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The Best 5 Surf Movies On Netflix

Netflix is one of the biggest entertainment services today. It seems to have anything you could have ever wanted to watch on there. Surfing is a popular sport that can be seen in a wide range of films.

Netflix doesn’t disappoint in their surf movie selection. They are perfect films, even for those of us who have never even been on a surfboard.

The Best 5 Surf Movies On Netflix

From documentaries to romance films, below we have put together the 5 best surf movies that you can find on Netflix.

Surf’s Up

Surf’s Up, hit our screen in 2007 and now is a family favorite movie. This animated film was directed by Chris Buck and Ash Brannon and starred the voices of Shia LaBeouf, Zooey Deschanel, James Wood, Jeff Bridges, Mario Cantone, Jon Heder and Diedrich Bader.

Produced by Sony Pictures Animation, the plot of this film was based on a parody of surfing documentaries, like Riding Giants and The Endless Summer. Other parts of this film parody the film, North Shore (1987).

This mockumentary-type film tells us the story of penguin Cody Maverick. He is a promising surfer, who decides to leave home to take part in the huge Surfing competition in memory of Big Z. Big Z is another penguin that was seen as the greatest surfer of all time until he went missing.

This film is made for children, but adults will enjoy it as well. A comedy that has some really sentimental moments that all revolve around the surfing world.

Under An Arctic Sky

Under An Arctic Sky comes to Netflix in 2017. This is a documentary-style film that is around 40 minutes long. It is directed by Chris Burkard.

This movie tells the story of six surfers, alongside photographer and director Chris Burkard. They are sailing across the frozen shores of Iceland, as one of the worst storms for around 25 years is creeping upon them.

They have around 3 hours of sunlight every day, whilst also facing thunderstorms and sub-zero temperatures.

The surfers never give up throughout this film, no matter what obstacle is put in their way, they want to keep carrying on. They are in search of the perfect waves. This film gives you an insight into what lengths some surfers are willing to go to, to find and get that perfect wave.


Directed by Jess Bianchi and starring Aamin Goodwin, Daize Goodwin, Given Goodwin, and True Goodwin. Given was originally released in 2016, and it is an adventure film for the whole family.

In this film, we experience the world through the child, Given’s eyes. Their family explores different cultures around the globe, while they surf along the way. Given is the main character, as he and his family travel around 15 different countries.

The point of their travels is due to a calling that has been handed down through generations. This family loves to surf and that is what they are good at.

The premise of this film is very simple, and it looks visually stunning. The message of the movie is about returning to the basics of kindness and respecting and admiring what the natural world has to offer. All from a child’s point of view. It isn’t surprising that this film has won awards!

Blue Crush

Directed by John Stockwell and stars Kate Bosworth, Matthew Davies, Michelle Rodriguez, Mika Boorem, and Sanoe Lake.

Blue Crush was originally released in 2002, but you can still watch it on Netflix right now. This film is a little different from what we have mentioned so far. Not all surfing films have to be documentaries, this film is a romance and drama.

This film is based on Susan Orlean’s magazine article from Outside in 1998, titled ‘Life’s A Swell.’ In this movie, you will watch three friends who all have a passion for surfing.

They all want to live the dream surfing life on Hawaii’s famous North Shore. However, what this film does is show you that non-professional surfers still have to do ordinary jobs as a way to support their surfing dream.

Blue Crush may be getting on in years, but it still looks good and will keep your attention. A different kind of surf film, that tells you what it is really like for non-professional surfers who want that dream surfing life. This film is unexpected, and you can’t predict the outcome.


Directed by Doug Pray and stars the Paskowitz family, with an interest in Doc Paskowitz and his wife and 9 children.

We end our best surf films with Surfwise. This isn’t just any surfing film that you will find on Netflix. We watch their life, as they travel around America in a very cramped trailer.

They are a very health-conscious family, who live off the earth and teach people how to surf. This family can be seen surfing every day, as Doc Paskowitz searches for the best waves out there.

Doc had abandoned his career as a doctor and instead wanted to follow his passions. His passions are surf, sex, and a different lifestyle from everyone else. Years later, this film shows the 9 children relive their childhood and explain how they wouldn’t have changed it anyway.

They explain how they grew up in another world, where swimming with sharks wasn’t seen as dangerous, but going to school was frightening for them.

An inspirational film that will make you think about the way you are living your life. Was Doc’s dream genius or madness?

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that there are hundreds of surfing films that you can find on Netflix. They range from documentaries, mockumentaries, coming of age, romance and drama.

However, we have given you the best 5 surf movies that you definitely need to watch. We have covered a range of genres so that there is something for everyone on our list.

Surfing is a beloved sport, and these films may make you want to pick up that surfboard and try it for yourself.

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