The Ultimate Guide To Cabo San Lucas Surf

The Ultimate Guide To Cabo San Lucas Surf

Cabo San Lucas. A beautiful corner of Mexico and one that has some seriously killer waves. You will be spoiled for choice when you realize how many places you can go surfing here.

Aside from the surfing, there are so many things that really make Cabo San Lucas a great place to vacation.

The Ultimate Guide To Cabo San Lucas Surf

In this article, we are going to guide you through everything you will need to know if you are considering visiting this area in Mexico for your next great surfing vacation.

So, without further ado, let us begin by covering the basics. 

The Basics On Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, which is also known simply as Cabo has become a very famous tourist destination. Celebrities, spring breakers, and surfers frequent the area. Some come for the tequila bars, or the shopping, and even the beaches.

But the real gem in Cabo is the surfing. Regardless of how you prefer to spend your day, Cabo San Lucas will not disappoint.  

Aside from the amazing countryside, people, and activities in the area, surfing is the biggest pull for Cabo San Lucas.

You will get to enjoy a variety of beaches, all with different conditions, and so you will be able to pick where you want to go and what kind of waves you would prefer.

Not only that, but you also have a large swell window, so you can spend more of your time surfing or even get a later start if you really feel like it.

To top it all off, if you are looking for a part, the town of Cabo San Lucas will be a fantastic place to let loose and enjoy yourself after a long day of surfing, sunbathing or anything else you have chosen to do in the day.

Along with all the perks of this delightful place, there are always some negatives. In the peak seasons, Cabo San Lucas tends to be quite busy but luckily for the surfers out there, the waters do not actually get too much attention.

In addition to that, there are not too many places for beginners to learn in Cabo itself, but there are areas around it that are ideal for them. If all fails, though, you can check out a surf school, and they will take you to a place that works for your skill level.

The final spanner in the works is that most of the breaks are not in Cabo San Lucas itself, and you may need a car to reach the best ones. But, other than that, this area is an absolute gem when it comes to great surfing locations. 

Cabo San Lucas is awesome when it comes to surfing options, it is essentially a continuation of Southern California.

You are likely to see some amazing waves that you just have to catch, right-handers mellow waves, and much more are in store for you in this delightful corner of Mexico. 

Where Is Cabo San Lucas Located?

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The location of Cabo San Lucas is not a secret, it can be found on the thin Baja California Peninsula. It is a finger of land that is just past the sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. It may not be an easy drive, especially if you are coming from the United States.

The drive itself may take over 22 hours before you arrive in Cabo San Lucas. So, be prepared for a long drive or grab a flight. 

The Best Way To Get To Cabo San Lucas

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There are two main options when it comes to traveling down to Cabo San Lucas, flying or driving. Both have their perks. Flying will be the fastest option, you will be arriving at the San Jose del Cabo airport which is not far away from our destination town. 

On the other hand, you might enjoy driving down, it is by no means an easy trip and will mean over 22 hours of driving before you arrive. But, if you are into road trips and looking for a bit of adventure, this really might be a fantastic option. 

When Is the Best Time To Surf In Cabo San Lucas?

The Ultimate Guide To Cabo San Lucas Surf

There are plenty of surf spots along the south coast of Mexico and because of this, you can expect to have quite wide swell windows no matter what season you decide to visit Cabo San Lucas.

But, it would probably be a good idea to pay attention to the seasons so that you can plan your trips accordingly and visit when you are likely to see the waves that you are looking for. 


Between June and August is when it will be the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas. The S-SW swells will come alive and the sea of Cortez will work its magic, especially around Costa Azul.

On the western coast, you may have a harder time in the summer, but overall you will still have plenty of good waves no matter where you are. 


Between September and October is when the West Coast will truly start to shine. There are ground swells, especially around Todos Santos and to the south. In addition to that, the number of tourists tends to drop at this time of year.


Between November and March you will see more swells in the north in the Baja. This is an ideal setting for Pacific side breaks, the likes of which you will see in Todos Santos and Cerritos.

The water can get a bit chilly at this time of year, so make sure to bring your boots and warm wetsuits. 


Between April and May, you can expect many of the US travelers to be heading home. So many of the hotels get more affordable. The trade-off for quiet beaches and cheaper accommodation is that many of the swells will also quiet down.

So, traveling to Cabo San Lucas at this time of year will be more worth your while if your time is so that you catch the end of spring when there are some decent S-SW pulses. 

