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The 10 Best Surfing Lessons & Surfing Schools In The Caribbean

Not only is the Caribbean considered a paradise and home to areas of stunning natural beauty, it also offers some of the best surfing destinations in the world.

Whether you’re looking to try out surfing for the first time or you’re keen to hone your skills and develop your technique in some of the clearest water you’ve ever swum in… why not try out some classes offered by some of the best surf schools in the Caribbean.

The 10 Best Surfing Lessons & Surfing Schools in the Caribbean

With so many surf schools to choose from and types of lessons on offer, it can be difficult to narrow down which one to go for and which will fit around your holiday plans. To help to narrow things down for you, we’ve provided a list of the 10 best surf schools and camps that offer a range of amazing surf lessons and benefits.

1. Punta Cana Surf Adventure | Dominican Republic

Punta Cana Surf Adventure is a leading surf school in Punta Cana. They offer professional and fun surf lessons for all. Combined with decades of surf coaching experience and local know-how, this surf resort is one of the best for not just learning to surf but learning to love the surf lifestyle.

This surf school only offers surf coaching for small groups. This enables them to focus on offering tailored and coaching and to provide their full attention.

Punta Cana Surf Adventure offers round-trip transportation from all of the resorts in Punta Cana. This is great for anyone visiting on holiday without their own mode of transport. This is also a great way to enable you to experience the rest of the island.

The surf school also offers a range of classes in different languages to cater to a wide audience. They offer to teach surf classes in English, Russian and Spanish.

Punta Cana Surf Adventure prides itself on offering a well-rounded surf experience of teaching students in different ways using different techniques.

They not only teach students whilst in the water, but they also teach outside of the water to enable students to hone their skills and develop their technique. They also provide a water safety briefing and theoretical introductions to ensure that everyone has got the safety of the sea pinned down.

Punta Cana Surf Adventure Offer:

  • Lessons suitable for all levels on a beach with different breaks for different skill levels
  • Small group lessons and private lessons
  • Provide the necessary equipment

2. Dread Or Dead Surf School | Barbados

Dread or Dead Surf School has been operating since 1995. They are a family-run business offering a range of surf lessons for all skill levels regardless of whether you’ve never looked at a surfboard or if you’re a pro.

Dread or Dead Surf School strives to teach all skill levels how to surf safely and professionally. They teach the ins and outs of surfing. They also aim to show guests the best Barbados has to offer. They encourage guests to have fun and spend as much time as they can in the water to embrace the spirit of surfing.

Made up of a group of highly experienced and local surf instructors, the Dread or Dead Surf School guides each guest offering them a tailored experience customized for their every need. Some of the surf instructors have even taken part in local surf contests.

All of the lessons provided include a surfboard, rash guards, and reef boots. The surf school offers surf lessons twice daily at 10 am and 2 pm.

Dread And Dead Surf School Offer:

  • Transportation (pick-up and drop-off)
  • Lessons for all skill levels
  • Private and group lessons
  • Surf tours
  • Surf rentals

3. House Of Waves | Dominican Republic

House of Waves is a well established surf school that offers a range of services ideal for your every surfing need. House of Waves provides surf lessons for all surfing abilities. They provide an environment where you can enjoy the stunning natural beauty and make the most of the clear water. This isn’t just a great place to learn how to surf, it’s the best place to embrace the surfer lifestyle.

If you’re a solo traveler, it’s also a great place to meet new people.

Run by a group of professional surf instructors, you’ll be in safe and secure hands. Each instructor is highly qualified and provides excellent tailored coaching and works to ensure that you make the most of having the best time on your surf experience.

House of Waves surf school offers a range of services that cater to different needs. They provide private lessons which are best suited to beginners as it enables 1-to-1 coaching. This is a great opportunity to have time with the coach to really focus on developing your technique.

The surf school also provides group lessons which run from 2 to 4 hours. However, if you’re only sticking around for a limited time, they also offer package deals such as the 3-day and 5-day package which include numerous lessons with a couple of hours per lesson.

