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The 10 Best Surfing Lessons & Surfing Schools In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is not only known for its natural tropical beauty and diverse wildlife, it is also known as one of the best surfing destinations in the world. The long white sand beaches and big breaks make it ideal for both beginners and more experienced surfers.

Whether you are a newbie wanting to get stuck in and give it a go, or a seasoned professional, why not take the chance to try out some of the best classes in Asia offered by some wonderful surf schools.

The 10 Best Surfing Lessons & Surfing Schools in Sri Lanka

With so many classes and camps to choose from it can be tricky to find the right school for you. You might need to find a camp that fits into your holiday plans, you may even want to go on an extended surfing camp.

To help narrow things down, we’ve created a list of the 10 best surfing lessons & schools in Sri Lanka, all offering a wide range of high-quality lessons and camps. At the bottom of this article, you will also find a handy buyer’s guide with some useful things to think about.

1. Lapoint Sri Lanka

Situated in the beautiful Ahangama, Lapoint offers beginner and intermediate surfers the opportunity to learn from the best. This surf school has been providing surfers with high-quality surf lessons for the last decade.

Their aim is to work with any level of surfer to improve their techniques and skills in the water whilst maintaining a safe and fun environment. Lapoint offers three surfing courses, each lasting 7 days. Each course varies in difficulty to ensure there is something for everyone.

The inexperienced surfers out there will be taught the basics of surfing as well as some interesting theories. More experienced surfers go into a more detailed analysis of their performance. This includes a video analysis of their most recent lesson.


  • Daily lessons – At Lapoint, you will be surfing every day.
  • Use of equipment – You get to use all Lapoint’s equipment for the duration of your stay. This allows you plenty of time to practice.
  • Experienced instructors – The instructors have vast experience in surfing and teaching.


  • 7-day camp – You can only undertake 7-day camps with Lapoint. There are no one-off lessons or shorter schools.

2. Ticket To Ride Surf House

Whatever level of surfing you find yourself at, Ticket To Ride Surf House has something for you. This surf school provides world-class surf coaching in the form of a flexible camp. The surf house team leads tailored sessions to meet your expectations and needs.

Ticket To Ride Surf House run a 7-day camp where surfers are given daily surfing lessons at Ahangama beach. The 7-day camp includes all accommodation, food, and use of the equipment after each class.

The flexible approach to the camp lets you fit this camp around your holiday schedule. If you can’t do a full week don’t worry! The surf house also offers day camps and one-off lessons. This is perfect for surfers that want a shorter experience.

Private 1-1 lessons and guided tours are also bookable for those who wish to have a more intimate experience.


  • Flexible camp – Fit the course into your holiday schedule.
  • Level of experience – The level of experience doesn’t affect your lessons. The instructors will meet your needs.
  • Location – The surf house is only 50m away from Ahangama beach.
  • Coach to client ratio – The school guarantees a ratio of 1 coach to every 5 surfers.


  • Surfing vests not included – If you don’t have your own TTR Rash vest you will have to purchase one on arrival.

3. Lanka Living Surf

Lanka Living Surf offers surfing lessons for everyone. The incredibly passionate instructors work hard to provide guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. Lessons include beginner tutorials, surfing theory, technique practice in and out of the water, and video analysis of each performance.

The more experienced surfers will gain a detailed insight into their surfing ability. There are no minimum or maximum stays at Lanka Living Surf. So, you can plan your trip around any other plans you may have.

At living surf, you will get the chance to not only learn to surf but also build good relationships with other people just like yourself. One thing Lanka Living Surf pride itself on is throwing an awesome party.


  • Quality lessons – Highly qualified instructors teach you all you need to know.
  • Flexible stays – Pick the duration of stay you want.
  • Variety of lesson – This surf school also run surfitness classes and on-land lessons.


  • Very social – If you are looking for a more 1-1 experience then this school might not be for you.

4. Safa Surf Camp

Safa Surf Camp can be found a 5-minute drive away from Arugam Bay. This surf school offers short-term or long-term camps for both beginners and intermediate surfers. Daily surfing lessons are provided by some of the best instructors you will find.

