one of the world’s first women-only surf camps, we highly recommend the Mexico Surf Safari as our personal favorite.

Zihuatanejo is a perfect place to surf, and their involvement with the local turtle sanctuaries in the area means you might get a chance to get up close and personal with some of the most gorgeous creatures of the sea… as well as catching a few waves!

The VIP service provided is offered in a carefree environment for surfers of any ability: there will only ever be a maximum of 5 guests in your retreat, so you are always guaranteed an intimate surfing experience, with plenty of one on one instruction.

Put it this way: your day will start with beautiful local coffee and an extravagant Mexican breakfast, and then possibly end with a stunning sunset surf.

4. Maui Surfer Girls, Hawaii

Offering lessons for the entire family, as well as their dedicated women’s-only retreats, Maui Surfer Girls has long been a staple in the world of surfing for the ladies. 

Serving as a wellness retreat for surfers of a beginner or intermediate skill level aged eighteen or above, Camp Olowalu is a full week of fully all-inclusive surviving. For a start, the course boasts breathtaking oceanfront accommodation, three full and healthy meals, plus all the tropical adventures you could wish for.

Not only will you get plenty of time in the water, but there will also be plenty of other varied activities to keep you occupied throughout the whole week. Some are more relaxing than others, so you can leave the camp feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Professional coaches are on hand to help you practice your techniques, as well as go snorkeling, waterfall hiking, paddle boating, whale watching, even napping in a hammock if you’d like. There’ll certainly be time for dance parties, too!

5. Chicabrava, Nicarágua 

Dubbed Nicaragua’s first – and best – surfing camp for women, Chicabrava is designed to empower women through surfing, providing lifelong friendships and beautiful bonds through a shared passion for the beloved sport.

Choose to stay in your own private jungle villa out in Cloud Farm for the lap of luxury, or if you’re working on a budget, get yourself a cheap, cheerful yet clean and tidy surf house right in the heart of San Juan del Sur, slap bang in the middle of the action.

Featured in the likes of Cosmo, Forbes, HuffPost and The Today Show, you know you’re accessing the highest quality of women-only experiences at this camp… or should we say vacation?

There’s even an option to stay in a secluded beach villa right on the beach, just two or three steps away from sand, sea, surf, and sun. Given there are at least 300 days of offshore wind and clear, uncrowded waters, it’s always time for surfing in San Juan, whatever your ability.

6. Jah Shaka Surf, Algarve, Portugal

Twice a year, Jah Shaka Surf hosts their girl’s surfing camp, opening up Tiny Whale Surf Lodge to 32 lucky women across the world, for an exclusive week of surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and yoga – what more could you ask for?!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never surfed before – their amazingly dedicated coach is on hand to provide a tailored program, perfectly suited to your experience: at the end of your amazing week away, your confidence in the water will skyrocket.

A chef with experience in a range of five-star boutique restaurants and resorts is ready to serve gorgeous two-course dinners, perfectly paired up with local wine; on two of the evenings, you’ll be treated to meals out in the finest local establishments.

7. Wave Sisters Lanzarote

Though you can head out to a girls-only Wave Sisters camp in Portugal, we’re focusing on their luxury Lanzarote experience – constantly looking out for that perfect wave, their camps will only take place in the best conditions, so you get the ultimate experience.

Arrival, itineraries and departure are flexible – the course operates from Sunday to Friday, with five days of learning and exploring in the gorgeous fishing village of Caleta de Famara, just a stone’s throw away from glorious Famara beach.

Offering not just surfing, but also safari trips, as well as connecting you up with a worldwide network of female surfers, with WaveSisters you don’t just get a surfing course, you become a member of a global family.

8. Surf Sistas Cornwall

The UK might not be as exotic as some of the other places on our list, but boy is it a fantastic place to find amazing surf spots. Cornwall is no exception, and the amazing camps and classes run by Surf Sistas are a great place to get started.

With small group sizes and multiple dedicated, trained-up coaches, they also have a dedicated photographer and videographer, so you can be sure that your adventures will be thoroughly documented for you to reminisce over later.

If you fancy checking out some of the other surf spots that England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland have to offer, check out the SS social media pages, where they’re always talking about where their groups are headed next.

9. Aloha Surfer Girls, San Diego, USA

Offering private one on one or group lessons, as well as various retreats, Aloha Surfer Girls was voted the Number One Surfing Camp by the Travel Channel. Need we say any more? 

Running since 1997, there’s not that much we need to tell you: head to their website and find out when you can book in a lesson!

10. Padre Island Surf Camp, Texas, USA

Last but not least, we have another all-American camp, this time operating out of the South down in Texas. Open to all ages from six-plus, they are simple, easy-going all-day camps that work perfectly for a mom and daughter day trip.

Surfboards and lunches are provided – just bring yourself!