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The 10 Best Surfing Lessons & Surfing Schools In Miami

Miami is home to a stunning stretch of coastline and it stands to be a popular destination for surfing.
Whether you’re visiting Miami or you’re a local and you’re looking for a place to learn how to surf, Miami offers some of the best surf schools around.

The city offers a wide range of surf schools, each providing a unique offering. Figuring out which surf school is right for you can be a difficult decision to make.

Best Surfing Lessons & Surfing Schools In Miami

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there is always room for improvement to hone your skills and develop your technique. Miami’s surf school offers lessons suitable for all regardless of age and skill level. To help you narrow down which school would best suit your needs, we’ve put together a handy list of the best places where you can learn to surf in Miami.

1. Sobe Surf

Sobe Surf school has been offering surf lessons since 2002. They offer lessons to all ages and skill levels. As one of the oldest surf schools in Miami, Sobe surf has a great reputation as a respectable surf school. Sobe Surf prides itself on delivering a healthy, positive, and safe surf experience.

The surf school is made up of fully qualified, certified, and insured instructors who strive to create a memorable experience. Sobe Surf delivers a casual surf experience centered around using surfing as a bonding experience for family and friends. Through their lessons, they also aim to create a fun, educational, and memorable experience.

The surf school offers a range of lessons. These include private lessons, small group lessons of 2-4 people, and large group and team lessons. Private lessons are ideal for beginners who need a little extra guidance as the lesson will allow time for the coach to help with improving specific skills.

Small group sessions are ideal for couples, friends, and family and large groups are ideal for team building, events, and corporate functions. Each of the lessons is 1.5 hours long and equipment is provided.

Sobe Surf Offer:

  • 1-to-1 lessons
  • Small and large group lessons
  • Equipment provided

2. Surf Miami Beach

Surf Miami Beach is a great surf school for the whole family to learn to surf. They offer lessons for all regardless of age and skill level. Surf Miami is a family-owned mobile surf school. They look to share their passion and love for surfing and the ocean by offering safe, educational, and memorable surf experiences.

Surf Miami beach operates from a range of locations as they are a mobile surf school. They offer lessons in South Beach, North Beach, Surfside, Bal Harbour, and Haulover.

They also provide a variety of lessons. The services on offer include; offering summer surf camps, after-school surf programs, and surf coaching for more advanced surf levels. They also offer additional lessons that focus on building fitness and improving techniques. They also provide surfboard rentals with delivery and pick-up service for convenience.

Surf Miami Beach Offer:

  • Mobile surf lessons
  • Surf programs
  • Classes for advanced surfers
  • Delivery and pick up surfboard rental service

3. South Beach Surf Club

South Beach Surf Club strives to take you from beginner to expert. This surf school offers lessons to all skill levels and ages. They strive to create an environment of fun and adventure. Whilst the surf school strives to share a love of surfing, they are also committed to educating customers on the importance of safety and protecting the environment.

The surf school is made of qualified and insured instructors who are also CPR and first aid certified. The instructors create a safe and fun surfing environment.

South Beach Surf Club offers an option for lessons to be held in Portuguese and Spanish. This option makes surfing accessible to more people. The surf school offers two lessons, 1-to-1 lessons, and group lessons.

The private lessons are ideal for beginners as they help improve technique whilst group lessons are great for having fun and experiencing the team spirit of surfing. Each lesson is an hour. For each lesson, they also provide surfboards and rash guards.

South Beach Surf Club Offer:

  • Private and group lessons
  • Equipment hire.

4. Hirooka Surf And Sport

Hirooka Surf and Sport offer kiteboarding and paddle surfing lessons. They pride themselves on providing the latest gear to ensure they deliver an adventurous, memorable and safe experience. Hirooka Surf and Sports advocates aim to share their love of surfing along with educating. They teach the importance of safety in every lesson.

With every instructor CPR and First Aid certified, Hirooka Surf and Sport delivers a safe surf experience for all. The surf school offers a range of lessons. The lessons on offer include; semi-private lessons, private lessons, sunset tours, a Bootcamp, and a kids camp.

Semi-private lessons consist of an hour lesson with a group of 2-3 people. The couples’ sunset tour includes a two-hour lesson with an instructor. There’s also an option to zhuzh things up with the sunset tour by adding a picnic.

They also offer Bootcamp sessions for an hour of personal training or three sessions with a group. Bootcamp paddleboarding aims to incorporate muscle training with paddleboarding. The kids’ camp offers two-hour lessons teaching paddleboarding, surfing, and skateboarding.

Hirooka Surf And Sports Offer:

Private and group lessons
Couple lessons
Kids camp

5. Viking Surf Camp

Viking Surf Camp is dedicated to delivering incredible surf lessons. They provide unique teaching methods and techniques that make them stand out. As a mobile surf school, they offer lessons from anywhere between Miami Beach to West Palm. Viking Surf Camp specializes in offering surf lessons for children.

The surf school aims to share its passion for surfing with younger generations. Not only do they offer semi-private lessons, but they also deliver surf camp programs, ‘Fort Lauderdale Surf Camp Programs.’ Viking Surf Camp also teaches adults and groups.

For more advanced surfers, the camp offers advanced surfer coaching sessions. This is great for anyone looking to really hone in on their surfing skills and develop their technique.

