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10 Best Surf Yoga Camps

There are plenty of surf camps and yoga camps across the world, but if you’re both a yogi and a keen surfer it can be a bit more difficult to find a camp or retreat that combines your two passions. 

Luckily, you won’t have to sacrifice one hobby for the other on your travels as we’ve found 10 of the best surf yoga camps around the world for you to unwind and be one with the world’s nature. 

1. Sunset Surf House, Morocco

Sunset Surf House situated in the coastal city of Agadir in Morocco is a great budget-friendly surf and yoga getaway with daily surf sessions and a follow-up yoga class after every time you’ve hit the waters. 

There are beginner surfing lessons available as well as a ‘free surfer’ package for more advanced surfers who no longer need guidance who have full access to the surf equipment to use whenever they want. 

Accommodation is available in the form of sharing dorms and private bedrooms and you can opt for a full board dining experience or just breakfast included. 

The surf house is located right near a highway, which is extra convenient if you’re arriving or departing via a taxi or even if you need to catch public transport into another area. 

2. Pelan Pelan, Bali

What better way to relax and unwind than by nestling yourself into Balinese nature in the Pelan Pelan Surf and Yoga Retreat. ‘Pelan Pelan’ literally translates as ‘take it easy’ and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing during your stay there.

Your days will be filled with early morning surf sessions, traditional Indonesian food, and afternoon meditation and yoga sessions. The package also included complimentary massages throughout the week so you ease any aches or pains you may have accumulated from your time out on the water.

The retreat is perfect for both solo travelers and couples looking for shared dorms and even luxury single bedrooms, complete with air conditioning to cool you from the Balinese heat, daily bedroom cleaning, and complimentary beach and bath towels. 

You don’t need to have done either yoga or surfing to stay here as classes are all taught in small groups for people of all experiences so you won’t feel like you’re left behind. 

There is a minimum 7-night stay at the Pelan Pelan, but we guarantee you’ll be longing to extend your trip whilst you’re there. 

3. Soul & Surf, Sri Lanka

If you want to enjoy some soulful tropical surfing combined with expert-guided yoga, then Soul & Surf in Ahangama in Sri Lanka is a must-do. Soul & Surf was founded by married couple Ed & Sofie who started the business in Kerala in India and then launched two other resorts in Portugal and Sri Lanka.

Their mission is to weave mindfulness, sustainability, good food, and soul-fulfilling activities into their resort.

The Luxury Surf & Yoga package covers all the costs of your food, accommodation (shared dorm or single room), 7 varieties of yoga glasses and surf workshops, lessons, sessions, and analysis throughout the week. 

Soul & Surf also offers an AirBnB and a bed and breakfast if you’d still like to make use of the yoga and surfing facilities, but have more freedom of how you choose your time in Sri Lanka. 

4. Surf Maroc, Morocco

Another recommendation of ours for an expertly crafted yoga and surf retreat program in Morocco is the Surf Marco one that is located at their Villa Mandala. It’s a 7-day progressive retreat for people who want to feel the transformative power of yoga alongside daily surf excursions in the sun.

The surf and yoga retreat includes all food for your stay, oceanfront accommodation, 3.5 hours of daily yoga, 6 coached surfing sessions, and also transportation. There is also the opportunity to have 1-to-1 tuition for yoga for yogis to reach their highest potential although there is no obligation to do all of the activities throughout the day and guests can do as much or as little as they wish to.

5. Cape Point Surf Yoga Camp, South Africa

If South Africa has been on your to-do list for a while then you’ll be happy to know that you can enjoy some of the best surf breaks in the world paired with quality yoga lessons. 

The Cape Point Surf Yoga Camp is one of the best value ones we’ve seen, with the ability to stay for over 10 days for under $1000 which includes 20 surf lessons. You even get all your equipment included in that price and they don’t charge surfboard insurance either. 

All food is included in the accommodation and there is a real family vibe within the camp, with team members eating together and dining out with guests. 

The Surf and Yoga package is only available for six guests at a time, so you’ll want to make sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

6. Danyasa Yoga & Surf Retreat, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the best surfing locations in the world, with its year-round reliable good weather and strong wells created by the Pacific and Caribbean coastline. The Danyasa Retreat is situated in a luscious and beautiful setting perfect for finding your flow with yoga and catching some waves throughout your stay.

You’ll stay in a small eco-lodge with 12 rooms made from recycled cargo containers to create relaxing environments with air conditioning, comfortable beds, and in-room safes to store all your valuables when you’re exploring the retreat. 

Danyasa’s mission is to coexist harmoniously with the environment whilst also guiding their guests to build self-love, facilitate friendships of a lifetime and enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica and all it has to offer. 

7. Moliets Surf & Yoga Camp, France

If you’re looking to plan a trip to Europe for some surfing and yoga, then why not try Moliets Surf & Yoga Camp in the south-west of France and meet some like-minded people on one of Europe’s most beautiful coastlines.

This is a budget-friendly resort that offers 12 hours of surfing lessons spanning across the week combined with 75 minutes of yoga all whilst staying in a bell tent that features both electricity and comfortable mattresses.

You’ll get to enjoy the authentic cheese and wine that the French have to offer during your R&R time, but the remainder of your efforts will be spent in the water or on the yoga mat whilst you escape from the mundane worries of life. 

All your meals are provided and you’ll get to use all the surf camp equipment as and when needed. If you’re traveling to France in the cooler months, then make sure to pack some warmer clothes for after your surf. 

8. Surf n Stay New Zealand, New Zealand

If you’re ready to commit for the journey to the overside of the world, then check out one of New Zealand’s best surf yoga camps with Surf n Stay. The camp is best suited for beginners to intermediate surfers, as more advanced or confident surfers probably feel a bit restricted by the coaching sessions.

The camp is located in Whangamata which is away from all the hustle and bustle so you’ll be fully relaxed and immersed in the coastal nature and lifestyle. 

If you’re traveling solo you’ll stay in a 6 dorm suite with other travelers whereas couples have the opportunity to have a private twin room to get some well-needed rest in.

There are 5 group surfing lessons, 5 yoga sessions, and breakfast included in the price of the package, so you’ll still have some independence and opportunity to explore the local towns and experience the local culture. 

9. Tiny Whale Surf, Portugal

If you happen to be a solo woman traveler, then Tiny Whale Surf in Portugal will be an ideal location as a surf yoga camp for you. If relaxation is just as important as the thrills of surfing, then you’ll be overjoyed at the expansive gardens that feature a relaxing swimming pool, jacuzzi, and fireplace for you to enjoy during your free time.

You’ll be treated to 2 surf lessons a day as well as a relaxing yoga session in the evening, so you’ll be sure to get good value for money on your trip. 

The camp is nestled only 10 minutes from the town of Lagos, so if you’re looking to branch out and experience the local Portuguese culture then you won’t need to go very far.

10. Swell Yoga, England

Whilst England can’t promise spectacular sunny weather like other locations in the world, they can offer some good waves and serene English beaches. 

There are a variety of packages available including surf and yoga at Swell Yoga, so whether you’re looking for a short weekend getaway or an entire road trip down the English coast, there’ll be something for everyone. 

Temperatures in England don’t hit the high 60s until April through to September so make sure to bring some sweaters with you on your travels to wrap up in the chillier evenings. 

Some of the surf yoga retreats are suited to more experienced surfers, so if you’ve never surfed before you’ll need to reach out to the team at Swell Yoga to find what else would be better suited for you.