During longer stays accommodation and breakfast is provided daily before your lessons and video analysis of your performance during each lesson is provided.

One neat advantage of the camps at Safa Surf Camp is the service they provide for solo travelers. The surf travelers package not only teaches you to surf, it also takes you around the island. On this package, you will visit different surf spots whilst also taking in some of Sri Lanka’s interesting cultures.


  • Variety of packages – The variety of packages helps you find the best surfing lessons for you.
  • Solo traveler package – The solo package at Safa is perfect for those traveling on their own.
  • Short-term or long-term lessons – You can book 1 lesson or a week’s worth.


  • Pricey – The school’s longer packages are quite expensive.

5. Dreamsea

Another excellent surf school based in Ahangama is Dreamsea. Dreamsea offers amazing surfing camps and lessons to inexperienced and experienced surfers. You have complete freedom over what you choose to do in regards to how many lessons you want, if you want private lessons, and when you want them.

Alternatively, you can stay with Dreamsea on one of their fantastic packages. The normal package includes 12 hours of surfing lessons. Divided into 2 hours over a 6 day period. The brilliant instructors teach you in small groups matching you with people of your own ability, ensuring you get the most out of each lesson.

1-1 lessons are available to book. If you want 1 lesson then that’s great but Dreamsea is more than happy to cater to your needs and provide regular 1-1 sessions during your time in Sri Lanka.


  • 1-1 lessons – 1-1 lessons will help you hone your skills.
  • Variety of lesson – Different types of lessons for a range of ability means there is something for everyone.
  • Location – Ahangama is one of if not the best surf spots in Sri Lanka.
  • Transport included – Transport to other surf locations is included.


  • Eat onsite – All food is prepared for you onsite. Although this is nice, you won’t be able to go off and eat in local restaurants.

6. Soul And Surf Sri Lanka

Soul and Surf Sri Lanka isn’t like your traditional surfing school. Instead of offering typical surfing lessons, they aim to provide each guest with a camp that is a world apart from every other camp.

The lessons here are fantastic, suiting both beginner surfers and those with more advanced skills. The coaches are highly trained and you can guarantee they will get you surfing better. So what is the difference?

Soul and Surf offer a surfing, yoga, and holistic experience in one package. This creates a unique experience and gives you a week you will never forget. The luxury experience doesn’t only aim to get you surfing, they also want to focus on your mind and wellbeing.

This camp is great for you if you want a more luxurious experience in Sri Lanka focusing not just on surfing.


  • Unique – The unique package makes them different from other schools.
  • Luxury – Who doesn’t like a bit of luxury now and again.
  • Experienced coaches – The coaches will cater to your every need.


  • Not just surfing – You will try other activities at this camp. This might not be for you if you just want to surf.
  • Pricey – Luxury comes with a cost.

7. Solid Surf House

Strategically placed in Weligama Bay, Solid Surf House is only a short walk from the nearest surf spots. Only 500m away will you find the famous reef breaks Jungle Beach and Turtle Bay which are ideal for surfers.

Offering packages suitable for all levels of surfer you will enjoy a fun-filled itinerary that includes 2 hours of daily surfing lessons followed by 3 hours of free surfing time. Included in the 7-day package are optional yoga sessions, video analysis of you surfing, and all the basic necessities, for example, food and accommodation.

If your looking to see more of Sri Lanka whilst surfing this school also offers daily trips to look for elephants and to go whale watching.


  • Lots of surfing – This school gives you the chance to surf for 5 hours a day.
  • Extras included – These include in-depth analysis of performance and fun BBQ nights in camp.
  • Free time – Free time with the board lets you practice what you have just learned.


  • 7-day package – This school isn’t great for those only looking for a couple of days’ worth of lessons.

8. Arugam Bay Surf Club

Founded in 2000 Arugam Bay Surf Club aims to spread joy through their passion for surfing. Only a short walk from the popular Arugam Bay breaks this surf school offers a wide choice of lessons at a reasonable price.

No matter what your ability, Arugam Bay Surf Club instructors are happy to take you surfing. They will work on your technique and get you standing on the board. For more experienced surfers out there they will look in more detail at your maneuvers and how they can be improved.

