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The 10 Best Surfing Lessons & Surfing Schools In Oregon

When most of us think of surfing, we think of golden sands, sparkling blue waves, and endless sunshine. Which isn’t exactly the image that comes to mind when you think of Oregon. But the Oregon surfing scene is thriving, with a long coast that accommodates all kinds of breaks.

Best Surfing Lessons & Surfing Schools in Oregon

If you want to try surfing for the first time, there are many reasons to head to Oregon. Quieter beaches with gentle breaks that allow for plenty of mistakes is just one reason. Getting a chance to practice somewhere significantly closer than the home of surfing – Hawaii – is another.

So, if you want to learn to surf on America’s west coast, don’t head down to California! Instead, try the welcoming breaks that wait for you in Oregon. Head to any one of these 10 surf schools, and you’re sure to find a lesson that suits you.

1. Oregon Surf Adventures

Established in 2005, Oregon Surf Adventures is at the forefront of the Oregon surf scene. This school is designed to help beginners gain confidence in the water, with well-rounded lessons covering everything you need to know on the board. And that includes surf etiquette, and respecting the ocean.

Offering private lessons, semi-private lessons, and group learning, there’s something for everyone at Oregon Surf Adventures. Located in Seaside, Oregon, just north of Cannon beach, beginners will love the considerate and careful teaching.

Best For…

  • Custom packages. Whether you want to organize a team bonding exercise, a family vacation, or a bachelorette party, Oregon Surf Adventures can create a package for you.
  • Rounded learning. Learn the importance of surf etiquette, ocean awareness, and how to care for your equipment, as well as getting on the board.
  • Women surfers looking for company. The Lady Logger Club welcomes female surfers looking for community, throughout the summer months.

Not So Great For…

  • Not getting addicted to surfing. Oregon Surf Adventures can ignite a real passion for the sport, even in newcomers.

2. Cannon Beach Surf Lessons And Rentals

Cannon Beach is known as one of the best beginner surfing spots in Oregon, even if the rocky ocean outcrops might seem intimidating at first. Head to Cannon Beach Surf Lessons and Rentals for passionate teaching from enthusiastic instructors.

Over 18 years of experience has helped Cannon Beach Surf Lessons perfect their lesson plans. Tried and tested methods will teach even first timers how to pop-up on to the board. Book a private class for some hands-on learning that focuses completely on your needs.

Best For…

  • Intermediate surfers. Cannon Beach Surf Lessons offer help for intermediate surfers, looking to solidify skills and learn something new.
  • Private lessons, or small family groups. Focused lessons can help speed up the learning process.
  • Yoga enthusiasts. Prepare yourself for the waves with a yoga lesson beforehand, part of the Cannon Beach Surf Lesson and Yoga package.

Not So Great For…

  • Privacy. With only small groups and individual lessons available, everything is focused on you.

3. NW Women’s Surf Camps

Despite what the name might suggest, it is possible to book a co-ed surf lesson with NW Women’s Surf camps, so men get to experience this fantastic surf school as well.

NW Women’s Surf Camps has had plenty of experience teaching people of all types to understand the waves. A three-hour lesson will teach you what you need to know before you get in the water, what to do when you’re in there, and how to surf again when you get out. It’s really well-rounded teaching, with longer classes to tackle all aspects of the sport.

Lessons take place in Seaside and Cannon Beach.

Best For…

  • Kids. NW Women’s offers lessons for children aged 6 and up.
  • Encouragement. Everyone in the group lesson is friendly and enthusiastic, encouraging you as you enter the water.
  • Rounded teaching. A lesson teaches more than just what to do on the board.

Not So Great For…

  • Last-minute bookers. Prefer to plan trips at the last minute? NW Women’s lessons fill up fast in the summer.

4. Safari Town Surf

Running out of Lincoln Town, Safari Town Surf has access to an array of beaches on the Oregon coast. So when the conditions are right, your lesson takes place on the best waves around. Particularly helpful for small group lessons that have to accommodate some different skill levels.

Covering everything you need to know about surfing, a lesson with Safari Town Surf emphasizes safety and fundamentals. Even first-timers will feel secure on the board with patient teaching. And if you already know a bit about surfing, advanced lessons are able to hone your skills, and move you forward.

Choose from a small group, or individual lessons.

Best For…

  • Advanced surfers. Safari Town Surf can teach intermediate surfers to advance their skills, so they can tackle the bigger breakers and thicker swells.
  • Absolute novices. Never touched a board? Detailed instruction will soon have you feeling confident.
  • Small group lessons. With groups ranging from 2 to 5, you never get lost in the crowd, and instructors have plenty of time to spend on your individual learning.

Not So Great For…

  • Longer lessons. Two-hour lessons are good, but three hours fits more in.

5. The Art Of Surfing

Those who’ve never touched a board before will feel comfortable learning at the Art of Surfing. With courses running for young children, the knowledgeable instructors know how to deal with total inexperience. So if you’re feeling nervous about tackling the waves for the first time, don’t be! The Art of Surfing will have you up and going.

Choose a day lesson, for a focused three-hour lesson that comprehensively covers surfing. We like the weekend courses best. There’s more time to learn, but you don’t get worn out.