The Best Beaches In Cabo San Lucas For Surfing

One of the big reasons that Cabo San Lucas is so popular is because of the many breathtaking surf spots in the area. It is safe to say that this part of Mexico is such a big attraction because of the surfing.

With such a large number of surf spots to choose from in and around Cabo San Lucas, it might be a good idea to have your own vehicle. This is because quite a few of these spots are about an hour away.

So, being able to just hop in your car and head over to whatever beach strikes your fancy for the day. 

So, let us take a look at which beaches you will want to check out for your Mexican surfing vacation. 


At this beach, there are a lot of reefs and to be fair, access to the breaks can be quite poor. Because of this, the Pescadero beach will likely not be crowded, in fact, you will probably mainly see locals and visitors that have been to this area a few times and learned about how amazing this spot is.

The best thing about this beach break is that it tends to pick up a lot of swells. When all the conditions are at their best, you will see a ton of A-frames you can ride. The main issue here is that there are lots of rocks and sea urchins.

As such, it will be very important to wear booties so that you do not hurt your feet. 

A few things to remember about this location:

  • Access: The access can be poor here, but if you know what you are doing or have learned the secret to success, this spot will certainly be a remarkable surf spot. 
  • Level: This spot might be a little too tricky for beginners or improvers. Intermediates or expert surfers are more suited to this spot. 


This surf spot is ideally located to be exposed to a 180-degree swell window. This phenomenon helps to keep the conditions at Migrino pretty good come winter or summer. It is quite a close break to Cabo San Lucas, it is only about 20 minutes by car.

The waves you are more likely to see here are some peaks along the sand. But the best waves you will see are the right-handers at that point.

You are sure to have a great time, especially when these waves roll. 

A few things to remember about this location:

  • Location: This beach break is quite close to Cabo San Lucas. It is only a 20-minute journey, so you can enjoy your morning before setting off to catch some great waves. 

Bahia Chileno

This surf spot is quite hidden from the public eye. But, if you know what you are doing or have gleaned the knowledge from the locals, this might be a great spot to check out.

This relatively hidden spot is made up of patchy reed and sand, so if you want to be able to walk safely in this area, it would be a good idea to pack your booties before you head over to Bahia Chileno.

The waves at this surf spot are shallow on the incline, which means that the conditions here are ideal for longboarders or intermediates that use a shortboard. In addition to that, this is a great spot if you want to practice turning off the lip.

The forgiving drops that do not toss you around like a rag-doll will really help you as you practice. The best time to enjoy this beach is when there are SW swells,  an offshore northerly, and the waves are about six feet tall. 

A few things to remember about this location:

  • Things to Not Crowded: This beach is not a very popular visit because it is relatively hidden. So you can enjoy catching some waves without large crowds. 
  • Level: This is a great spot for intermediates and improvers. 

Todos Santos

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Contrary to what a lot of you might think, this beach is not to be confused with the Baja break that is on the Isla de Todos Santos. Just a little ways from the Baja break, you will find Todos Santos.

In fact, all along this beautiful desert coast, you are likely to find a wonderful array of breaches that will be suitable for all sorts of surfers of various skill levels. But, skilled surfers are more likely to enjoy the fast barrels at low tide.

To the south, at a place called Playa San Pedro, there are some nice mellow waves that beginners will enjoy practicing on. 

A few things to remember about this location:

  • Level: This section of the beach offers breaks that are suitable for various levels. Beginners can find a spot where more mellow waves tend to be, and experienced surfers can enjoy the exposed reefs and barrels. There is something for everyone. 
  • Low Tide: At low tide, you are more likely to see fast barrels that are appropriate for more experienced surfers. 


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This surf spot is not one that you can often rely on if you want good rolling waves. The location of Shipwrecks is tucked away in the mouth of the Sea of Cortez.

This setting means that this spot will be protected from summer on shores, but it will get less flow in W and NW sets. But when the conditions are perfect and everything works out, you will get some lovely 5 to 9 foot waves that will have some great shoulders to play on.

While the shipwrecks is the name of one of the breaks in this stretch, there are nearly ten on the area you can pick from.

All of them work to get the same swell, so without it, none of these spots will work well for your surfing adventures. 

A few things to remember about this location:

  • Unreliable: This beach is not the most reliable when it comes to great waves to ride. That is because it is quite sheltered and relies on swells to get everything going, and this is not always the case. 

El Tule

This hidden gem is located below the flyover of the main freeway which goes from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo. The conditions here make it more ideal for experienced surfers.

