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The 10 Best Surfing Lessons And Surfing Schools In France

Hear the words culture, art, and history, and France is one of the first destinations that comes to mind. Surfing? Maybe not so much. But the beaches of France are actually primed for surfing. In fact, many consider it one of the top surf destinations in Europe.

The 10 Best Surfing Lessons and Surfing Schools in France

The southwest coast of France is known for consistent breaks and rolling summer swells, making it a fantastic destination for beginner surfers. There are plenty of schools available, but be aware that places can fill up fast. Check out our list of the 10 best surf schools in France, and secure your spot.

1. Adishats Surf School

Adishat’s Surf School is located in Capbreton, a lovely and charming spot in the southwest of France. Adishat’s has all the fabulous characteristics of the town, with fun and passionate instructors who are excited to get you up on the board.

Book a private class for an intense and personalized lesson that focuses on providing you with the best teaching possible. Or join a group, and learn from the people around you, as well as the enthusiastic instructors. This friendly school makes every surfer feel welcome.

The surf school sums up their values as “patience, listening, and fun!”. Three things you need if you want to ride the weaves properly.

Best For…

  • Families. Book a group family lesson, and you’ll all be able to pop up onto the board in no time. (Over 12s only.)
  • Flexible classes. Book a single day class, or come along for the week.
  • If you’re feeling the nerves. Patient teaching ensures even the shakiest of surfers will find some stability on the board.

Not So Good For…

  • Quiet learning. If you come during the high season, expect there to be crowds on the beach.

2. Colin Surf School

Another fantastic option in Capbreton, Colin Surf School does personalized lessons to suit your needs. If you’re determined to leave your vacation a surf expect, sign up for one of the intense courses. The expedited learning will have you up and about in no time, ready to tackle (almost) anything the waves can throw at you.

At Colin Surf School, you also learn about the nature surrounding you. Learning to respect marine life, and to listen to what the waves are saying, is as important as learning where to put your feet on the board.

A small school, places can fill up fast, so try to book early. Colin Surf School accommodates children from 6 and up.

Best For…

  • Well-rounded learning. Learn more about the area, the ocean, and how to stand up on a board.
  • Children. Kids aged 6 and up are welcome at Colin Surf School.
  • Intense learning. Book onto their intensive formula classes, for a full on surfing experience.

Not So Good For…

  • Private learners. Colin Surf School offers mostly group lessons, although you can inquire about private bookings.

3. Water Addict Surf Academy

Water Addict Surf Academy, or WASA, as it tends to be known, can be found just steps away from Capbreton beach. And if the conditions aren’t right there, WASA will drive you to the nearest beach with the right breaks.

With 20 years of experience in coaching, and an incredible knowledge of all the best breaks in the area, lessons with WASA are sure to leave you addicted to the sport.

Surfers of all skill levels will find themselves accommodated at WASA. Never touched a board before? Passionate teachers can guide you through the basics, and get you out on the waves. Already experienced, but looking to improve? Use WASA video analysis to nail down the techniques you’re missing.

Best For…

  • Trying a mixture of sports. If the conditions aren’t right for surfing, WASA allows you to transfer to another sport.
  • Getting the right gear. High-end equipment is on hand at WASA.
  • Intermediate and advanced learners. Use video analysis to review and improve your techniques.

Not So Good For…

  • Quiet learning. Expect to find plenty of other surfers taking to the water at the popular location.

4. Silver’ Landes Surf Camp

Head out to the little known beach of Lette Blanche for a lesson with the Silver’ Landes Surf Camp. A family beach with waves that are perfect for beginner surfers, the quiet beach welcomes surfers who like to learn in a relaxed environment.

Silver’ Landes Surf Camp wants everyone who attends a lesson to leave happy. That means the courses are tailored to suit your needs, so you never feel like you’ve wasted a wave. Calm and patient teaching is great for young learners, or first-timers, while the playful atmosphere suits intermediate surfers.

Best For…

  • Children aged 6 to 11. Silver’ Landes runs a course for young children full of patient training and careful guidance.
  • Those looking to embrace the surfer lifestyle. The Silver’ Landes Surf Camp accommodates you in the middle of nature, and this authentic attitude is found in their classes.
  • Privacy. Tucked away at Lette Blanche beach, Silver’ Landes is rarely overwhelmed with crowds.

Not So Good For…

  • One on one lessons. Silver’ Landes does offer private instruction for a limited period of the year, but places are limited.

5. La Vague Basque

A lesson at La Vague Basque surf school is designed to leave you confident and assured in the ocean. Instructors come into the water with you, provide constant feedback, and are always ready to offer support. Even absolute beginners will feel comfortable being guided by instructors with years of experience.

When you’re out of the water, the lesson doesn’t end. The instructors will talk through what you’ve learned, and your own technique on the waves. As well as this, they’ll teach you to understand the ocean, respect the marine environment, and feel confident getting back into the water next time.

La Vague Basque is found in Biarritz, one of the top surf destinations in Europe. There’s always a wave somewhere in Biarritz, and the instructors at La Vague Basque will make sure you catch it.

