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The 10 Best Surfing Lessons & Surfing Schools In Bali

Bali isn’t only known for its incredibly stunning natural landscape and abundance of wildlife, it is also one of the most popular surfing destinations in the World.

Surfing in Bali is a must. Whether you are a seasoned professional wanting to work on your technique or a beginner simply wanting to get their feet wet… why not try out one of the many surfing lessons available at one of Bali’s impressive surf schools.

The 10 Best Surfing Lessons & Surfing Schools In Bali

Finding the right surfing classes and the surfing school for you can be difficult. There are so many classes available and a variety of different types of lessons to choose from. For the pros out there you don’t want to end up in a class learning the basics of surfing and vice versa for those that have never surfed before.

There’s no worse feeling than being well out of your depth. If you’ve never surfed before the last thing you want is to be thrown in at the deep end with no idea what to do.

To help you narrow things down and find the lesson for you we have compiled a list of the 10 best surf schools in Bali that offer amazing lessons and surfing camps all around the island.

We have also included a handy buyer guide at the bottom of the list so you know what to think about when looking for your lessons.

1. Baruna Surf Culture

The Baruna Surf Culture surfing camps and lessons all focus on keeping the fun in surfing. The family-run business provides customers with top-of-the-range surfing classes whilst ensuring their surfers are having an enjoyable day.

Baruna pride themselves on making lessons super safe so if you are nervous in the water you don’t need to worry. This surf school will look after you and make sure you improve your surfing skills.

On offer at Baruna are a variety of excellent camps. They have surf camps ranging from 1 to 5 days and limit the numbers on each camp to ensure every surfer gets the help time they need with the instructors. Found in the charming Canggu this surf school will get you surfing or help you hone your skills.


  • Laidback – The lessons with Baruna are all about having fun.
  • High quality – Well qualified instructors.
  • Variety of camps – 1 to 5-day camps make it easy to fit the surfing into your holiday.


  • Not all-inclusive – If you want to go on a 5-day camp you won’t be provided with all the accommodation, food, etc.

2. Barefoot Surf Travel

Barefoot Surf Travel offers a unique surfing experience. Beginner surfers or those with experience can indulge themselves in high-quality surfing camps that are blended with authentic travel experiences. With Barefoot Surf Travel you will find yourself immersed in the surfing lifestyle.

This surfing school offers a 10-day surfing camp that travels across two of Bali’s islands teaching you as much as they can about surfing and the islands as well. The highly qualified and experienced surf instructors not only give you lessons on how to surf but also show you the local culture and top sites in Bali.

Accommodation and a lot of food (always a plus) are included in the camp and the variety of lessons lets beginners and more experienced surfers all learn at the same time. If you are looking for a full intense surfing camp then this is the one for you.


  • Two types of lessons – By offering beginner and intermediate classes new surfers and experienced surfers have the chance to learn.
  • Fully immersed experience – The fully immersed experience gives you the chance to fully embrace the surfer lifestyle.
  • Everything is provided for you – Having accommodation, food, transport and the levels all in one package makes your life a lot easier.
  • Local culture – Getting an insight into local culture as well as the surfing classes adds to the experience.


  • Whole holiday – This surf camp takes up to 10 days of your holiday. This might be fine with you but if not you will want to look for something else.
  • Variety of camp length – There is no option to do anything other than 10 days. A two or three-day camp would be good.

3. Rapture Surf Camp

Operating for the last 12 years Rapture Surf Camp has quickly become one of the most popular surf schools in Bali. Covering four locations on the island Rapture use experienced instructors to deliver top-class classes.

They take beginners out to locations where the waves aren’t as difficult to ride and provide experienced surfers with a more in-depth analysis of their performance. For the professionals out there Rapture will also pinpoint the best places for you to go surfing to catch the bigger waves.

For those staying with Rapture, you are given food, accommodation, and video analysis of your surfing development.


  • Video analysis – Helpful for experienced surfers who want to develop their techniques.
  • Locations – With four locations to choose from you can find where you want to stay in Bali easily.
  • Pro experience – Rapture offers experienced surfers a more tailored experience.


  • Set plan – There is a set plan that is followed every day. If your looking for a more flexible experience then maybe Rapture isn’t for you.

