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How To Dry A Wetsuit

Despite a wetsuit being made to withstand liquid such as water, you will need to know how to dry it properly to avoid the buildup of mold, and to make sure it lasts for a long time.

Wetsuits are designed to be worn in cold water environments, but they can also get wet when used in warm or hot waters. 

How To Dry A Wetsuit

They are great for surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, and other water sports. They provide warmth and protection from cold waters.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how to dry a wetsuit, and why it is important to do so.

Why Should You Dry A Wetsuit?

There are many reasons why you should dry your wetsuit after use. Here are some of them:

Mold Buildup

Mold is one of the most common problems that occur with wetsuits. It can grow on any part of the suit.

If left untreated, mold will cause discomfort and health issues.


The odor of a wet wetsuit can be very unpleasant. Odor can also be related to a build up of mold. 


If not dried correctly, a wet wetsuit may become damaged over time.

Before You Dry The Wetsuit

Before we start talking about how to dry a wetsuit, there are a few things you should know first.

  • First, you need to understand what kind of material your wetsuit is made of. This information is usually printed somewhere on the inside of the sleeve.
  • Second, you need to determine if your wetsuit has been treated with chemicals. If this is the case, then you cannot dry it by hanging it outside.
  • Third, you need to know how much water your wetsuit was exposed to. The amount of water depends on where you were swimming, whether you were wearing fins or gloves, and how much saltwater got into the suit.

How To Dry A Wetsuit

Now, let’s talk about drying a wetsuit. There are two ways to dry a wetsuit:

Dry In-House

This method is best suited for those who have access to an indoor area like their home.

You can hang the wetsuit out to air dry, which takes approximately 7 days.

You can also put the wetsuit in the sun for 3 hours per day for 2 weeks – avoid putting it directly in the sunlight for any longer.

Dry Outside

This method works well for those who don’t have access to an indoor space.

It involves putting the wetsuit in direct sunlight for 3 hours per day for 1 week.

Afterward, you can store the wetsuit in a cool place until needed again.

What Kind Of Material Is A Wetsuit Made From?

What Kind Of Material Is A Wetsuit Made From

A wetsuit is typically made from neoprene rubber. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is often used in wetsuits because it is waterproof and durable.

Neoprene is available in different thicknesses depending on the type of activity you plan to engage in while wearing the wetsuit.

Thinner suits are better for activities that require more movement, while thicker suits are better for activities such as scuba diving.

Is A Wetsuit Treated With Chemicals?

Wetsuits are sometimes treated with chemicals to make them last longer. These treatments include UV inhibitors, antimicrobial agents, and antifungal agents.

These chemicals help prevent bacteria growth and mold buildup. However, they can leave a chemical smell behind.

Do You Need To Dry A Wetsuit Before Using It Again?

Yes, you should always dry your wetsuit before using it again.

Not only does it keep the suit clean and free of germs, but it also helps prevent mold growth.

How Much Water Was In A Suit?

When you’re planning on going in the ocean, you want to make sure that your wetsuit is completely dry before you go in.

There are several factors that affect the amount of water in your wetsuit.

The most important factor is the depth of the body of water you’re entering.

For example, when you’re swimming at a shallow depth, you’ll likely get less water than someone who goes deep diving.

Another factor is the temperature of the water. Colder temperatures will cause your wetsuit to absorb more water than warmer waters.

How Long Does Drying A Wetsuit Take?

The time required to dry a wetsuit varies based on its size and the climate where it is being dried.

If you live in a warm climate, then you may be able to dry your wetsuit in just one or two days depending on the size and how wet it got.

However, if you live in a cold climate, then you may need to wait up to three months to fully dry it.

How Often Should A Wetsuit Be Washed?

Your wetsuit should be washed every time you use it.

Some people recommend washing their wetsuit once a month, while others suggest doing so every other month.

Regardless of what you decide to do, remember that you should never wear a wet or damp wetsuit. It must be dried properly before wearing it. 

How To Store A Wetsuit In Between Uses

Once you’ve finished using your wetsuit, you should store it properly so that it doesn’t become damaged over time.

Here are some tips on how to store your wetsuit:

  • Put it in a plastic bag
  • Keep the wetsuit away from heat sources like radiators
  • Keep the wetsuit out of direct sunlight
  • Store the wetsuit in an area that’s not too humid
  • Don’t put the wetsuit inside a suitcase

Final Thoughts

A wetsuit is a great way to stay comfortable in the water.

It provides protection against the elements, which makes it ideal for a variety of aquatic activities.

Because you may be using it for various activities, you will need to know how to dry it properly. Doing so will avoid any damage, odor and a build up of mold. 

Looking after your wetsuit properly will mean it will last for a long time. This will avoid you having to buy a new one which can become very costly.

Thank you for reading!

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