House Of Waves Offer:

  • Lessons for all skill levels
  • Group and private lessons
  • Package lessons
  • Equipment hire
  • Transportation to surf spots and accommodation

4. WB Surf Camp | British Virgin Island

WB Surf Camp strives to create a unique and memorable surfing experience. They offer lessons designed for all skill abilities from beginners to advanced surfers. The surf camp has teamed up with a range of local businesses operators and friends who all help to make sure that you have the best experience in Tortola. Tortola Island is a place of outstanding natural beauty and a natural paradise.

WB Surf Camp provides a variety of surf lessons taught by professional surf instructors. These lessons include a 2:1 student lesson for more in-depth training, group lessons, private lessons, advanced coaching for intermediate to advanced level surfers, and corporate/ team building lessons.

They also offer after-school classes for middle-school students. These after school lessons are great for getting young people outdoors and enjoying the water. They help to encourage students to become confident and enthusiastic in the water.

The lessons include more than just surfing. Students get the opportunity to learn how to paddleboard, boogie board, and kayak

WB Surf Camp provides great surf lessons including WB Surf Camp offers a well-rounded island experience. They not only provide a variety of surf lessons, but they also pair this with chilled island activities, accommodation, and great food.

WB Surf Camp Offer:

  • Group and private lessons
  • Equipment hire
  • Advanced coaching
  • After school lessons

5. Cabarete Surf Camp | Dominican Republic

Featured in the Lonely Planet and multiple travel magazines, Cabarete Surf Camp offers some of the best surf lessons in the Dominican Republic. Located just 10 minutes away from Encuentro Beach, Cabaret Surf Camp provides the most amazing opportunity to learn to surf in one of the best places to learn to surf in the world.

Encuentro beach is a surfer’s haven famous for its reef breaks on the North shore. It offers a range of conditions ideal for all surfer levels.

Made up of a group of professional surfers, each surf instructor not only offers tailored lessons and local know-how, but they also give great advice on which is the best surfboard to use as well as information about the wave conditions.

Cabarete offers a range of lessons designed for all ages and levels. They offer lessons either as a single lesson which is ideal if you’re just stopping over or as a pack of seven lessons which is ideal for anyone looking to develop their skills quickly. However, if neither of these options suit you, they also offer bespoke surf packages to fit around you and your schedule so that you can make the most of your time in Cabarete.

In addition to lessons, Cabarete Surf Camp also offers year-round trips to areas outside of Cabarete. This allows guests to get a full Dominican experience. These trips include venturing to Playa Grande, Playa Preciosa, and Playa Sosua. These trips are a great option for intermediate to advanced surfers looking to try out some new waves.

Cabarete Surf Camp Offers:

  • Advanced lessons
  • Group and private lessons
  • Equipment rental
  • Surf tours

6. Swell Surf Camp | Cabarete

Swell Surf Camp offers a friendly and relaxed Caribbean vibe. They provide an active and fun surf experience that you won’t forget. This is a great place to stay if you’ve never been surfing before as they offer quick, safe, and fun ways of getting you in and used to the water. With professional surf coaches to guide you through, you’re sure to have the best surf experience and come out surfing like a pro.

The Swell Surf Camp is surrounded by local surf spots that are ideal for beginner surfers with a soft sand base, mellow waves, and warm water.

Each surf instructor is I.S.A qualified to ensure that you learn to surf in a completely safe and reliable environment with surfers with great surfing experience.

The instructors are essentially trained in the best way to teach you specific techniques to advance your surfing ability in a short time frame. Besides practical surf lessons, they also offer surf theory lessons that teach you how to paddle correctly and to spot the best places to sit to rest.

Swell Surf Camp offers so much more than surfing. Besides getting to grips with surfing and embracing the surf lifestyle, Swell Surf Camp also offers kitesurfing, yoga classes, and horse riding. The list of opportunities is endless.

Whilst Swell Surf Camp specializes in teaching beginner-level surfers, they offer additional lessons for intermediate and advanced-level surfers.

Swell Surf Camp Offer:

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Fast track lessons for beginners
  • Surf theory lessons
  • Equipment hire

7. Surf Balandra | Trinidad

Surf Balandra provides a surf experience that boasts stunning views and uncrowded waves. Passionate about surfing and the ocean, Surf Balandra aims to share their love of the waves with those that take a journey with them. Not only are they committed to teaching you to surf and develop your skills, but they are also keen to show you the culture of Trinidad and uncover its hidden gems.