4. Odyssey Surf School

If a more fun, laid-back, and flexible class is more up your street then Odyssey Surf School might be the one for you. Established in 2003 Odyssey has its headquarters right on Kuta Beach.

The school provides a friendly and fun environment for beginners. The experienced instructors are always determined to get you standing up on the board in just a few lessons. Your first class will consist of the basic surfing know-how preparing you to give it a go.

Whether your 10 or 65 Odyssey does everything they can to give you the best surfing experience possible. Classes can last one to three and days and can be done in a group or on a 1-1 basis.


  • Group size – You have the choice of 1-1 lessons or as part of a group.
  • Relaxed environment – The laid-back atmosphere is perfect for any nervous beginners.
  • Safety – Anybody feeling uncomfortable can be reassured by the use of safety equipment and helmets for children.


  • Experienced surfers – This is not the school for experienced surfers. It is too basic for them.

5. Rip Curl School Of Surf

Rip Curl is one of the leading surfing brands. In 1998 they decided to open a surf school in Legian. The surf school has since prospered on this quieter part of Bali’s coastline. The lessons on this side of Bali are not as crowded giving the surfer a better learning experience.

The instructors take beginners through a 4-hour introductory session where they will learn all about how to surf and how to do it safely. Once the surfers have a better understanding of how to ride a wave and where to position themselves on the board the instructors move on to develop your technique and build up confidence.

As well as fun surfing lessons the school also offers other activities such as kitesurfing for those that what to try something else too. The facilities come complete with changing rooms and lockers and are found right at the beach.


  • Quieter lessons – smaller groups on quieter beaches only help the surfer learn.
  • Other activities – Once you are done surfing you can try your luck at other activities.
  • Learner environment – For beginners, the laid-back and quieter setting aid their learning.


  • Lack of lessons for experienced surfers – Pro surfers will struggle to get much out of the lessons here.
  • No Camps – There are no surf camps available for those that want a full surfing holiday experience.

6. Pro Surf School And Camp Bali

Pro Surf School has operated in Bali for over 14 years. Based in the popular surf spot of Kuta this company has won numerous awards for its camps. Pro Surf has some more unique camps on offer than other surf schools.

They strive to be the best and in doing so created a six modular course for surfers to undertake. For beginners, this is spot on because you will be shown the basics before progressing through all six levels.

Unlike other schools, Pro Surf starts you off in a pool. This will benefit those who are anxious about going straight into the sea. This surf school is ideal for pro surfers too. You can take part in specialized surfing trips or move on to levels 4 and 5 of the course.

Levels 4 and 5 of the course go into detailed training regarding the surfer’s specific maneuvers and skills.


  • Huge variety of lessons – The 6 levels of lessons and surf trips give you plenty of options.
  • Specialized pro courses – Courses specifically for pro surfers are unique.
  • Inclusive – The courses are suitable for everyone.


  • Camp length – No camp is longer than 2 days.

7. Lapoint Bali

Lapoint Bali is a hugely popular surf school in Canggu. The camps Lapoint delivers are out of this world. If you are looking to live the surfer lifestyle and live the life of luxury then this is the camp for you.

Qualified instructors will work with you no matter what your level and develop your ability to surf. The beginner course takes you through surf theory and easy-to-follow lessons. The more expert camps go into more complex theory and start video analysis with you based on your performance.

Included in every 7-day camp are luxury accommodation, 7 breakfasts, 5 dinners, daily surf lessons, and use of the surfing equipment for 6 days.


  • Lifestyle – Lapoint camps bring the surfer lifestyle with them.
  • Courses – Detailed courses allow you to not only improve your technique but also your knowledge base of surfing.
  • Location – Canggu is one of the best places to stay in Bali.
  • Instructors – The instructors are super friendly and qualified.


Length of camp – If you only want to learn to surf for 1-3 days this camp isn’t for you. 7-day courses are all that is available.

8. Padang Padang Surf Camp

Padang Padang Surf Camp is a more suitable option for you experienced surfers out there. However, they do also specialize in surf lessons for beginners. The waves at Padang Padang, so good they named it twice are quite impressive.

The location is ideal for experienced surfers to catch a wave and the surf school runs excellent courses to ensure you do. Surf camps range from short to long-term stays with food and accommodation included.

