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The 10 Best Surf schools In Fuerteventura

If you’ve ever watched any of the best surfing movies, it may have become one of your life’s ambitions to learn this exhilarating sport. Or, you may be an experienced surfer seeking out the best places to catch the perfect wave. Either way, there are some fabulous locations in the world to learn to surf and Fuerteventura is one of them.

best Surf schools in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura has the most sandy beaches out of all the Canary Islands. The strong winds provide ideal conditions to ride the big waves. The weather is glorious with temperatures remaining high throughout summer and winter and rarely is there rain.

Surfers can head to the island all year long. If you are a beginner or holidaying with children, it’s best to visit during the summer months when the swell is calmer. For the more experienced, October – May provide the best conditions. So, let’s look at some of the best surf schools the island has to offer.

1. Aloha Surf Academy

This surf school is great for beginners and families, as well as the more advanced. A typical day will include collection from your accommodation in the morning usually at 10:30 or if you choose to have an afternoon lesson it will be 4:30. Allow 5-6 hours for transport and lessons.

The course includes equipment and transport. Once on the beach, the expert instructors will get you warmed up with exercises on the sand and then in the ocean.

You will have a break half way and post surf stretching to wind down those muscles. They only do one session a day, which allows you to relax knowing you won’t be rushed. You will learn more than just surfing as the relaxed islanders talk to you about local culture and island life.

Lessons take on a personalized approach and each class is adapted to the needs of the learner. All techniques are adapted if necessary, and safety is paramount. They will evaluate you on the first day and include exercises to build muscles that are needed in surfing.

The 3 and 5 day beginner course will include regular feedback as you progress. There is also the option to purchase a full package that includes accommodation alongside a surfing course. In addition, you can even add yoga as a relaxing extra.

If you complete the beginners course and want to continue your progress, then you can enrol in the advanced beginner course. You are able to hire boards and wetsuits for the day and go off to the surf with others to practice what you learned.

If you’re further along in your surfing journey then you can sign up to the safari intermediate where your guide will take you to the best spot on the island. You can practice ducking and diving, turtle moves as well as bottom and top turns.

2. Planet Surf Camp

This surf camp caters for all your surfing requirements. Run by people that were born and bred on the Canary Islands, you can be confident your learning needs are in safe hands. It is based in Corralejo where in years past pirates and smugglers would pass their days.

On a typical day, someone from the school will collect you and take you to the best beaches for that specific time. For beginners, you will usually head over to Corralejo.

They provide all equipment and even have a photographer that can take photos you can treasure forever. Instructors are multilingual, so you can be sure learning will be effective.

The accommodation provides a surf house with 2,4 and 8 bedrooms, perfect for a group of friends or a large family.

All Lessons include theory as well as practical instruction. Each day you will go to a different beach spot. They also offer other beach activities such as skating, BBQs, fishing and snorkeling.

3. Point Break Waterspouts

This popular surf school offers experienced and understanding instructors. They understand what it feels like to be a beginner and have developed an effective teaching method that will get you riding the waves in no time. Surfing is their passion and learners can’t help but catch that enthusiasm.

In addition, they are all certified by the Federation Can aria de Surf who have a strict standard of teaching that instructors must adhere to.

You will learn ocean safety, surfing techniques and there will be the opportunity to practice in a safe environment.

For beginners the lessons will take place in Fuerteventura’s North Shore where the beach contains numerous breaks that are perfect for newbies. For the more experienced it’s good to visit between September and April to enjoy the sea storms, an exhilarating sea condition that must be taken advantage of.

The great thing about this school is variety. Each day you will surf on a different spot that allows you to experience different waves.

They offer a selection of accommodation options such as the surf house which can be utilized by groups of friends and solo travelers. There are shared rooms as well as double, triple and quadruple rooms.

Alternatively you can stay in the Surf Hostel which is in central Corralejo near to all local services. The hotel offers the benefits of a pool, terraces with views over the island and a communal lounge. It’s a wonderful way of mixing cultures and meeting like-minded people.

4. Blue Wave Surf School

This super safe surf school offers lessons from fully trained safety instructors. They offer lessons for children and adults, kids can join from the age of 6 and must be able to swim.

On a typical day instructors will collect you from your accommodation at around 9am and take you to some awesome beaches. When on the beach you will learn all about the equipment such as the surfboard and techniques for staying upright. All equipment is included in the course price. The whole trip takes around 3.5 hours.

5. Corralejo Surf School

The number one surf school in Corralejo, this north coast spot is perfect for finding the right waves. They offer several packages, some are surf-only and others have accommodation included.