Viking Surf Camp Offer:

  • Semi-private and group lessons for all ages and skill levels
  • Summer and winter surf camps for kids
  • Advanced surf coaching

6. EZride Surf School

EZride Surf School is a family-owned surf school with over 40 years of surf experience. They strive to provide a high-quality, professional and enjoyable surf experience.

The surf school is made up of a team of professional and certified surf instructors each with broad experience and knowledge of surfing, oceanography, nutrition, and forecasting. EZride ensures that each instructor goes through rigorous training to ensure that they exceed the school’s surf standards.

EZride Surf School offers lessons to all, regardless of age and skill level. They aim to share the fun of surfing and provide an opportunity for customers to get stuck into the surfer lifestyle.

The surf lessons they provide vary. They offer private and group lessons, full-day lessons, couple lessons, group and family lessons, corporate team building lessons, and competitive surf coaching. This surf school really does offer everything. They also offer the option for lessons to be taught in Portuguese and Spanish.

EZride Offer:

  • Private and group lessons
  • Full-day lessons
  • Corporate team building
  • Competitive surf coaching
  • Lessons in different languages

7. Hang Loose Surf School

Hang Loose Surf School is dedicated to sharing a love of surfing with all those who learn to surf with them. They provide a glimpse of the surfing world. Whilst lessons are all about having fun and building the confidence of being in the ocean, they also teach customers about ocean awareness and surfing etiquette.

The surf school only offers private lessons. They provide a range of private lessons including 1-to-1 lessons with friends and family, instruction for beginners to advanced as well as individual lessons, and special contest coaching.

The special contest coaching service is a great option for anyone considering competing and looking to polish up on their technique. Each lesson provided includes professional surfing instruction on wave riding. Safety and ocean awareness.

Hang Loose Surf School Offer:

  • Private lessons
  • Ocean awareness

8. Waves Surf Academy

Waves Surf Academy specializes in providing surf lessons for kids. Operating since 2013, Wave Surf Academy has really built a reputation as a reliable and safe surf school in its local area. Starting with teaching 10 kids, the Wave Surf Academy has over 1000 students attend its camp and lessons each year.

The surf school teaches not only the practical skills of surfing but also the philosophy of surfing. It encourages kids to take the philosophy of surfing with them in their everyday lives.

Waves Surf Academy offers a broad range of lessons. Their services include; surf lessons, delivering surf camps and kids programs, offering board rentals, and even mobile swim lessons. Their lessons are available for all levels and kids from ages 4 upwards. During their lessons, students will be taught practical and technical skills as well as surf etiquette and ocean awareness. All sessions are an hour and surfboards are provided.

Waves Surf Academy Offer:

  • Surf lessons for kids
  • Equipment provided
  • Board rentals
  • Mobile swim lessons
  • Surf camps and kids programs

9. Aloha Surf Camp

Aloha Surf Camp are passionate about sharing their love for surfing. Each year they are dedicated to exceeding their goals and are committed to continually improving safety, quality, and professionalism, and most importantly fun!

Aloha Surf Camp offers surf lessons to all who want to learn, regardless of skill level or age. Their curriculum includes teaching techniques, safety, and surfing etiquette as well as enjoying and embracing surfing.

The surf camp is made up of professional coaches that have undergone fitness, health, and safety training. The lessons on offer include private and group surf lessons. Each lesson is tailored to the students and their skill levels teaching everyone from beginner level to competitor level. Committed to helping students develop, coaches offer surf instruction, 1-to-1 fitness training, and video analysis to analyze techniques.

Aloha Surf Camp Offer:

  • Private and group lessons
  • 1-to-1 fitness training
  • Video analysis

10. Street Waves

Street Waves is a non-profit surf school with a mission of under-served youth through surfing. Street Waves is dedicated to making surfing accessible to all young people regardless of their background and to providing an outlet that encourages kids to get off the streets. They offer lessons free of charge for youth.

Each team member and surf instructor is dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience by building students’ confidence and encouraging them to embrace the ocean.

Street Waves offer mentorship, physical surf lessons, educational lessons, and ocean awareness and safety training. Their educational lessons are centered around raising awareness of the ocean and its environment. The surf lessons on offer include private surf lessons which offer two hours of 1-to-1 coaching, a free two-week summer surf camp, and a daily after-school program.

The summer camp is ideal for anyone looking to just try surfing out or looking for a new experience. Whereas, the private lessons and after-school program provide a space for continual progression and deeper improvement. The private lessons are offered to both individuals and groups.

Street Waves Offer:

  • Private lessons
  • Free surf lessons
  • Summer camp
  • After school surf program

Surfing Guide

Surf Season

The best time to surf in Florida is between early August to spring. This is the best time for beginner surfers. However, if you’re looking for bigger waves, November to March is also a great time for surfing. But if that’s not enough, June to September offers the best waves. This is the best time for advanced surfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Prepare For My Surf Lesson?

With warm weather all year round, there are a couple of things you should prepare before your surf lesson. These include:

  • Sunscreen
  • A hat
  • A change of clothes
  • Flip flops
  • Water

Whilst most surf schools will provide equipment like surfboards and rash guards, if you’re a little more advanced you may already have these to hand.


Offering year-round sun and warm water along with a stunning coastline, it’s no wonder that Miami is a surf haven.

Whether you’re looking to develop your surf technique, learn about the ocean or simply just have fun in the waves with friends and family, Miami’s surf schools offer a safe and encouraging environment that will help you thrive and achieve your goals. Each offers something unique and you’ll find that there is something for everyone.

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