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Can You Learn To Surf Without Being Able To Swim?

Surfing is a great sport which many are in awe of. Seeing surfers ride the waves is impressive to watch, and because of this there are many people who want to give surfing a try themselves.

Can you Learn to Surf Without Being Able to Swim?

However, not everyone is too quick to hit the waves for a number of reasons such as not having the confidence or not knowing how to swim.

But should these reasons stop a person from surfing like one of the pros? Is it possible to learn to surf without being able to swim?

Reasons To Try Out Surfing

Surfing is a sport that has been around for years, being most popular in countries with plenty of beach and sun such as Australia, but you don’t have to be skilled at the activity to give it a try.

Many people are willing to learn whether that be to work up to professional standards or just for some fun.

If you are contemplating trying out surfing, then refer to this list of reasons for why you should try out this gnarly activity.

Surfing Is Great Exercise

Surfing is a great activity to get involved in if you want to get active. With surfing, you are having to use every part of your body to balance, move your board and glide on the waves.

This takes a look of muscle work which requires plenty of practise and is something that not just anyone can master. If you want to improve your fitness level and see great toned body results, surfing is a great choice of activity to pick up.

It Is Rewarding

Surfing is much harder than it looks, and this means that there will be a lot of stressful moments when learning to surf. However, what makes it all worth it is the reward at the end.

There is nothing better than the feeling of hard work paying off; this is something you will definitely feel with this activity. That feeling of personal accomplishment is enough to drive someone to take up surfing.

You Will Always Be Learning

When it comes to surfing, you will be learning so much more than just riding the waves. You will be learning about the culture of surfing as well as gaining more knowledge on the ocean itself.

If you have a love for the ocean and are keen to learn then that is just one of the many perks of surfing too good to miss out on.

Surfing Is Fun!

Probably the main reason why people choose to surf is because of how fun the activity is. No matter if you are young or old, everyone enjoys tackling surfing because of the challenge and thrill it gives you.

Why sunbathe when you can take part is the fun activity of surfing? Sun, sand and water is what makes a trip to the beach fun, and surfing will further confirm that.

Can You Surf Without Knowing How To Swim?

We all know how fun surfing can be and plenty of us want to try, but there are a minority of people who have the same desire yet cannot swim. What about them? Do they have any hope in surfing when they don’t know how to swim?

Unfortunately, someone who surfs needs to have at least some basic swimming skills to tackle this sport. Surfing involves a lot of strength as it is easy to be knocked off your board by heavy waves.

Can you Learn to Surf Without Being Able to Swim?

As well as this, you will need to be able to balance as the waves guides your surfboard. Those who can’t balance will fall into the ocean and they will need to be able to get themselves back onto that board.

As accidents and fallings are high with surfing, swimming is an essential skill for the surfer’s own safety.

Consider The Weather

From an outsider’s perspective, surfing simply involves balancing on a surfboard and letting the waves push you along.

Whilst this is somewhat true, there is still so much more to surfing. Being able to swim is very important if you want to surf and this is many due to the unpredictability of the weather.

On a calm and sunny day, surfing is a breeze. On a day with rain and high winds, surfing is made ten times more difficult. When it comes to surfing, you do not get to decide how the weather will be.

Surfing is all down to the surfer and it is up to them to be able to adapt to any weather condition – this can only be done by a good swimmer.

With high winds, the waves will be larger and much more crazy. This will inevitably make it harder for a surfer to balance and stay on their board.

Although this may not seem a big issue, it is for someone who cannot swim or is not a strong/confident swimmer.

Falling off your surfboard when the wind is manic is very dangerous for a non-swimmer. They may not have the strength to get on their board or fight the waves and this may lead to drowning.

What Swimming Skills Do You Need To Surf?

When people think about swimming, all they think about is being able to swim some meters confidently without any issue. It is true that this is what it takes to be a good swimmer, but if you are wanting to surf then you will need to know more.

There are a number of skills surfers should have as confident swimmers. They should feel comfortable in the sea swimming in deep waters, they should know how to tread water, they need to understand breathing control, learn to paddle and have an enhanced skillset in multiple swimming styles.

Paddling Is Important

Unknown to many, paddling is a vital part of surfing. In fact, it has been found that when in the water, 50% of a surfer’s time will be spent paddling aside from actually surfing.

Being able to paddle is essential but is physically demanding, so it is important to be able to do so before starting surfing lessons.

So, why is paddling so important? Not only is it the most physically demanding part of surfing but it is if you are wanting to catch a wave. Even if you can swim, without the skill of paddling, you would not be able to surf at all.

How To Be A Confident Swimmer

Perhaps you can swim but just don’t have the confidence. Can you surf? Technically, yes you can surf since you do have the ability to swim, but confidence makes up a lot of surfing too.

Whilst it is okay to surf, we would recommend you take the time to get used to the water a little more first to boost your confidence before surfing.

You do not want to be in a situation where you are panicking and can’t support yourself when surfing. Try picking up some swimming lessons on the side to build this confidence.

Final Thoughts

Surfing is an amazing activity, but you need to be able to swim to get involved. If you want to try out surfing, then you will need to take swimming lessons first, not only to teach you to swim but to enhance your confidence. You will find that after lessons your surfing experience will be much better.

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