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Is Surfing Harder Than Skateboarding?

There are a few similarities between surfing and skateboarding, but the main similarity between the two sports is that they both take place on a board. Because of this, many people think that surfing and skateboarding require the same skillset. However, this is not the case. 

There are many differences between the two activities, the main one being that one takes place on land and the other takes place in water. There is a lot of skill involved in both of these activities, so there are a lot of arguments for which one is more difficult than the other. 

If you are already a skateboarder and want to try surfing, you may be wondering how difficult it is compared to skateboarding. Maybe as a surfer, you want to try skateboarding.

There are many differing opinions on this matter, but we have all of the information for you here so that you can see if surfing is harder than skateboarding. 

Difficulty To Learn

There is a lot of debate about whether skateboarding or surfing is harder to learn. There is a lot of skill involved in both sports which makes both of them hard to learn. But which is considered the most difficult?


Skateboarding is a difficult sport to perfect as there are lots of tricks to learn that can take time to master. When you are learning a new trick, there is the added benefit that you are able to practice on the same surfaces.

You can repeat the trick over and over again on the same surface, you don’t have to wait to learn. 


Most people generally feel that surfing is more difficult than skateboarding. When learning to surf, the waves are not the same, so there is no chance of repeating the same wave to practice.

If you are a beginner surfer, you are always thrown into the deep end when catching waves for the first time as you never know for sure what the waves will be like. 

Physical Abilities

As they are sports, a lot of physical ability goes into both skateboarding and surfing. But which one uses the most physical ability and requires the most strength? 


Skateboarding requires a lot of leg strength as you need to push yourself in order to make the skateboard move. There is also a lot of core strength needed for skateboarding as you need to keep your balance when on the board.

Balancing skills are very important for skateboarding if you want to perform tricks as you need to make sure that you land properly on the board. 


There are lots of physical abilities involved in surfing, mainly due to paddling. This requires a lot of upper body strength as catching a wave requires you to paddle into a wave so that you can catch it, meaning that you are going against the current.

You also need to have good stability to stand up on the board when surfing, so core strength is necessary to help keep you upright and balanced. 

Risk Of Injury

The risk of injury in both surfing and skateboarding is pretty high if you are not experienced in the sport. As you have to balance on a board and rely on your stability and the quality of the surface, this can increase your chances of injury by a lot. 


There is the risk of injury in skateboarding as you are prone to small injuries such as cuts, grazes, and bruises from small falls. There is the risk of more dangerous injuries when skateboarding, especially if you are performing tricks.

Broken ankles, broken wrists, or even head injuries are common in skateboarding which is why you always need to make sure that you wear protective gear like helmets and knee pads. 


Although surfing is usually safe when you fall off as you are falling in water, there are other hazards to be aware of that can cause risks that are potentially life-threatening.

As you are in the water, you always have to be careful of the current. It is important not to go too far out into the ocean so you don’t get pulled in. When you fall off your board, you need to make sure it is far enough away from your board and big rocks so they don’t cause a head injury. 

Although these risks can be prevented when surfing, it is common for beginners to make these mistakes. It is important to always be aware of the risks when surfing so that you can enjoy yourself but remain safe at all times. 

Which Is Considered Harder?

Overall, surfing is usually considered the most difficult compared to skateboarding. Although skateboarding requires a lot of skills and can be considered quite dangerous, you are able to consistently practice skateboarding on the same surface until you perfect the tricks and techniques. 

With surfing, it can be extremely hard as you need a lot of physical strength to properly catch waves. Paddling against the current can be difficult and tiring, so you need to be focused and strong to get there.

There are a lot of risks involved with surfing, so you need to be aware of these risks so you can prevent them every time you surf to remain as safe as possible. 

Final Thoughts

As surfing is considered harder than skateboarding, it doesn’t mean that skateboarding isn’t a hard sport. As skateboarding takes place on flat surfaces that you can practice over and over again, this seems a lot easier than practicing on different waves every time you surf. 

There are a lot of risks when surfing that can cause a lot of life-threatening injuries if they are not properly considered. When skateboarding, you are able to wear protective equipment like helmets and padding, but in surfing, you need to be a lot more aware of your surroundings. 

Therefore, surfing is considered to be harder as there is a lot of skill involved in remaining safe and it can be incredibly difficult to practice as the waves are always different.

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