The instructors help experienced surfers tackle the monster waves in Padang Padang whilst for beginners the surf school runs camps away from the big breaks and somewhere more suitable for their level. Moving the camps around to suit the needs of the surfer is an awesome bonus because it means as a learner your enjoyment and safety are always being put first.


  • Pro surfers – The camps here are perfect for the experienced adrenaline junkies looking to catch some huge waves.
  • Cater for all – Padang Padang Surf Camp has something for everyone.
  • Location variety – The school will take you all over Bali looking for the perfect conditions.

9. Wave House Surf Camp & School

If you are somebody who doesn’t just want to go surfing but wants more of a luxurious holiday too then the Wave House surf school will be right up your alley. The Wave House delivers high-class surf lessons to beginners and advanced surfers.

Classes incredibly range from 1 week to 1 month following their well thought and designed course. On top of the impressive surfing course which is delivered by world-class instructors, the whole experience is very luxurious.

You stay in a beautiful accommodation where they take care of your every need. The all-inclusive experience is topped off with daily surfing lessons and yoga, Followed by delicious food and an evening of relaxing by the pool.


  • Detailed course – The course is well structured and supports development.
  • Luxury – Who doesn’t want to stay in a luxury hotel during their time in Bali.
  • Social – This camp is very socially active so you will have a great chance to make friends.


  • Min. one-week camp – You have to do at least one week of lessons.

10. Surf Goddess Retreat

A unique surfing school in Bali, the Surf Goddess Retreat is a surf camp designed specifically for women. The school aims to help make women feel empowered by helping them to thrive off positive energy by building confidence when out on the water.

Catering for all abilities of surfer the school hopes to get you surfing confidently by the end of your first lesson. Finding you the best surfing spot that day the school will take you from spot to spot to ensure you have the best surfing experience possible.

The retreat offers all-inclusive stays of up to 7 days where you can also take part in other activities like yoga.

If you are a solo traveller wanting to meet more people like yourself then this could be the surf school for you.


  • Unique – Offers a unique experience.
  • Variety of locations – You’ll always find a good spot.
  • Extra activities – The extra activities available give you plenty more things to try.


  • Female only – Not suitable for everybody.

Buyers Guide

Here are some useful things to think about when looking for the best surfing school for you.

Duration Of Camp/Lessons

How long do you want to surf for? Camps and lessons run for anything from 1 day to a week or even a month. You need to consider how long you are going to want to surf before you book a camp.


Some schools take you all around the island whilst others only stay on one beach. If you are not happy staying in one place then consider looking for a camp that shows you more of the island.


A lot of surf schools offer all-inclusive packages. You need to consider what sort of package you want. You don’t want to end up in an all-inclusive camp if you want to do things on your own picking your own food to eat and places to stay.

Are You A Beginner Or Are You More Advanced?

It may sound ridiculous but do you know what surfing level you are at. You might have two years experience of surfing and think you are advanced when as matter of fact some surfing camps expect surfers who say they are experienced to have at least 7 years’ experience. Putting yourself in the wrong bracket could really impact your experience.

Make sure you read every school’s course thoroughly to be sure you are taking the right camp for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Beginners Surf In Bali?

Absolutely beginners can surf in Bali. In fact, most in not all surf schools offer lessons for beginners. The instructors are specialized to teach most levels of surfer to cater to the needs of everybody.

Is Padang Padang Beach Suitable For Beginners?

Padang Padang Beach is suitable for beginners. There are parts of the beach where only more experienced surfers should head to but good instructors always know where on Padang Padang Beach to take inexperienced surfers so they can have a good experience too.

Are Surf Schools Worth It?

Yes, they most definitely are worth it. Having an experienced instructor teach you how to surf is an amazing experience and one you will learn a lot from. You will come away more confident with an increased knowledge of surfing.

Final Thoughts

Bali is full of wonderful surf schools in lots of different locations. Each one offers something different and most cater to all abilities. Some offer set holidays, some stay more flexible and come with a choice of packages.

Whether you are in Bali for one week or two, on your own, or in a couple traveling with your family there is something for everyone. Now you have this list at your disposal you can get stuck into narrowing down that list to find the perfect surf school for you.

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