Best For…

  • Weekend trips. The weekend course covers two days of lessons, so you leave with some experience.
  • When you’ve forgotten how to surf. The Art of Surfing can get you back up and going.
  • Family lessons. Get everyone on the board with a weekend family lesson.

Not So Great For…

  • Rentals. Rental costs are not included with the lesson pricing.

6. Moment Surf Co

Moment Surf Co is a popular surf shop in Oregon that also offers surf lessons. These lessons are designed to teach you the fundamentals of surfing, so you have a solid grasp of the basics as you advance your skills. When you keep on surfing, you’ll be grateful for the fundamentals imparted by Moment.

And you will want to carry on surfing. The instructors at Moment Surf Co are enthusiastic about the sport, and you’re sure to leave planning your return trip.

A two-hour private or small group lesson will have you understanding the waves, and reacting as you surf. With all day rental equipment included in the price, you can carry on with your training once the lesson has ended.

Best For…

  • Rentals. Moment Surf Co is a popular shop, with some quality rentals on offer.
  • Learning the basics. Good fundamentals are the first thing you need to learn when it comes to surfing. Moment Surf Co teaches you basics that set you up for a lifetime on the waves.
  • Understanding the waves. Instructors pass on years of experience as they introduce you to the swells.

Not So Great For…

  • Intense learning. Classes are short, and there’s no surf camp option.

7. Ossies Surf Shop

There are a lot of options to choose from at Ossies, so you can have the surf school experience that suits you.

Ossies Surf Shop is located at Otter Rock, where there are a variety of swells to accommodate every type of surfer. Sand creates the breaks of Otter Rock, where advanced and first-time surfers hang almost side by side.

The established shop, first opened in 1998, offers lessons to those eager to dive into the classic surf lifestyle. Lessons vary from the quick and simple, to longer courses designed to really teach you the waves. There’s also plenty of incredible equipment on hand from Ossies Surf Shop itself.

Best For…

  • Variety. There’s a wide variety of options for what kind of lesson you want.
  • Otter Rock location. Otter Rock doesn’t have the same breaks as Cannon beach, but the fun waves still work for beginners.
  • Surf enthusiasts. Ossies is one for the passionate surfer, or those who are very excited to learn.

Not So Great For…

  • Steady waves. The playful breaks of Otter Rock are fantastic for learners, but lack the small summer swells of Cannon beach.

8. The Portland Girl

Not a surf school but a surf camp, it would be impossible not to mention The Portland Girl. A women-only camp designed to get female surfers loving the breaks, The Portland Girl is a surf camp with a difference. As well as patient instruction, the enthusiasm of your fellow learners gets you standing up on the board in no time.

If you are interested in a single lesson, you can reach out to The Portland Girl directly, to see if they can accommodate you. However, the main focus is on the spectacular camp. Although the private lessons are considered and helpful, they lack the communal spirit that makes The Portland Girl so remarkable.

Best For…

  • Group learners. Encouragement and support from your fellow learners is a vital part of The Portland Girl ethos.
  • Female surfers. Like-minded individuals gather at this fun, female only, surf camp.
  • Passionate learners. The Portland Girl teaches you to love surfing.

Not So Great For…

  • Men who want to surf. It’s strictly women only at The Portland Girl Surf Camp, so men should look elsewhere.
  • Private lessons. Private lessons are only available on request, and lack the group learning atmosphere that really sets The Portland Girl apart.

9. Zuhg Life Surf Shop

A surf shop started by surf lovers, Zuhg Life offers lessons for everyone from the novice to the skilled. The well-known surf shop is packed full of all the best equipment, alongside good vibes, music, and plenty of happy customers.

Located in Lincoln City, this is the place to learn if you find a fun and relaxed attitude suits you best. The surfer lifestyle is baked into Zuhg Life, and lessons help even nervous surfers find their talent. Small group lessons, with no more than 5 to an instructor, help ignite your passion for the waves.

Best For…

  • Quality equipment. A popular shop with an extensive range, equipment rentals from Zuhg Life are top level.
  • Good vibes. The surfer attitude of Zuhg Life makes learning fun.
  • Small group lessons. With 5 students for every instructor, this is great for learners that need the energy of others.

Not So Great For…

  • Longer learning. Lessons are two hours long, and there’s no option for camps. If you want an intense learning experience, Zuhg Life might not have what you require.

10. NW Surf Lessons

With several locations to choose from, NW Surf Lessons ensures you’re always at the best break for your skill level. When conditions are changeable, lessons can be moved to where the waves are!

Safety is the core value at the heart of NW Surf Lessons, with plenty of surf experience behind every instructor, you know you’re secure as you head into the waves.

Enjoy a private lesson, which emphasizes the importance of surf etiquette, and in understanding the waves. Oregon has a slight reputation for surfers being very strict with etiquette — that’s knowing when to tackle a wave, and when to hang back. With this forming an integral part of NW Surf lesson plan, you don’t have to worry about stepping on anyone’s toes.

Best For…

  • Surf etiquette. Surfers in Oregon can be a little territorial, and NW Surf Lessons makes sure you won’t get caught out.
  • An emphasis on safety. All surfers have to understand the importance of safety, and NW Surf Lessons make this their top priority.
  • Always getting the right waves. With plenty of beaches near NW Surf Lessons central location, you always get the right waves.

Not So Great For…

  • Larger groups. NW Surf Lessons do privacy and small groups best.

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