The beach is two-directional, has a beach reef break and of course, the waves get some good speed. Because of the rocks and reefs, you will need to wear boots so that you are able to access the break and enjoy the waves. 

A few things to remember about this location:

  • Level: This beach is better suited to more experienced surfers, the conditions and waves are a little tough for those that are not equipped to deal with them. 
  • Boots: The rocks and reefs are quite sharp here and as such, you should definitely bring along your boots so that you do not hurt your feet. 


If you are looking for a surf spot for beginners near Cabo San Lucas, this is probably your best bet. It is at least a great candidate. The bay around Cerritos is wide and there are a lot of easy whitewash waves that a beginner would feel comfortable approaching.

These conditions are why this spot is favored by many of the Cabo surf schools. In fact, they often make the 45 minutes trip from Cabo San Lucas so that their students can have sessions on these nice, easy breakers.

At the northern end of this bay is Cerritos Point, at this spot you are likely to see many right-handers that utilize the NW swells. Some even say that this area has the best conditions for longboarders. In the winter months, the waves can get pretty big and can become rippable with a shortboard. 

A few things to remember about this location:

  • Level: Beginners and intermediates will really enjoy this stretch of water. With many surf schools in Cabo San Lucas journeying down to this spot, you will certainly enjoy learning the art of surfing. If you are of a higher level, there are certain spots that will suit you too. 

Costa Azul

A lot of the locals will tell you that Costa Azul is a beach you should check out. It is undoubtedly one of the best breaks around Cabo San Lucas.

In the summer when the swells start to come in from the south, this is definitely a beach you need to check out because there is no better beach when all the conditions are ideal. Some say that it is similar to the Moroccan Star of Boilers, minus that extra punch that goes with it.

There are a lot of rippable waves, which adds to the fun that you are certain to experience. If you are a beginner, you will likely want to check out the Acapulquito beach on the southern side of Azul beach, this spot is sheltered and tends to have more mellow waves you can practice and learn on. 

A few things to remember about this location:

  • Locals: This beach is frequented by the locals and suffers from consistent localism, but if you do not mind this fact, this will be a fantastic beach to check out. 
  • Level: This beach is ideal for beginners and intermediates. 


One of the few spots to surf in Cabo San Lucas itself in the Monuments, this spot is not really ideal for beginners. There are speedy left-handers that will be greatly enjoyed by more experienced surfers.

These waves break at the point at the end of the main beach. They close quite quickly and because of this, it will be important that you pump the back foot so that you get on the shoulder.

If you manage to catch one of these waves, it will be fast and zippy. If you mess up, just be careful of the sea urchins. 

A few things to remember about this location:

  • Level: Not ideal for beginners, this beach will be better suited to more experienced surfers or intermediates that know how to deal with faster waves. 

The Hotels & Hostels In Cabo San Lucas

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If you have decided on Cabo San Luca as your holiday place of choice, you will probably want to know what places you can crash after surfing for most of the day.

There are many hotels, hostels, and B&B’s in the area, but these three are the best ones that we could find. So, without further ado, let us delve in. 

The Surf Hostel, Cabo 

Also known as ‘The Riptide’ this hostel is a great option for our budget-conscious readers or those of you that want to meet new people. This accommodation option is located in the town of San Jose del Cabo and is quite close to the airport.

It is a bit of a ways from Cabo San Lucas, but it really is a fantastic option that you are not likely to regret. This hostel is near beaches like Shipwrecks which is just up the coast, so you do not need to travel far to have a good day surfing.

But the real selling point for The Surf Hostel Cabo is the low price and the sociable environment, The shared lounge is a great place to meet new people also in the area to catch some waves.

The Maria Mar Suites

This hotel is located near the beautiful Costa Azul bay, so if you are looking to surf there or at least check it out, the Maria Mar Suits will be ideal for you.

Who wouldn’t want to be on the doorstep of a beach break that is suitable for so many levels of surfers? The Maria Mar Suits is a mid-range hotel and quite detached from the spring breaker busy streak.

You can enjoy a nice, comfortable room after a long day catching waves or relax in the infinity pool that overlooks the ocean. What better way to spend the end of your day. 

The Cerritos Surf Town Beach Front Hotel

If you are looking for a place that offers both comfortable and luxurious accommodations, the Cerritos Surf Town Beach Front Hotel is an obvious choice.

If you are located on the southern side of Baja you should definitely consider this hotel for the duration of your stay in Cabo San Lucas.