Surf Balandra offers two surf packages. The first is a beginner package which includes a 1 week stay in the surf house with food and beverages provided. It also includes 2-3 hours of ultimate surf time every day to really hone your skills and test the waters.

The second package is the advanced package. This also includes a one-week stay in the surf house with food and beverages provided. It also includes 3-4 hours of surf time every day to help you get to the next level and polish your technique.

All of the surf lessons at Surf Balandra are taught by experienced and professional surfers that hold an ISA certification. They offer the best knowledge and guidance on teaching you the best techniques and tailoring your lessons to suit your needs.

Staying at the surf house also includes transportation to and from some amazing surf sports.

Surf Balandra Offer:

  • Beginner and advanced lessons
  • 6 days of surfing lessons
  • Transportation to and from surf spots
  • Equipment hire

8. Zed’s Surf Adventures | Barbados

Featured in the New York Times, Zed’s Surf Adventures is one of the best places in the Caribbean to receive surf lessons. Zed’s Surf Adventures has been operating since 2002 and specializes in helping students to hone their surfing techniques.

They aim to provide a unique and memorable experience for all who choose to surf with them, whether it’s for a holiday, a short break, or a more regular thing. Zed’s is located near a popular surf hangout at Inch Marlow Christ Church. This is a great place to really immerse yourself in the surfers’ lifestyle.

They offer a variety of lessons including private lessons which are great for couples or families looking to spend a day or week of fun in the water. They also offer group lessons which run from 1- am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 4 pm running from Monday to Saturday

They also offer a Get Wet summer surf program which offers 2-hour lessons with professional surf instruction as well as a pickup and drop-off service from your accommodation. These lessons are a great way for beginners to get comfortable in the waves in a safe environment.

Zed’s Surf Adventures Offer:

  • Private lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Transportation to and from surf spots

9. Jamnesia Surf Camp | Jamaica

Jamnesia Surf Camp specializes in catering to traveling surfers who are looking to learn and develop their surfing skills and immerse themselves in the culture of Jamaica. Jamnesia is home to Jamaica’s longest running and one of the best surf schools. Lessons at the surf camp are taught by some of the most experienced surf instructors on the island.

Jamaica is known to offer some amazing summer and winter swells so whichever time of the year you visit, you’re sure to catch a wave. Jamnesia Surf Camp is a great choice for intermediate to advanced-level surfers. The camp not only provides a variety of surf lessons, but they also provide surf members with the right equipment as well as a large library of surf videos and surf magazines.

Jamnesia Surf Camp Offer:

  • Private lessons
  • Equipment hire
  • Board repair
  • Surf shuttles and surfaris

10. Macao Surf Camp | Punta Cana

Macao Surf Camp is a great place to learn to surf if you’re looking for a fun and wholesome experience for the whole family. Macao offers a thrilling and fun surf experience that strives to help you build a solid surf foundation step by step and in a way that is easy to follow. They offer a relaxed surf experience.

The surf lessons consist of in-depth customized surf instruction from professional instructors and the lessons provided are mainly focused on water safety and technique but most importantly, it’s about having fun and making memories. Each instructor shares a wealth of knowledge and information and they offer all the advice, guidance, and support you need to thrive.

They offer a variety of lessons that are suitable for all surf levels. The lessons they provide include private and group lessons as well as lesson packages and day camps. They also offer the added benefit of teaching lessons in multiple languages in order to cater to more people. The languages they can speak include Spanish, English, Russian and Italian.

Macao Surf Camp Offer:

  • Group and private lessons
  • Language options
  • Equipment hire
  • Day camp
  • Surf packages


The Caribbean is made up of so many different islands. From this list, you can see that each island provides a range of amazing surf lessons that can cater to a variety of abilities.

Each offers its own unique quirks and benefits. Some offer set lessons, some are more flexible and come in the form of packages. Whether you’re in the Caribbean for a day or a week, you’re riding solo or you’re going with your family, there’s something for everyone. Now that you have this list at your fingertips, you can now narrow down where you want to start your journey. Surf’s up!

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