Best For…

  • Well-rounded learning. The instructors at La Vague Basque cover more than just the basics of what to do on the board.
  • Those looking to gain confidence. Even once you know the basics, getting back on the board can be intimidating. The experienced instructors will make sure you leave without doubt.
  • Wave variety. There’s something for novice and advanced surfers in Biarritz.

Not So Good For…

  • Winter getaways. The surf school is closed from December to April, when the swells at Biarritz become large and powerful.

6. ESCF Anglet

There’s so much enthusiasm to be found at ESCF Anglet that even nervous surfers will find themselves getting excited to face the waves. The team of young instructors are full of passion for surfing, and they want you to feel it too.

ESCF Anglet says their focus is on two things: professionalism and good spirits. You can really feel both when you start your first lesson. As enthusiastic as the instructors are, you’re always in safe hands. And when things don’t quite go as planned, you feel ready to hop back onto your board straight away.

Best For…

  • Choosing a lesson plan that suits you. ESCF Anglet offers many courses, from quick beginners to intensive training. Find something that suits how much surfing you want to do.
  • Different ages and fitness levels. A large range of equipment can accommodate any sort of surfer.
  • Passionate teaching. Feel motivated and confident after a lesson with ESCF Anglet.

Not So Good For…

  • Quiet learning. With one instructor per group, when the beach gets busy, things can get a little hectic.

7. Natural Surf Lodge

Natural Surf Lodge provides surf lessons and training based on your skill level, age group, and how much time you have. Whether that’s a quick lesson to brush up some skills, or a week’s long training course designed to get you from a newbie to a confident surfer.

By teaching about safety, the environment, and understanding the waves, the instructors at Natural Surf Lodge are able to get you feeling confident in the water. They want surfing to be intuitive, so you adapt naturally to the swells and breaks as they come.
Found in southwest France in Seignosse and Hossegor, Natural Surf Lodge is near some of the best breaks Europe has to offer.

Best For…

  • Intuitive learners. Natural Surf Lodge wants you to understand the waves, not overthink them.
  • A variety of surf packages, catering for all ages, time constraints, and skill levels.
  • More time in the water. You won’t dive straight in, but Natural Surf Lodge aims to get you on the waves, not watching from the sand.

Not So Good For…

  • Larger groups. With Several people per instructor, often with a natural variety in skill level, some may prefer more personalized instruction.

8. Hossegor Surf Center

Hossegor is not only one of the best surf beaches in France, or even Europe. Instead, it’s one of the best surf beaches in the world. And the Hossegor Surf Center has their premises right on top of it. You’ll struggle to find a surf school that’s closer to the action.

At Hossegor Surf Center, old-fashioned techniques are combined with innovative technology for a teaching method that feels brand new. If you’ve tried surfing before and haven’t found a style that works for you, the new methods at Hossegor could be just what you need.

When the lesson is done for the day, keep your equipment for a cheap rental cost, and carry on catching those waves.

Best For…

  • An unbeatable location. The breaks at Hossegor are world-class, and the surf school has the best access to them.
  • A new way of teaching. Innovative technological techniques give a new spin to an old sport.
  • Beginners and intermediate surfers. Hossegor Surf Center can get you feeling more confident, and more proficient, on your surfboard.

Not So Good For…

  • Peaceful learning. One of the busiest surf spots in France, when conditions are right, Hossegor can get very crowded.

9. Biarritz Surf Training

There’s over thirty years of experience at Biarritz Surf Training, which has given them time to grow and refine their teaching techniques. When you first step into the water, you know the instructors have seen every kind of wave and surfer around, and they’ll understand the kind of teaching you need.

First, you need to choose the kind of course that suits you. Biarritz Surf Training does both group learning, and private training. Then, choose the right board and wetsuit from the huge range that Biarritz surf training has on hand. Finally, let the decades of experience of Biarritz Surf Training guide you through the waves.

Best For…

  • A massive range of equipment. Get the exact right board and wetsuit for you.
  • Experience. With more than thirty years operating as a surf school, Biarritz Surf Training knows what to do in any situation.
  • Confident safety training. Extensive safety training is essential for learning to surf right. Biarritz Surf Training covers it all well.

Not So Good For…

  • Young children. Biarritz Surf Training only caters to teens and adults.

10. Bidart Surf Academy

You’ll leave a lesson at Bidart Surf Academy feeling as full of passion for the sport as the enthusiastic instructors are. With courses that are adapted to suit your needs, a picturesque location, and welcoming staff, Bidart Surf Academy is a fantastic place to create holiday memories.

Located between Bidart and Biarritz, the Bidart Surf Academy sits directly on the beach. Either call them up in advance to book a lesson, or head along to the shack and see what’s available. Lessons cater to all skill levels, and there are courses for under 10s as well.

Fancy something really special? The sunrise and sunset lessons teach surfing against the most breathtaking backdrop.

Best For…

  • Spectacular sunrise or sunset lessons.
  • Group lessons. Enthusiastic instructors ensure that groups can learn from each other, as well as from feedback.
  • Beachfront location. The Bidart Surf Academy is directly on the sand.

Not So Good For…

  • Rentals. If you want to carry on learning, rentals sell out pretty fast.

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