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10 Best Surf Shops In Delaware

If you have ever traveled around the country surfing, then there will no doubt be gaps in your knowledge that you are desperate to fill. If you’ve never been to Delaware to catch some waves, then you are missing out, as it is one of the best surfing hotspots in the country.

Delaware is the home to a few famous beaches, including Dewey Beach, Rehoboth Beach and Bethany beach, all of which have been ranked time and time again as the best beaches in the USA. But what about surfing? Can you surf in Delaware?

You certainly can. Cape Henlopen Herring Point and Indian River Inlet are where most of the surfing in this state takes place. You can be sure of some pretty high waves in this part of the country, with a lot of surfers enjoying unrestricted surfing in these areas all through the summer, winter and the fall.

So where can you find the best surfing stores in Delaware? What accessories are available at these stores? How affordable are the boards and the merchandise? Do they only sell surfing clothing? Are the staff friendly and do they offer you directions? How much do they know about surfing? Are these stores good for beginner surfers?

Well, if you want to know the answers to all of these questions or you have some more, then we would recommend that you read on. We have everything that you need to know about surfing in Delaware and have compiled a list of some of the best surfing stores that you can find.

1. The Edge

If you want your share of surfing boards, sandals, watches, sunglasses, t-shirts and other top branded surf merchandise, then this is the place to go first. This store comes highly rated in terms of the quality of the products and the friendliness of the staff – introducing The Edge.


  • This store offers high-quality branded clothing for both men and women. If you are a surfing gal and you need some surf merch, then you should certainly try The Edge.
  • They have a wide range of products which will certainly wow anyone who is even in the slightest bit interested in this product.
  • Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or pro surfer, this store has plenty to offer you, whether it is a starting board or some accessories to help your existing surfing game.
  • The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly, more than happy to listen to any surfing query that you might have.


  • This place might be a little too intense for new surfers, although you can be sure there will always be staff to help you with whatever query you need.

2. Sierra Moon Surf & Skate

This next surfing store is known for giving you only the very best when it comes to surfing merch. Whether you want a beginner board for your son or you want to modify your existing board, this store will have more than enough to help you – introducing Sierra Moon Surf & Skate.


  • This has a wide variety of clothing for men, women and children. There are a lot of families that have given this website and store rave reviews.
  • This is great for pros who want to upgrade their board to give them that little bit of edge during surfing competitions.
  • The owners have been described as very friendly, being very patient and listening to each and every customer and their queries.


  • The price – this surf shop might cost you a few dollars, so make sure you are really committed to surfing before buying.

3. Dewey Beach Surf Shop

This next surf shop is found in the amazing location of Dewey beach, providing friendly customer service and helpful advice for anyone that is hitting the surf.

Whether you are a beginner with some basic queries or a pro surfer needing advice on how to tailor their board, this store will welcome everyone – introducing Dewey Beach Surf Shop.


  • This surf shop will not only sell you clothing and boards, but they will help you to get up on the board in the first place with some handy surfing lessons from friendly instructors.
  • This surfing shop has all the top-of-the-range merchandise, from Ripcurl to Billabong and Quiksilver.
  • You can get accessories for not just surfing, but also bodyboarding, skimboarding and skateboarding. If you are an extreme sports fanatic, this is the place to come.


  • The price – with quality clothing comes a higher than average price tag. You’ll need to make sure that you’re a super surfing fan before you spend money on these.

4. Ocean Outfitters

This next surfing outlet has been described as having a real passion for surfing, which is why customers have been returning year after year in their droves to buy surfing equipment from them, as well as getting surf lessons – introducing Ocean Outfitters.


  • This store has been known to give amazing surf lessons, especially to teenagers who might be new to the waves.
  • These people are especially passionate about the sport of surfing, so you won’t have to worry about them dropping the ball when it comes to in-depth surf knowledge.
  • They sell only the highest quality equipment, you can be sure that these boards will not fail you, even after some intense use after a few years.


  • This might be a little too hardcore for some newbie surfers, however, you can be sure that they’ll have everything that you could ask for to set you up before a wild one on the waves.

5. Kona Board House

This next store was established in the 70s and they have a great reputation for selling and renting top-quality bikes, surfboards and wakeboards. The owner has a particular passion for these sports, so you can be certain of getting only the best insider knowledge – introducing Kona Board House.


