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10 Best Surf Camps Miami and How to Prepare

When you think about Miami, the chances are that the sun and beach are among the first things to come to mind. For those who want to enjoy the heat and have a more active break, there are plenty of surf schools and camps open across Miami’s many beaches where you can learn how to surf no matter your ability.

The great thing about Miami is that it is always warm all year so you can go surfing at any time of year and work on your surfing techniques. Whether you are local to the area or visiting, there are plenty of options available and it can even be a bit overwhelming to know which place is best for you.

However, we have gathered the top 10 surfing schools and camps that you should consider followed by everything you need to know about preparing for your break.

Here are the top 10 surf camps in Miami:

10 Best Surf Camps

1. Sobe Surf

Sobe Surf is one of the most popular choices thanks to the variety of options that they provide. They offer stand up paddle lessons and tours as well as surfing lessons for all abilities. The aim of the professional staff is to ensure that no matter your age, skill level or ability, you have a positive experience in the water.

The array of different lessons available is catered to all budgets and families as well starting at $70 per person for a large group lesson and increasing to $120 for a private lesson with all sessions lasting 1.5 hours and all equipment included.

Address: 635 S Plumosa St #11, Merritt Island, FL 32952, United States

2. Viking Surf Camp

One of the most renowned surf schools in Miami is Viking Surf Camp. With an array of packages available spanning from one day lessons to a full week’s worth of training, Viking provides a teaching experience that is tailored to your needs.

Most of the lessons are geared towards children who are learning to surf for the first time but there are some programs available that are aimed towards teens and adults who are wanting to improve on their own skills or compete in tournaments.

No matter whether it is for leisure or for competitive sports, Viking Surf Camp has you covered and will provide you with the best experience possible. 

Address: 1230 North, Beach, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, USA

3. South Beach Surf Club

South Beach Surf Club provides lessons for all abilities and boasts a staff who are well trained in first aid and CPR. Started and run by Chucky Luciano, South Beach Surf Club has an array of activities available as well as surfing which includes paddle boarding, snorkeling and kayaking.

With lessons available in English, Portuguese and Spanish, this school teaches pupils from the age of 10 providing key lessons in safety, environmental protection as well as practical sessions where they learn how to do the basics.

For first time surfers, a 2 hour introductory lesson provides all the knowledge and information you need to be able to progress from learning about the board and surfing safety to actually getting out in the water. This session costs $100 and includes everything you need for the lesson including surfboard and wetsuit. 

Address: 101 South Pointe Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

4. SURF Miami Beach

SURF Miami Beach is a family run surf school that teaches students of all ages and abilities who are wanting to better their surfing skills.

Providing everything you need to be able to surf, SURF Miami Beach will deliver and pick up your surfboard for you for extra convenience. SURF Miami Beach is a company that has grown greatly over the last few years among the local community but they also do classes for visitors and tourists who want a surfing experience.

With classes available in South Beach, North Beach, Surfside, Bal Harbour and Haulover, SURF Miami Beach are able to fit your location and schedule to give you the best experience. 

Address: Miami Beach, FL 33141, United States

5. Hirooka Surf and Sport

For those who like extreme surfing and other adventurous water sports then look no further than Hirooka Surf and Sport where they use the latest gear to ensure that you are safe whilst also having fun.

Based in Miami Beach and Downtown, they can cater to the local community with ease as well as providing lessons for visitors and tourists who want an exciting experience. With lessons available for beginners and more advanced surfers, this is the perfect place for those adrenaline seekers in your life.

With a 2 hour intro session starting from $100, you’ll gain all the knowledge and information you need to know about ocean safety and surfing etiquette. 

Address: Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139

6. EZride Surf School 

Often referred to as the number one surf school in Florida, EZride Surf School is one of the most inclusive schools as they cater to all ages and abilities and are open 7 days a week.

Providing important lessons on ocean safety and surf etiquette, the professional instructors encourage you to learn the basic techniques of surfing and will have you riding waves in no time. Whatever your goals are, the lessons will be catered to your requirements so you can have the best experience that is tailored to you. 

Address: 892 NW 47th St, Pompano Beach, FL 33064

7. Hangloose Surf School

Hangloose Surf School was founded by professional surfer Dutch Schorn who has over 36 years’ worth of surfing experience. Specializing in water safety and ocean awareness, you are guaranteed to ride a wave by the end of your first lesson or you will get your money back.

Hangloose Surf School can provide private one on one sessions or small group lessons depending on your preference with prices starting at $75 per hour.

With lessons catering to beginner ability all the way through to advanced, Hangloose also offers specialized contest training for those who seek to enter the professional surfing world. 

Address: 1800 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305

8. Living Water Surf School

Owned by former professional surfer William Zimmerman, Living Water Surf School is one of the best schools for surfing beginners who have never been in the water before.

With certified instructors who are CPR and first aid qualified, participants will learn a lot within an hour session such as how to paddle, stand up and turn as well as paddling out through the breakers and preparing to catch the wave.

As well as this, the instructor will teach the students how to identify different types of waves and how they should be approached as well as ocean safety. This helps to provide a well rounded surfing experience so your child is getting all the information they need to have a positive experience that is both fun and safe. 

Address: 3424 NE 16th St, Pompano Beach, FL 33062, USA

9. Aloha Surf Camp

Aloha Surf Camp is a surfing school that runs both daily and weekly sessions depending on your child’s preference. Aimed at students aged 6-11 of all abilities, the lessons run from 9am to 12:45pm Monday to Friday to make the most of the late morning waves. W

ith classes catered to all abilities, your child can work on their skill set no matter if they are a beginner or more advanced. With a course that has an extra emphasis on ocean safety to ensure that your child has the most awareness when venturing into the water.

This camp takes place during the summer months and students are expected to enter the water and show off their new skills and techniques as the course progresses. With prices starting at $60 for a daily session or $250 for a week’s worth of lessons, there are packages to suit every budget.

Address: 14200 U.S. Hwy 1, Juno Beach, FL 33408, USA

10. Waves Surf Academy

Started in 2013, Waves Surf Academy is catered towards children who want to improve their surfing skills during the summer months. Learning everything about surfing safety to the techniques required for basic surfing, there are a variety of programs that your child can benefit from to boost their confidence when venturing into the water.

The programs offered are Surf Camps, Kids Club Programs, Surf lessons, Board Rentals and Mobile Swim Lessons so they can cater to your requirements no matter what you are searching for.

With a variety of beach clubs, schools and other venues that they are partnered with throughout South Florida, Waves Surf Academy has become one of the most reputable surfing establishments for children learning to surf. 

Address: 4800 N. Federal HWY Suite# B100 Boca Raton, FL 33431

How to Prepare

Preparing for your surfing experience is hugely important, especially if you are visiting somewhere like Miami where the weather can be extremely hot.

Always make sure you have packed a supply of sunscreen and a hat for extra protection as well as some flip flops and an appropriate change of clothes. Most surf schools will be able to provide a wetsuit and surfboard but if you are more advanced and have purchased your own board then you’ll be able to use that instead.

Another important factor to consider is making sure that you have the proper documentation to travel. If you are flying domestically within the US then you still need to make sure you have a passport, driver’s license or other form of real photo identification if flying.

For international visitors, always make sure you have applied for the appropriate visa so you can get into the country legally and with no problems. 

Miami is one of those places that tends to be hot and sunny all year round so making sure you have prepared yourself for the weather is important.

Having plenty of fluids will prevent any dehydration and making sure you have taken out travel and surf insurance will ensure that you, your belongings and all rented equipment is covered should there be any incidents or damage.