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10 Best Surf Camps Texas and How to Prepare

When you think of Texas, you probably don’t immediately consider it a good place to surf. With the USA boasting States including Hawaii and California, it is unlikely that the Lone Star State would be your first choice for a surfing trip. But you really should consider it. 

Texas is home to several beautiful beaches, all of which offer great surfing opportunities. Additionally, the State is home to lots of excellent surf camps, so if you want a surfing trip, then Texas could be the ideal destination.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best surf camps in Texas, along with lots of other helpful information to help you prepare for your holiday. 

The 10 Best Surf Camps

1. Texas Surf Camps 

Without a doubt, the best surf camp in Texas is Texas Surf Camps. This company operates in Galveston, Corpus Christi, and Port Aransas, offering a variety of different surf lessons and camps for people of all ages and abilities. The company was set up with a deep passion for surfing, and they want to teach others how to surf to the best of their abilities.

All the instructors are incredibly well-trained and have a lot of experience with surfing in Texas. So, while you are riding the waves, you will be well looked after at all times. 

2. C-Sick Surfing – Surf Texas

Another great surfing camp to consider is C-Sick Surfing, or Surf Texas as it is sometimes called. This company is based in Galveston, and teaches on the shores of Seawall Boulevard.

There is no physical store that you can visit for this company, so it is very important that you book before you make the journey to Texas.

They are reasonably priced, and offer a variety of different packages including individual and group sessions, with photo opportunities also offered. So, if you want to make the journey to Galveston, C-Sick Surfing is a great place to visit. 

3. Ohana Surf and Skate

Also in Galveston, you will find a highly experienced surf school called Ohana Surf and Skate. As its name suggests, this school offers both surfing and skating lessons, and one of the packages that this company offers is a surf camp. They run lessons all year round, but during the summer months, they offer a special surf school.

These camps range from 1-5 day classes where you will learn absolutely everything you need to know about surfing. With Ohana Surf and Skate, everybody is welcome, so no matter what age or ability you are, this company will welcome you with open arms. 

4. Wades Waves

When you think of surfing, you will automatically think of doing this activity in the sea. But, Wades Waves is a little different as they operate in the large reservoir of Lake Austin. Texas is a large State with only a very small coastline, so it is great that companies like Wades Waves can utilize the large lakes inside this State to provide surfing lessons.

The owner of the company grew up in the area near Lake Austin, so he knows absolutely everything you need to know about this area, and he is also incredibly passionate about surfing. So, if you want to visit this area, Wades Waves is the place to go.

5. South Padre Surf Company

If you want to take a look at a slice of history, then you should visit South Padre Surf Company, as this was the first surf school in Texas. They have a huge amount of experienced instructors, including a company dog who is just totally adorable.

The surf camps that this company runs are operated off of the coast of South Padre Island, and are one of the safest places to learn to surf in Texas. This company focuses on safety as a priority, and this is clear no matter what surf camp you attend with them. So, if you want to feel safe at all times, consider South Padre Surf Company. 

6. DFW Surf

In Hidden Cove Park, near Frisco, you will find DFW Surf. This company utilizes the beautiful area of Hidden Cove Park to teach people to surf in a breathtaking area. So, if you have always dreamed of surfing in a place with spectacular views, you are in luck.

The company offers a variety of different water sport lessons, with surfing being their primary option. Their surf camps run throughout the summer months, so you are guaranteed to get good weather if you visit DFW Surf as part of your surfing trip. 

7. Good Vibes Surf Lessons

A huge part of surfing is peace and serenity, so if you dream of this, Good Vibes Surf Lessons may be the perfect place for you to visit for a surf camp. This is another excellent surf camp based out of Galveston Island, with experienced instructors who are passionate about teaching others just how enjoyable surfing can be.

They are open 24 hours a day depending on the camp that you want to attend, and also offer equipment hire. So, if you want to be at one with the water, Good Vibes Surf Lessons might be the best location for you. 

8. Padre Island Surf Camp

In Corpus Christi, you will find Padre Island Surf Camp, a company that has a great reputation for teaching people how to surf. Their camps are designed for people of all ages, and surfers of all abilities, who want to learn to surf, or better their existing skills.

This surf camp is ideal if you want a truly personal experience with your instructor, as they limit their classes to a ratio of 4:1. So, you will always be able to get personal experience with your instructor while they teach you, allowing you to truly improve your skills. 

9. Bayou City Adventures

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If you don’t want your entire trip to be about surfing, and you would instead prefer to simply do an hour every now and again, then Bayou City Adventures is the one for you. This company is based in Houston, but they offer classes all over the State, including SurfSide Beach.

