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The 10 Best Surfing Lessons & Surfing Schools In Australia

Are you an avid surfer looking to develop your skills or a beginner looking to learn everything you can about surfing? What better place to develop your surfing skills than in Australia.

The 10 Best Surfing Lessons & Surfing Schools In Australia

Considered one of the best places in the world to learn how to surf, Australia is a surfers paradise. Hosting thousands of famous surfing spots and world-class waves, it’s no wonder people travel from all over the world to learn to surf in Australia. Whether Australia is your home, or you’re traveling there for a trip or a holiday, there are so many lessons and programs to suit your every need.

This post will give you the ultimate list of the best surfing lessons and schools in Australia.

1. Surfing WA Surf School | Western Australia – Best For Groups

Surfing WA surf school has been operating and teaching surfing at Trigg Beach for over 35 years. They offer a range of surf lessons catered for a range of abilities and ages. They also offer the option of joining either group lessons or private lessons.

Their private lessons offer a more personalized experience that serves to cater to an individual specific needs. The private lessons will be tailored to find around the student’s skill level for more targeted learning.

Surfing WA teaches all levels from beginners to intermediate and advanced. Their group lessons offer an option of between a one to four-session program with a group of other students in the same skillset. Group lessons are ideally suited to adults and teenagers as younger children will benefit more from 1 to 1 teaching.

However, group sessions are also available for kids. Surfing WA offers kids surf lessons that are made up of small groups so that the lessons are focused and hands-on. These lessons are aimed at kids between the ages of 4 and 12 years old.

For anyone looking for a fun and interactive team-building experience for an event, Surfing WA also offers group surf lessons for corporate and recreational groups. This experience allows participants to get out of their comfort zone, relax and make the most of their time in the water.

Surfing WA Also Offers:

  • Weekend and holiday sessions
  • Social events with the Beyond Waves Program for women
  • Group lessons
  • Private 1-to-1 lessons

2. Walkin’ On Water | Queensland – Best For Groups

Walkin’ on Water is a surf school on the Gold Coast of Australia. They offer a wide range of surf lessons, programs, and camps suitable for all ages and abilities.

Walking on Water is located at Greenmount Beach. This destination offers a range of beautiful beaches. This surf school makes use of the Greenmount and Coolangatta beach which are both ideal for all levels of surfers. They strive to provide their guests with a memorable and amazing surf experience where they can learn to progress, develop and improve their skills whilst at the same time developing a passion and love for the sport of surfing.

The surf school prides itself on teaching all ages and levels of surfers from those aged 4 to those in their 80’s. They offer both private and group lessons for all levels.

Each surf instructor is qualified and highly knowledgeable about the area they operate in. They put together comprehensive lesson plans to ensure that guests practice in a safe and non-threatening environment. All instructors are also lifeguard certified and first aid trained.

Walkin’ On Water Also Offers:

  • Private lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Surf camps
  • Surf programs

3. Soul Surf School | New South Wales – Best For Beginners

Soul Surf School is a mobile surf school located in the infamous Byron Bay. They offer a range of surf lessons from group lessons and private lessons to lessons for kids, families, adults, and corporate groups.

Soul Surf School is made up of a large team of accredited and highly skilled surfers. Led by a team of professional surf instructors, the surf lessons are safe and assessed. Each lesson is designed to develop each student’s individual skills in a relaxed and safe environment.

Soul Surf School has been operating for about 10 years. They are the only surf school in Byron Bay that is permitted to teach 1-to1 and group lessons in both Byron Bay and Lennox’s head. This is a great surf school for anyone looking to learn in a safe environment.

Soul Surf School Also Offer:

  • Surf Lessons
  • Accommodation
  • Beach hire
  • Events

4. Let’s Go Surfing | New South Wales – Best For Kids And Trainee Surfers

Let’s Go Surfing is a leading surf school located in Byron Bay, Bondi Beach, Maroubra, and La Perouse. Their philosophy is to help young people nurture their passion for surfing as well as educate them on the way of the ocean. The surf school is based on a nationally recognized outdoor education program. Their lessons include school holiday camps, kids clubs, after-school clubs, and surf education programs.

For those aspiring to become surf instructors, the surf school offers the opportunity for school and university students to register and take their trainee placements with Let’s Go Surfing.

This surf school is a leader in surf education and the development of skills for kids and students. They strive to bring education out of the classroom and into a more practical setting. The surf lessons teach everything from paddling and catching waves to body surfing, sand sculpting, and surf safety.

Let’s Go Surfing Also Offer:

  • Group and private lessons
  • After school clubs
  • School holiday camps
  • Surf education program
  • Trainee opportunities

5. Manly Surf School | New South Wales – Best For Schools

Manly Surf School is a great allrounder. They offer a range of lessons for all surf abilities and ages. They offer private and group lessons, lessons for kids and adults as well as a program for women and a school program.

Their lesson times vary according to the service provided. Lessons could be anything between an hour to 3 hours. Manly Surf School strives to make sure that each student is catered to and that they feel safe and comfortable to learn at their own pace.

They also really value surf safety and go into great detail on the safety of the sea before beginning practical lessons. They also work with schools running a school program for students of public, private, and catholic, and high schools. They currently have 70 primary and secondary schools participating in this program.

