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The 10 Best Surfing Lessons And Surfing Schools In Mexico

The rolling waves of Mexico’s Pacific coastline have called surfers of all skill levels for decades now. The sport is so well established in Mexico that you’ll struggle to find a beach without a surf school.

The 10 Best Surfing Lessons and Surfing Schools in Mexico

Experienced surf teachers have made learning to surf in Mexico a top choice for many beginners. Surf schools take advantage of the quieter waves that often grace the Mexican coastline (although, if you’re after big breaks, Mexico has that too).

When choosing a surf school in Mexico, try not to be overwhelmed by the options. Start by narrowing down which of the many surf destinations you’d like to head toward, and then search for the right school in the area. We’ve rounded up 10 of the very best choices, to make your decision a little easier.

1. Puerto Surf House And School

Puerto Surf House and School was the first surf school to be founded in the fabulous Puerto Escondido; a small area that’s packed full of surf beaches. They were on to a winner. In the years since it first opened, Puerto Surf House has come to be recognized as one of the best surf schools in all of Mexico.

The house itself is fantastically located, just steps away from the beach. With a laid-back vibe that immediately immerses you into the surfer lifestyle, the house is an incredible place to stay if you want to try one of their surf and sleep packages. Or go for just a day lesson, and enjoy the expertise of this established school.

Best For…

  • Beginners who are looking for a quiet place to learn.
  • If you want to start the day as a surfing novice, and end the day proficient on the board, then the private lessons offered by Puerto Surf Hotel can get you there.
  • Inclusive surf packages. The private surf camps ensure you get highly personalized teaching, over the course of 6 days.

Not So Good For…

  • Those who want to be at the heart of the action. Puerto Surf House and School is a tranquil place, where the lapping of the waves provides encouragement.

2. Oasis Surf And Spanish School

Immerse yourself in Oaxacan culture with a stay at the Oasis Surf and Spanish school. Talented instructors teach visitors how to understand the language of the waves, as well as speak Spanish.

Oasis is a hugely well-respected surf school, operating on the world-class waves of Oaxaca. At this school, even first time surfers will leave feeling an innate understanding of the sport. This is because Oasis focuses on personalized development. Only two students are assigned to any one instructor, so you never feel left floundering. Oasis transportation ensures you’re always at the best waves for your skill level.

Best For…

  • Serious beginners. The intense 5-day course teaches semi-private lessons, with the instructor always in the water with you.
  • Advanced surfers who strive to improve. Advanced lessons at Oasis encompass tricks and tips to get you (near) professional.
  • Diverse learners. Supplement your surf lessons with Oasis’ Spanish language course.

Not So Food For…

  • Beginners who are curious, rather than committed. Oasis only offers longer courses, rather than a single surf lesson.

3. Surf In Cabo

If your happy place contains crashing surf and the thrill of catching a wave, but you’ve yet to make it reality, Surf in Cabo has a lesson for you. From an intense 90-minute course, to a full-day excursion, this school helps you cross surfing off your bucket list.

Los Cabos, right on the tip of Mexico’s Baja peninsula, has been considered something close to paradise. Established in 2009, Surf in Cabo teaches the beautiful sport in one of the most fabulous locations in the world. Book a lesson with Surf in Cabo, and you can learn on the miles of coast that makes Cabo so perfect for all skill levels.

Best For…

  • Quick learners. The short lessons include an on-sand technique crash course, and 60 minutes spent in the waves.
  • Intense learners. Enjoy a full day in the waves, with a lunch break that features technique pointers.
  • Absolute beginners. Can’t swim? Surf in Cabo doesn’t think that it needs to hold you back when it comes to surfing these gentle waves.

Not So Good For…

  • Privacy. This is a popular area, with surfers and non-surfers alike.

4. Mike Doyle Surf School At Cabo Surf Hotel

Long and golden, with year-round breaks and long rides, Playa Acapulquito is one of the greatest surfing beaches in the world. And the Mike Doyle Surf School is located right on top of it.

Mike Doyle has been surfing for over 50 years now, so you know that this is a school with more experience than most. The lessons are intended to teach you to surf, and teach you to love surfing.

The on-premises surf shop allows you to get kitted out with the right equipment for your needs, A quick instructional video is followed by beachfront demonstrations, and then it’s straight in the water.

Best For…

  • Impulsive decision makers. Mike Doyle offers walk in classes, if the call of the waves has grabbed, and won’t let go.
  • Anyone who wants to find (arguably) the best surf spot in Mexico.
  • Numerous options. Pick a brief private lesson, learn in a group, or sign up for a longer course.

Not So Good For…

  • Beginners looking for solitude. Playa Acapulquito’s reputation draws surfers, fishers, and sunbathers, every day.

5. Good Trips Baja, Surf Lessons And Tacos

Good Trips Baja knows the Los Cabos area as well as they know the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Book a surf lesson with them, and they can take you to the hidden spots and destinations that are perfect for first time surfers.

This small excursion company is focused on introducing you to a Los Cabos away from the nightlife and crowds. For beginner surfers, that means you can get to know the waves without the sunbathers watching on.

Sign up for their one-day surf lesson, and the friendly instructors of Good Trip Baja will get you surfing in a relaxed environment. And then stop for tacos. Nothing nurses the bumps and bruises of a first surf lesson like a fish taco!

