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Do You Wear Anything Under a Wetsuit?

As a beginner surfer, it can be daunting if you are not aware of how to dress for surfing. Wetsuits are recommended to help keep you warm when you are in the water. However, this poses the question, do you wear anything under a wetsuit?

If you are unfamiliar with wetsuits, you may be feeling nervous wearing one for the first time, or you wear them a lot but are wondering if you’re wearing them right? Don’t worry, we have all the information for you here.

There are differing opinions on what to wear under your wetsuit, so a lot of it is down to personal preference. If you are still feeling unsure about how you want to wear your wetsuit, here are some ideas that can help you feel more comfortable when wearing your wetsuit so that you can feel confident and happy in the water. 

Should I Wear Anything Underneath a Wetsuit? 

What you wear under your wetsuit is entirely up to you, it is based on personal preference. Some people choose to wear swimsuits underneath their wetsuits as they can easily strip off whenever they want, but some people also choose not to wear anything underneath their wetsuits. Some people also choose to wear their underwear underneath their wetsuits, it is entirely up to you. 

You may be taking part in an activity that requires you to change out of your wetsuit, or maybe you are still uncertain about what to wear. If so, there are lots of options for you to wear underneath your wetsuit. 

What Do I Wear Underneath a Wetsuit? 

If you are looking for options of what to wear underneath your wetsuit, we have plenty of options that can help you decide if you want to layer up inside. Again, this is based on personal preference, so think about what will feel most comfortable for you. 

What do people prefer to wear underneath their wetsuits?


Triathalon athletes usually wear swimsuits or competitive triathlon suits underneath their wetsuits as this helps them when they have to do a quick change. This helps athletes competing in a triathlon to make a smooth and quick transition into appropriate clothing to carry on with their competition. 


People to take part in surfing or other water sports usually prefer to wear swimsuits underneath their wetsuits. Swimsuits are made from lightweight materials that do not add any additional weight onto the wetsuit, and they are tight so they aren’t uncomfortable to wear underneath. Swimsuits also do not restrict any movements when worn underneath a wetsuit, making them a popular choice. 

Scuba Divers

Scuba divers tend to wear a full-body guard or a fleece base layer underneath their wetsuit to help keep them warm in cold waters. Although the full-body guard seems like it would be uncomfortable to wear underneath a wetsuit, it actually makes it easier to slide the wetsuit on and off while keeping you warm in the process. 

Why Should I Wear Something Underneath My Wetsuit?

There are many reasons why people choose to wear something underneath their wetsuits. Here are some of the reasons!


The main reason why people choose to wear something underneath their wetsuit is so that they are more comfortable. Wearing wetsuits for a long period of time with nothing underneath can cause discomfort, particularly in intimate areas, so wearing underwear or swimsuits underneath can help you feel more comfortable and prevent any chafing. 

Some people can feel more discomfort wearing swimsuits underneath their wetsuits, so it is a personal preference on how you feel most comfortable wearing your wetsuit. 


Wetsuits are designed to keep your body warm and insulated in the water, but having extra layers inside can help you feel warmer and more comfortable in the water.

Having a thick wetsuit is important for staying warm, but some people find that it can limit their movements. If you want to go for a thinner wetsuit, be sure that you layer up inside so that you can stay as warm as possible in the water. 


If you are borrowing a wetsuit, it is important that you wear something underneath as you want to remain as hygienic as possible. If you are using your own wetsuit and not wearing anything underneath, you will need to regularly wash your wetsuit before wearing it each time as you don’t want your wetsuit to develop a smell.

It is much more hygienic to wear a swimsuit or underwear underneath your wetsuit, but it is up to you how you choose to wear your wetsuit. 

What Else Can I Wear Underneath My Wetsuit?

As mentioned above, swimsuits are usually the most popular clothing to wear underneath a swimsuit. However, here are some other options that could help you stay warmer in cold waters. 

  • Full-body jumpsuit
  • Surf shorts
  • Sleeveless vest
  • Bike shorts

All of these items can be worn underneath your wetsuit to help keep you warm. If you already have a preferred item of clothing you like to wear underneath your wetsuit to keep you warm that hasn’t been listed, that’s okay! Whatever works for you is best.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it is entirely up to you what you wear underneath your wetsuit. You may prefer to not wear anything underneath your wetsuit, or you may not be able to put your wetsuit on without wearing your swimsuit underneath. Nobody can tell you how you’ll feel most comfortable, that is up to you!

We have recommended a few items of clothing that you can wear underneath your wetsuit that can help you stay warm in the cold waters. Clothing can also help protect your body from irritation from wearing the wetsuit, so as long as you are comfortable, you can wear whatever you want underneath your wetsuit. 

Finally, remember how this is down to personal preference. What works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. Whatever you choose to wear underneath your wetsuit should keep you warm and comfortable, and you are the only one who can choose!

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