  • This store is open 7 days a week, such is their commitment to spreading the love of surfing and biking.
  • This company really likes the hands-on approach, with the owner having specialized in custom-shaping boards for his friends way back in the 70s and 80s.
  • You can come to this store if you want bikes too! This is a great place for anyone who liked extreme sports and does not mind shelling out a few bucks for quality merch.


  • The price – this can be another very pricey store, although if you are a loyal customer, you can get plenty of great discounts.

6. Atlantic Shoals

This next store has an amazing reputation for quality and good customer service, based in Bethany beach, you can be sure of top quality advice from this little-known treasure. You’ll spend only a few hundred dollars in here and come away with some top-quality merchandise – introducing Atlantic Shoals.


  • Whether you want a board or a rash guard, this store has everything that you could ask for. If you are new or pro, you can be sure this store will have something for you.
  • The wonderful staff is always on hand to help, so you won’t have to worry about it getting lost under too much surfing info.
  • This shop is tucked away, so if you want a secret surfing store that only you know about, then we would definitely suggest Atlantic Shoals (just don’t tell anyone we told you!)


  • This store doesn’t have a website, which is a shame if you spot something in a store and want to purchase it later on.

7. Bethany Surf Shop

Next up, we have another cornerstone shop that can be found on Bethany beach, with hundreds of customers contributing to this store’s already growing legend. With popular surf items and boards, you can be sure there’s something for everyone at this surfing shop – introducing Bethany Surf Shop.


  • This is a shop where the staff really know their stuff. Not only can you walk away with a decently priced board that day, but you’ll also have plenty of knowledge regarding how to use it.
  • The staff here are very friendly and certainly know their onions when it comes to surfing.
  • We would certainly recommend this store if you are new to surfing, they will give you all the information that you need to make sure that you’re safe and secure on your new board.


  • Some customers have commented that they find certain staff members less than polite when it comes to certain queries.

8. Breakers Surf Shop

This next surf shop has been complimented for really giving you that initial helping hand when you are shopping for your first surfboard or you want the right accessories to help you up your surfing game – introducing Breakers Surf Shop.


  • This store really has all the premium surf brands that you can search for, as well as having a few up-and-coming brands that will be dominating tomorrow’s market.
  • You can get their own branded Breakers windsheeters and hoodies. If you want to mark yourself out as an individual at your next surf competition, you should buy from this store.
  • The staff are very polite and helpful with any queries, you won’t have to worry about being a complete newbie at this store.


  • The Breakers charge a pretty hefty price for their quality merch.

9. Wild Ocean Surf Shop

This next store has been described as a very professional operation, having some of the best surfing brands on the high street. It is run by a professional and dedicated team who really love the art of surfing – introducing Wild ocean Surf Shop.


  • This shop really is one of the best when it comes to buying premium surfing gear. Not only do you have everything that you need for a top-quality surfing experience, but you can have the best guidance from helpful staff.
  • They have skateboards as well as surf boards, so if you like to surf the tarmac as well as the waves, then we would recommend shopping at this store.
  • This is great for pro surfers who want their intricate queries about surfing to be met by knowledgeable staff.


  • Some customers have complained that these products do not last the test of time, especially after intense use.

10. Prickly Gal Boutique & Surf Shop

Our final store in the Delaware area is especially for women who like to surf. This place specializes in surf clothing for females, so if you like to hit the waves in style and comfort, then we would certainly recommend Prickly Gal Boutique & Surf Shop.


  • This has plenty of top-quality clothing for discerning customers, either if you like getting wet and wild in the water or even if you prefer lounging in a beachside cafe.
  • You won’t be discriminated against in this shop, whether a new or an old surfer, you can be sure that you will get answers to all of your questions.
  • This place is also very reasonably priced, with hundreds of customers daily stating that it is their go-to place for surfing accessories.


  • Some of their ranges are very restrictive, although they are looking to expand their repertoire.

Our Final Say

We hope that our list of surfing stores has helped you to narrow down which places you want to visit when you are cruising the waves of Delaware.

You can be sure that these stores are the friendliest and most dedicated teams that you can have to help you. What better person to help you find what you are looking for than someone who wants to spread the love of surfing?

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