Best For…

  • Tacos! Good Trips Baja takes a lunch break at a fantastic taco spot.
  • Discovering a different side of Los Cabos.
  • Guided surf trips. Find untouched beaches with the Good Trips Baja surf excursions.

Not So Good For…

  • Intense courses. A relaxed lesson with Good Trips Baja will have you up on the board in no time, but they don’t do longer camps.

6. WildMex Surf And Adventure, Sayulita

WildMex Surf and Adventure operate out of a few different beaches in Mexico, but we like their Sayulita location best. Sayulita is a dreamy location with plenty of coastline and a charming atmosphere. Consistent waves lap the shores of Sayulitas main beach, making it a paradise for beginners.

WildMex is located steps away from the beach, and their careful and conscientious instructors are perfect for nervous first-timers. Beginners will find they’re up on the boards in no time at all, enjoying the calm breaks that characterize Sayulita beach.

Best For…

  • The environmentally minded. Sustainability and the environment are fundamental to the WildMex way of life.
  • Nervous beginners. Consistent waves that are often described as mellow makes Sayulita perfect for those who might be feeling unsteady.
  • Children. 5 to 10-year-olds can have their first surfing experience with a lesson by WildMex.

Not So Good For…

  • Advanced surfers. Although Sayulita has breaks for intermediate surfers, those with plenty of experience may find the breaks a little thin.

7. Lunazul Surf School And Shop

A family run business, the Lunazul Surf School in Sayulita has passion at the heart of the business. The goal of the company is to create a fun and safe environment for people of all kinds to learn how to surf.

Lunazul has been operating since 2004 in Sayulita, and they have a lot of confidence in their abilities. In fact, they’re so confident that if you don’t stand up during your first lesson, you get your money back.

Best For…

  • A convenient place to learn. Lockers, changing rooms, and even a shop make the Lunazul a comfortable surf school.
  • Those who don’t think they can surf. Want to give surfing a try but worry it will be a waste of money? Lunazul offers refunds to anyone who doesn’t stand up. (but the patient instructors are sure to get you on the board.)
  • In-depth theory. With the thoughtful instruction, you’ll feel assured before you even get in the water.

Not So Good For…

  • Advanced surfers. Sayulita offers fantastic breaks for beginners and intermediate surfers, but not much for those who crave the big waves.

8. Tranquilo Surf, Adventures And Surf School

Tranquilo surf school was founded in 2000 to show off the natural wonders of Punta Mita. Local surf legend Josue started the school, and his passion for surfing is evident in every lesson.

A lesson at Tranquilo surf school doesn’t just cover the basics — it makes you take notice of the natural wonders around you. Respect for the waves, the marine life, and the natural environment are taught as an essential part of the surfer lifestyle.

Punta Mita is a gorgeous community with plenty of lesser known spots for surfing. A beginner will find learning with Tranquilo a fulfilling experience, with experienced instructors helping novices find their footing. (And when you’ve finished surfing, make sure to book a trip on the Tranquilo whale watching tours.)

Best For…

  • Anyone looking to immerse themselves in the surfer lifestyle.
  • Absolute beginners who want a lesson guided by experience and understanding of the waves.
  • Advanced surfers. Learn some difficult maneuvers and polish up the skills with a private lesson.

Not So Good For…

  • Last-minute bookers. Tranquilo tends to book up fast, so get in early.

9. Mazatlan Surf Addiction

Mazatlan is a tourist town in Mexico that’s absolutely loaded with surf beaches. Book lessons with Mazatlan Surf Addiction, and you’re sure to leave with a passion for the sport, and a love for all things Mazatlan.

Lessons with Mazatlan Surf Addiction are fun, with constant feedback helping you to learn quickly. After a brief lesson on the sand, you’ll be straight in the water to learn as you go. By the end of the lesson, Mazatlan Surf Addiction is sure you’ll be able to pop up consistently on the board, providing a strong grasp of the basic skills.

If that all sounds a bit full on, then add some yoga to your trip. Mazatlan Surf Adventure offers combined surf and yoga camps, to stimulate the body and the spirit.

Best For…

  • Surfing in Mazatlan. This popular tourist destination is a stunning part of Mexico.
  • Hand-on learners. Consistent feedback and instruction awaits you in the water.
  • Explorers. Mazatlan Surf Addiction offers surf trips, so you can discover all the best beaches.

Not So Good For…

  • Staying focused. There’s so much to do in Mazatlan that you might find surfing slips down your priority list.

10. Cozumel Surfing

An island off the coast of Mexico lapped by the waves of the Caribbean Sea, Cozumel isn’t exactly well known for its surfing. The gentle rolling breaks don’t draw the big crowds, and the wild waves that come with the north winds can be a little unpredictable.

But if you’re a beginner surfer, the steady breaks of Cozumel are a fantastic place to start, and no one knows them better than the instructors at Cozumel Surfing.

There aren’t many surf schools in Cozumel, but Cozumel Surfing isn’t just the best of what’s there. The passionate teachers and fun instructions make it a fantastic school regardless.

Best For…

  • Families. Get everyone up and surfing with a family lesson at Cozumel Surfing.
  • If you’re staying in Cozumel.
  • Absolute beginners. The waves at Cozumel are perfect for anyone trying surfing for the first time.

Not So Good For…

  • Easy access. Cozumel has one major town and the rest is mostly underdeveloped. Most people visit for a day trip.

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