Manly Surf School Also Offer:

  • Private and group lessons
  • Intermediate and elite training
  • School holiday program
  • Kids lessons
  • Safe surfing program
  • Corporate surf

6. Urbn Surf | Victoria – Best For Night Surfing

Urbn Surf is a surf park that provides perfect, realistic ocean-like waves offering guests an authentic surf experience without the risk. This surf school offers a unique surf experience. They strive to encourage more regular surfing without the commitment of having to drive to the coast and looking for multiple surf spots.

The surf park caters to different levels of surfing abilities. Urbn Surf offers a range of lessons. Beginner lessons in the Bays offer safe and gentle waves, perfect for beginners. Cruiser sessions are ideal for the intermediate level. The Urbn Surf school offers a range of lessons including structured lessons with a professional coach for 1-to-1 development as well as small group lessons of 6 participants.

The park incorporates innovative lighting that makes it possible to surf late in the dark or early in the morning.

Urbn Surf Also Offers:

  • Freestyle sessions
  • Private and group lessons
  • Night surfing
  • Different wave settings

7. Get Wet Surf School | Queensland – Best For Surf Programs

Get Wet Surf School offers a unique surf experience that not only encourages students to develop their skills but to get the most out of each surfing experience. Each lesson is designed to develop students’ skills as well as ensure that they learn to surf in a safe and comfortable environment, but most importantly that they have fun.

Get Wet Surf School has been operating for over 15 years. The school is made up of highly experienced and professional surf instructors. They offer a range of lessons for all ages and abilities. Introductory lessons are available for adult beginners and kids beginners. There are also private and group lessons available.

They also offer a wide range of programs that cover everything from different breaks and reading forecasts to methods of maneuvering the board and catching waves.

Get Wet Surf School Offer:

  • Beginner lessons for kids
  • Beginner lessons for adults
  • Private surf lessons
  • Surf programs
  • School programs
  • Corporate event hosting

8. Torquay Surfing Academy | Victoria – Best For Intermediate And Advanced Surfers

Torquay Surfing Academy prides itself on real surfers teaching real surfing. They are dedicated to offering authentic surf techniques. The team is made up of highly experienced and qualified surf instructors. They offer a range of surf lessons that cater to different levels and age groups. Their grom squad lessons are tailored to young surfers between the ages of 6-16.

These lessons run as group sessions of 8 kids per coach. These lessons are ideal for beginner to intermediate surfers. The surf school also has a range of private and group lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced adult surfers.

They also have a surf pass that enables learners to hire equipment outside of lesson times. This is a great opportunity for those without their own equipment to continue to practice surfing and practicing the techniques they have learned from their lessons, outside of lesson time.

Torquay Surfing Academy Offer:

  • Private and group lessons
  • Kids lessons
  • Surf lessons and hire

9. Margaret River Surf School | Victoria – Best For Safety

Margaret River Surf School is a family-owned surf school that has been operating for over 20 years. Margaret River Surf School offers a wide variety of surf lessons, programs, and services.

Everything they offer is suitable for all ages and ability levels. They offer a range of services that include private and group lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers, kids surfing lessons, school and corporate programs, high-performance coaching for more advanced levels, and surf camps and guides for those looking for a shorter surf experience.

Margaret River is located in an area of outstanding beauty surrounded by beautiful pristine beaches and national parks. Learning to surf with this surf school would open up the opportunity of surfing in some of the most beautiful locations in the South West of Australia.

Each lesson is taught by a professional, qualified and local instructor. Each lesson is also tailed to ensure that the location is safe for each student’s ability as well as taking into consideration the safety of the weather conditions of the day. Each instructor must renew their Surf Rescue Certificate each year to ensure they are fit and up to date.

Margaret River Surf School Offer:

  • Private and group lessons
  • Kids Lessons
  • Stand up paddle lessons
  • School and corporate programs

10. Merrick’s Noosa Learn To Surf | Queensland – Best All-Rounder

Merrick’s Noosa is tucked away in the South Eastern reaches of Queensland. Surrounded by lush vegetation and stunning natural beauty, there’s no better place to learn to surf. This surfing destination is surrounded by 5 famous point breaks making it an ideal location for beginner to advanced surfers.

The surf school offers a range of lessons suited to all abilities. They use a unique and patented 1-2-3 method which is tried and tested and guaranteed to have you standing by your first lesson. They offer a range of lessons including private and group lessons as well as lessons for corporate team building and school groups.

They also offer an additional service of tutoring in French which is a bonus for anyone who speaks French as their native language.

This surf school works to ensure that they cater to all to provide a unique and tailored experience. They offer a range of packages that offer different lesson lengths and alternative numbers of group participants.

There are plenty of options of lesson types available for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Merrick’s Noosa Learn To Surf Offers:

  • Private and group lessons
  • Corporate and team building lessons
  • School programs
  • Tutoring in French
  • Kids holiday program


So there you have it… Whether you’re a beginner or a pro looking to develop your technique, this list of surf schools has something for everyone. With this selection, you’ll now be able to narrow down which location, surf lessons, and surf schools are best for you. There’s even an option for those who aren’t a fan of the sea. What are you waiting for? Go and catch those waves!

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