It is a great place for any surfer and even has a place you can rent boards on-site, so if you want to pick up a new skill or always rent boards on your trip, this is a fantastic spot that will certainly offer you value for money.

To sweeten the deal, the Cerritos Hotel has a pool area, which is the perfect place to relax and sip on margaritas while watching the spectacular Mexican sunset. Sounds lovely after a long day at the beach, doesn’t it. 

The Best Surf Shops In Cabo San Lucas

While there are not that many surf shop options in Cabo San Lucas, there are a few that you are sure to find helpful if you need equipment. So, let us take a look at two of the best options in this amazing Mexican town. 

Costa Azul Surf Shop

This shop is located near Costa Azul and has many boards on its rails that it rents and sells to customers that come asking. They also sell a wide range of locally made gear that you are sure to find charming.

So, if you require a surfboard or some gear, this will be a great option, especially if you are around Costa Azul. 

Line Up

You will really be striking gold if you check out Line Up, it is not only a surf shop, it is also a surf school. So whether you want to pick up some much-needed equipment or you want some lessons so that you can learn or improve your surfing, this is a fantastic bet for you.

Line Up will rent your boards and sell all manner of items you may need including hats, surf wear, bikinis, vests, and much more.

The Best Eateries In Cabo San Lucas

The Ultimate Guide To Cabo San Lucas Surf

Even after swimming all day in a regular swimming pool, you are always hungry. So, after a long day at the beach, catching waves, and enjoying the ocean, you are sure to be hungry enough to eat a horse.

But, where are the best places to go for food in Cabo San Lucas? There are so many options in this town, from French bistros to taco stands, you are certain to find something that will suit you here.

We have curated some of the best places you can visit for food on your surfing visit to Cabo San Lucas. 

The Free Souls, Cerritos Restaurant

This restaurant is quite trendy and perfect if you are planning on visiting the breaks at Cerritos beach. They serve healthy salads, fresh seafood from the Pacific Ocean, delicious pizzas, french crêpes and so much more is on their menu. 

To top it all off, you can enjoy your meal on the rooftop terrace. Watch the sunset over the ocean as you enjoy a perfectly delicious meal served at The Free Souls, Cerritos Restaurant.

The Tacos Marissa

On top of the hill above the Marina of Cabo San Lucas is this traditional Mexican taquería. They have a wide variety of fillings, but the real star of the show is the divine meat fillings that they serve.

On top of that, there is a large salad bar with everything you could ask for, including habaneros and jalapeños. This kind of food is really something you have to try if you are in Mexico.

It is what is expected, but also you certainly do not want to miss out on traditional Mexican tacos, and Tacos Marissa serves some of the best in the areas. 

The Comal

If you are looking for a luxurious dining spot, the Comal restaurant will be a fantastic choice for you. They serve a wonderful infusion of foods that use local ingredients from Baja and mix it together with delicious international dishes that are sure to leave you wanting more. 

Other Fun Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas

Even if you want to head out to Cabo San Lucas for surfing, you probably will want to check out a few of the sites and other activities in the area. So, we have put together a short list of some of the things you could do in the area. 

Costa Azul Ziplines

This activity is located near the Costa Azul canopy, and is one of the best outdoor activities in the area, besides surfing of course.

It is an exhilarating ride that does not require any prior experience or skill. Simply get strapped in and enjoy the world rushing by. 

Sight See at Land’s End

If you want to see some amazing stone arches and the beautiful sea around Mexico, you will need to check out Land’s End. It is the point where the Baja terminates in the Pacific Ocean.

So make sure you bring your phone or camera and take some incredible pictures as you drink in the stunning scenery. 

Pacific Horseback Riding Tour

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If you want to enjoy the landscape and countryside around Cabo San Lucas, you will certainly enjoy horseback riding tours.

You will get a horse that is suitable to your skill level, so you do not have to worry about a horse that is too much for you.

So, once you have been saddled with your companion for the ride, you will get to enjoy the Pacific coastal scenery and much more. 

Final Thoughts

There are not too many places that have surfing as impressive as Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding area. You will be able to find something for any level of surfer, so the experts can enjoy some exhilarating waves and the beginners can learn on more mellow waves.

Besides the great waves here, you will not regret the experience as a whole. The culture, people and countryside are all stunning, and it is definitely something you need to do in your lifetime. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and visit Cabo San Lucas and enjoy surfing and everything else the country has to offer.

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