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Pescadero Surf Camp Review

With long sandy beaches and sparkling blue waves, there’s plenty of reason for surfers to visit Pescadero Surf Camp in Baja California. A popular choice for campers, the area attracts everyone from total beginners, to confident surfers looking to fine tune their skill.

If you’ve always been attracted to the surfer lifestyle, dreaming of blue skies and no cares, then there’s much to love at Pescadero Surf Camp. But how does this old school surf camp compare to the modern conveniences of big brand surf schools?

In this review, we’ll have a look at everything that makes Pescadero Surf Camp so completely itself. From what you might expect on the waves, to what you’ll find in the bathrooms, we have all the details on this classic surf camp.

Pescadero Surf Camp Review

What Is Pescadero Surf Camp?

Pescadero Surf Camp is located between Los Cerritos and San Pedrito aka two of the best surf breaks in Baja. And as Baja is home to some of the best breaks in Central America, and the world, you can imagine just how good they are.

So this is a prime location, just one hour from the San Jose del Cabo airport. Found in the town of El Pescadero, Pescadero Surf Camp is an affordable option for those who want to visit this incredible area.

The surf camp is aimed at beginners, running for 7 days and attracting friendly people from all over.

During the day, you can receive guided instruction from knowledgeable instructors, who promise to get you up and catching waves. At night, you can relax by the swim up bar, and watch the sunset.

At Pescadero Surf Camp you’ll find a real community, with surfers from all corners coming together to meet people who share that surfers soul

What To Expect At Pescadero Surf Camp?

The first thing you’ll notice at Pescadero Surf Camp is the laid-back attitude that permeates the entire camp.

This is a place to relax in, where a stressful attitude will not be welcome. Instead, expect to find a buzz of community, a chance to let go of your cares, and absolutely no stress.

As you approach Pescadero Surf Camp, you can see just how gorgeous the location is. Located minutes from the beach, and a short walk from the town, the back of the camp spills onto the surrounding hills of the Baja area.

It feels like a real step into paradise, albeit one occupied exclusively by surfers.

In terms of facilities, Pescadero Surf Camp is limited, but more than sufficient. Either choose a room to stay in, or pitch up a tent. If you choose to camp, you’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals.

And don’t worry if space seems to be lacking. Campers have successfully pitched up on even the smallest stretch of land before.

If you choose a room, there are a few different options to choose from. Rooms have a definite sense of being a place to rest your head, rather than luxury accommodation.

But they’re clean and comfortable, and the ideal place to rest if you wiped out a few too many times that day.

Bathrooms are clean, and often shared between rooms, with consistent running water. They can be snug if you want to wash down your board, but there’s more than enough room for a person.

But no one comes to Baja to hang out in their rooms. If you’re still excited to get in the water, the outdoor pool is sparkling, and the best place to let go of your worries.

Serve yourself a drink at the swim up cantina bar – there is no bartender – and say goodbye to stress.

Food isn’t included, but the communal kitchen is a popular place to throw together quick meals. Or walk into the nearby town, which has a mixture of classic eateries and food trucks.

The Surfing

There’s an obvious enthusiasm for surfing at Pescadero Surf Camp, where most of the visitors have either come to learn, or to fine tune their skills. Spending time on the waves is a passion, and the surf camp can offer you instruction from some of the best around.

Nestled between two spectacular surfing beaches, there’s no lack of waves at Pescadero Surf Camp.

Head to Los Cerritos for a family-friendly beach which is popular with beginners. The crescent shaped beach produces rolling waves that land on soft sand.

Crystal clear waters only add to the beauty of this place, where new surfers can gain confidence watching numerous people take to a board for the first time.

San Pedrito is another popular surfing beach, and this one feels a little more secluded. The long stretch of golden sand offers plenty of opportunity to catch a wave, and even on busy days it never feels packed.

Lessons are organized with knowledgeable instructors, who know the Baja waves like the back of their boards. Best suited for beginner or intermediate surfers, this is a real opportunity to improve your skill on some of the most amazing beaches in America. 

Final Thoughts

Pescadero Surf Camp has been running for 25 years, and you get the feeling little has changed in that time — and we mean that as a compliment.

It taps into an old school surfer vibe, where surfing is all about getting out there, feeling the waves, and then spending the evening kicking back. 

The hotel is basic, but pleasant, made more pleasant by all the friendly faces. Live and let live is the primary attitude, and everyone works together to create a communal experience.

This isn’t a hotel, so don’t expect to be waited on. But do expect a stylish set up in the heart of paradise, where you can always find someone to lend a hand.

And to top it all off are those waves. Once you meet your instructor, it will become impossible to resist heading into the water.

With patient teaching, even first timers will find themselves standing quickly, thanks to a surf camp with a wealth of experience. 

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