For beginners, they offer 1-hour 30-minute lessons with intermediate lessons running for 2 hours 30 minutes.

Surf tours are also on offer for those that want to see a variety of surfing spots during their trip.


  • 1-1 lessons – You can go on 1-1 lessons with this school.
  • Friendly instructors – Good for the less confident surfers.
  • Transportation – Transportation is included in the surfing tours.


  • No camp – This school does not offer surfing camps.

9. Elsewhere Surf Camp

If you’re a solo backpacker or traveler looking to catch some waves, enjoy a fun, social camp and make new friends then the Elsewhere Surf Camp is a great option for you.

This school offers laid-back, fun vibes whilst teaching you a lot of surfing. The camp gives wannabe surfers or seasoned professionals the opportunity to undertake a variety of surfing lessons during a 7-day stay. During the 7 days, you will have your surfing technique developed through the help of top-class coaches. Daily lessons and video analysis of your technique will make you a better surfer.

At the same time, the fun vibes in camp will ensure you have a good time outside of the surfing lessons. Yoga sessions are available and all your gear is provided. What more could you ask for?


  • Affordable – The camps on offer are very affordable.
  • Detailed analysis – Detailed analysis of performance will help you develop your technique.
  • Fun – The Elsewhere school aim to give you plenty of fun.


  • No shorter camps – A shorter camp would be nice as travelers very rarely stay in one place for 7 days.

10. Kima Surf

With camps in Weligama and Ahangama, Kima is a popular surf school with those looking to learn. They organize daily trips for surfers of all abilities all over southern Sri Lanka giving a varied experience in a number of surfing hotspots.

You can take part in two guided sessions a day where trained guides and instructors improve your surfing techniques.

The 7-day school on offer is better suited to more experienced surfers, but there is a 5-day camp recommended for new surfers. Kima Surf’s new digital surf planner allows you to pick the session that suits you best with help from the instructors who advise you on your current level.

Theory lessons and video analysis are also included in what is a very high-quality surf camp.


  • Beginner and advanced camps – Helps you find the camp that fits your ability level.
  • Digital planner – This makes it easier to pick and track your lessons.
  • Theory lessons – These will help improve your knowledge base of surfing.


  • No 1-day schools on offer – Some people only want one day’s worth of lessons, not 5-7.

Buyers Guide

Here are some key things to think about when choosing a surf school.

Length Of Stay

Some schools offer daily lessons whilst others only offer 7-day camps. You need to pick a school that fits into your schedule. Consider the length of the lessons and camps when picking the right camp.

Surfing Ability

Your perception of your own surfing ability will impact your experience massively. If you believe you are more experienced than you actually are then you could have a problem. Most surf schools consider an experienced surfer to be an individual with 5+ years of surfing experience. Bear this in mind when picking your classes.

Type Of Package

Surf schools offer various packages. Some offer luxury packages that include not only surfing but yoga, excursions, and luxury accommodation. Others offer a package purely focused on surfing in less luxurious accommodation making them more affordable.

Do you simply want to surf? Or would you prefer to do more and try out other things too? This is something you need to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Beginners Surf In Sri Lanka?

Yes, absolutely they can, surf schools offer a variety of lessons for people that have never surfed before.

Are Surf Schools Worth It?

Surf schools are definitely worth it. From qualified instructors, you can get up on a board in no time or benefit greatly from the analysis of your technique.

Is Mirissa A Good Surfing Spot?

Mirissa is a great surfing spot, however, the bigger breaks and more popular surfing locations tend to be around Weligama and Ahangama Beach.

Final Thoughts

Sri Lanka is made up of so many wonderful surfing locations. Each surfing location has an excellent surfing school all offering something unique, catering for all abilities and skill levels. Some schools offer 1-1 lessons on a daily basis whilst others provide group lessons over the course of a one-week stay. Some schools offer video analysis whilst others prefer to teach the theory of surfing.

It doesn’t matter if you are in Sri Lanka for a couple of days or two weeks, there is something for you. We have done the hard work for you by researching the best surfing school to choose from. With this list now at your fingertips, it is up to you to narrow down the options to pick the surfing lessons that suit what you are looking for best.

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