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What Size Wakeboard Do I Need?

Wakeboarding has become very popular over the years. If you want to get into the sport, you’ll need to invest in some equipment – and that includes a wakeboard. The only question is, what size board should you go for? This is where we come in to help.

Wakeboards come in various sizes. There are longboards, shortboards, and even mini-wakeboards designed for children. Each type has its pros and cons. For example, longboards are great for beginners because they offer stability and control. On the other hand, shortboards are easier to maneuver around obstacles.

When choosing the right board size, consider your height, weight, skill level, and personal preferences. This way, you can pick the right board for you.

In this article, we are going to be showing you how to pick the right wakeboard size for you, as well as additional tips to ensure you get the most out of your wakeboard experience. 

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What Size Wakeboard Do I Need

What Are The Main Wakeboard Sizes?


Longboards are typically used by people who weigh more than 200 pounds (90 kg) or have a height of 5’10” (178 cm). They also require advanced skills and coordination. For this reason, longboards are especially suited to experienced wakeboarders.


Shortboards are usually used by people who weigh less than 180 pounds (82 kg) and/or have a height of 6’0” (183 cm). These boards are easy to ride but lack stability and control.

You won’t be able to perform any tricks on these boards. However, they’re great for beginners.

Mini Wakeboards

Mini wakeboards are designed specifically for kids. They are small enough so that children can easily learn how to ride them. They’re perfect for younger riders who don’t yet have the strength to handle larger boards.

Choosing the Right Size Board for You

With all that being said, the length of a board is very important to get right. A longer board allows you to cover more distance per push-off. It’s important to note that there’s no “perfect” length.

The ideal length depends on your body type, weight, and skill level.

Your Height

The first thing to do when picking a board size is to determine your height. Your height will help you decide which board size you need.

Once you have measured yourself, you will then be able to select a wakeboard that accommodates your height by offering a suitable length. 

Riding Style 

Different people prefer different styles of wakeboarding. Some like to jump higher while others like to carve turns. Decide what kind of riding you enjoy before buying a wakeboard.

This will then allow you to shortlist the wakeboards that will help to elevate your individual wakeboarding style. 

Skill Level

If you’re new to wakeboarding, you might find it easier to start off with a smaller wakeboard. As your skills improve, you can move up to a bigger board.

The main reason why most beginners start off with a smaller wakeboard is that they don’t know how to handle a big board.

Personal Preference

There are many factors that influence your decision on whether, or not, you’d like a particular wakeboard. Do you like the look of the board? Is it comfortable? Does it fit your body shape?

Are you looking for something that offers performance or does it just make you feel good to ride? All these things play a role in your choice of board.

Board thickness

The thickness of a board affects its overall performance and should be considered when choosing the size. Thicker boards absorb shock better and are therefore more durable. Thin boards tend to flex too much. They may not hold up under heavy use. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the board, the thicker it will be. 

If you’re planning on learning wakeboarding, then a beginner-level board is probably going to be best. Beginners often prefer shorter boards because they’re easier to control.

As you gain confidence, you might want to upgrade to a slightly longer board. This is because, once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be ready to try something bigger.

In addition, if you’re feeling unsure about which size is going to be best for you, you can always go down to your local shop and ask them to recommend a board that fits your needs. They’ll be happy to help you out.

Additional Tips When Choosing The Right Wakeboard

Alongside the size, when selecting a board, you should keep in mind the following tips. This will help to ensure that you stay safe while also getting the most out of each wakeboarding session:

Make Sure The Board Has Enough Grip

Most boards come with grip tape already applied. If yours doesn’t, apply some yourself. It’s very important to make sure that your wakeboard, regardless of its size, comes with a grip so that you will be able to safely ride the wakeboard without falling off or slipping. 

Make Sure The Nose Of The Board Is Sharp

This helps to ensure that you will be able to navigate the waves and water with more precision and ease. In addition, you should also check the tail area. 

If you are just starting out or don’t yet have too much experience in wakeboarding, then we recommend opting for a wakeboard that doesn’t have an overly long tail. Otherwise, you might find it difficult to control.  

Make Sure That The Wakeboard Is Made To Last

We also recommend that you opt for a wakeboard that is made of durable material. You want a board that won’t break easily after a few rides. Choose one that is lightweight as well. This way, you will be able to carry it around with you wherever you go.

Final Thoughts

There we have it! When choosing the right size wakeboard, there are several things that you need to consider. We hope that our article has helped you to get started, and you’re now feeling more confident about how to choose the right size for you. 

Thank you for reading!

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