You have a choice of surf courses that are 1.2 or 3 days and prices are reasonable per person. Lessons take place in the morning or afternoon and will be dictated by the wave conditions. Transport and equipment are provided and insurance is available to see on request.

Private surf courses are available and popular for less confident learners that absorb information better on a 1-1 basis. Private lessons are particularly good for children from age 8.

Before heading into the ocean you will learn about the history, philosophy, and culture of surfing as well as rules and etiquette you must abide by. They also teach you about how to read the sea and what the different waves and tides mean for a surfer.

They will also show you how to warm up and scratch before a surfing session as you may well discover unused muscles.

If you want to choose an accommodation package there are various rooms and apartments available for all budgets and preferences, check our their website for more information.

6. Kailua Surf

Kailua offers surf camps and courses as well as 1-1 private lessons. This school has the benefit of having its own surf house where you can stay with other surf lovers for a truly sociable and immersive experience. You will have a private room in the Bhavan Surf House and share use of a kitchen, bathroom, and BBQ.

You will also have the use of the swimming pool and communal area, ideal for making new friends. Furthermore, you can even watch some surf themed movies when you need to wind down.

Accommodation can be booked for 7 or 14 nights, and they provide options for lone travelers.

The lessons are done in small groups, so everyone has the opportunity for 1-1 attention if needed. They also offer multilingual instructors thus avoiding the language barrier.

For those with prior surfing knowledge and proficient at handling waves the school offers advanced training to help you learn tricks and techniques for a more exhilarating ride. You’ll learn how to duck dive, catch waves before they break, best positioning before catching the wave, speed, tugs, accelerated movements as well as some technical language.

7. Otro Modo

This small surf school offers beginners through to advanced courses as well as running child-only lessons. Each day’s course is around 4 and a half hours and includes transport from your accommodation. Groups are small, usually between 4-8 per teacher. In addition, if you want to record your progress for reference you can hire a GoPro.

Like most schools they offer all level courses. You will learn all the basics in beginners courses and the head coach Victor has a wealth of experience and runs lessons all year round whatever the weather.

In the expert surf course you will learn complex techniques such as bottom and top turn, floater, snap and cutback. Furthermore, you also have the option to receive video coaching to complement hands- on learning.

8. Amanay Surf School

Amanay surf schools offer surf courses, yoga, and camps. If you are unsure of your level do not fear the instructors will evaluate you on the first day and adapt the course for your specific need.

The days typically last between 2.5 – 5 hours depending on the beach you go to. Instructors will decide on the day when it is best to do the lesson depending on wave conditions. For those who prefer a more individualized approach 1-1 lessons are available on request.

The accommodation in the package deals includes a house with 2 shared rooms that have 4 & 6 beds or a variety of private rooms. There are common areas such as the living room and kitchen as well as a beautiful terrace for relaxing after a day on the surf. If you enjoy Yoga as a form of exercise then there are surf and yoga packages that provide the perfect combination.

9. Surf Camp Therapy

This camp was started with the idea of using surfing as therapy for those that required it. Their ethos is that surfing will energize you and recharge your batteries and provide a break from the stresses of everyday life. As well as normal surf lessons they have also created specific therapy courses.

The accommodation is in central Corralejo and just a few meters from the beach. The surf house has a girls and boys room that can fit 5 people each or there is the option for a single, twin or double room. All other amenities are shared.

A 7-day camp includes 6 days of surf lessons; the camp starts at 10am and lasts until around 2:30. All equipment and transfers are included in the price.

10. Ineika Surfschool

First founded in 1994 this surf school has been teaching surfing for over 30 years. It was the first-ever surf school in Fuerteventura. The school is located in the harbor at Corralejo near all the restaurants and shops but most importantly near some of the best beaches with magnificent surf conditions.

The family surf package is ideal if you want an all-in-one package for the whole family. The package includes a rental car, child seat with roof rack. The school provides all equipment on surf days, and you are able to follow the surf coach to the destination.

Typically, parents can take turns with the lessons whilst one looks after the kids on the beach. If the kids are over 6 they can enjoy a lesson too.

Accommodation is lovely, and you can choose either a private apartment complex with a pool or the Villa Bahia apartment which offers a superb roof terrace along with direct beach access.

The above are some of the best surfing schools in Fuerteventura. Surfing is a fabulous sport and can be addictive once you’ve mastered it. Who wants to sit in front of the TV when you have adrenaline fuelled adventures to be had? Happy surfing!

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