Bayou City Adventures has a lot of different instructors, all of which have a wealth of experience of surfing in Texas. So, Bayou City Adventures is a great company to consider. 

10. City of SurfSide

Finally, we would recommend City of SurfSide as a great company to surf with. This company isn’t dedicated to surfing, instead this company operates the majority of tourist activities that operate out of SurfSide beach.

One of these activities is surf lessons and equipment rentals, so if you want to go surfing in this area then this is the company to contact. They will then put you in touch with the necessary people, allowing you to set up your surf lessons as and when you please. 

Budget Planning 

But, before you set off to Texas, you will need to prepare for the trip. A big part of this preparation is budgeting, so here’s some key information to help you.

Meal Price Range

One of the key pieces of information that you need to know when traveling to Texas is the cost of food. The cost of food differs from State to State, but in Texas, you should expect to spend approximately $34 per day for food during your stay here. The average meal dining out in Texas will cost roughly $14 per person, with breakfast prices usually being a little cheaper than lunch and dinner. Prices will be cheaper if you buy food at a grocery store and prepare it yourself. 

Equipment Rental

As you can see, the majority of companies offer equipment rental within the cost for the surf camp or surf lessons that you are attending. Most companies also offer equipment rental separately if you want to hit the waves alone. Generally, equipment rental will cost between $30-50, depending on where in Texas you are going surfing. 

Prepaid SIM Card

When you go abroad, the best (and cheapest) way to make phone calls back home is to buy a prepaid SIM card. However, Texas is part of the USA, so you will not need to get a prepaid SIM card to make calls back home if you are from the USA. But, you can usually pick up a prepaid SIM card for roughly $10. 

Public Transport

Public transportation in Texas is generally rather affordable. They have lots of different public transportation options, but you should expect to spend roughly $1.25 for a single ticket on both the light-rail and local buses in Texas. If you are going to stay in Texas for a longer period of time, it might be cheaper to buy a month travel pass, which will cost approximately $77. 

Gas Prices

In 2008, gas prices hit $4 in Texas, but since then they have been a lot cheaper. Of course, gas prices are constantly fluctuating day by day, however costs in Texas usually stick around the $2.75 mark. 

Types of Risk 

Generally speaking, Texas is a very safe place to travel. Like anywhere, there may be opportunistic criminals who could target you as a tourist. However, these are few and far between. In terms of crime, the biggest risk in Texas is the crime associated with illegal drugs trade on the Mexico border. But, as a tourist, you should not find yourself caught up in any of this. 

The biggest risk when traveling in Texas is the risk of natural disaster. Texas is actually the most dangerous State when it comes to natural disasters, but it is worth noting that Texas is also one of the larger States, so this does make sense. In particular, Texas has experienced lots of tornados, hurricanes, sinkholes, wildfires, and flooding. Additionally, the State has experienced corrosion, as well as droughts. So, there are very few natural disasters that Texas hasn’t experienced. However, there is ‘hurricane season’ in Texas, so if you want the best chance of avoiding a natural disaster, you shouldn’t travel during this time. 

Finally, to avoid any travel risks when surfing in Texas, it is very important that you follow all guidelines for surfing. You should be watchful for any markers dictating where it is/isn’t safe to surf. Especially if you are surfing alone. 

How to Prepare

But budgeting isn’t the only preparation you need to do before traveling to Texas. So here is some more information to help you plan your trip. 


As Texas is part of the USA, you will not need to obtain a Visa to travel here from any of the other States in the USA as long as you are a US citizen. However, you will need to take a valid US passport with you as a form of photo identification. 


There are no specific vaccinations that you have to get prior to traveling to Texas. However, you should ensure that all of your routine vaccinations are up-to-date prior to making the trip. These vaccinations include Measles, Polio, DTaP, hepatitis-B, and chicken pox. If you are traveling to extremely rural areas, you might also want to speak to your doctor to see if you need any additional vaccinations prior to travel. 

Language and Currency

Texas is a State in the USA, so the official language spoken here is English. However, small minorities might speak other languages, including Spanish. The official currency for Texas is the US Dollar ($). 

Checking Surf Forecast

In our experience, the most effective way to check the surf forecast is to use one of the online trackers. But it is worth noting that most surf camps will also check the surf forecast for you. To check the surf forecast for Texas, click here.

Travel/Surf Insurance

Even though Texas is part of the USA, it is still best to obtain travel insurance prior to traveling. This is incredibly important as surfing is classified as a high risk sport, so your normal insurance may not pay out if you experience any injuries. But, before you take out a policy, ensure that surf insurance is included in the policy.