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10 Best Surf Camps Mexico and How to Prepare

For travelers heading to Mexico and inhabitants of the country, surfing is a popular pastime. With a coastline expanding over 5,797 miles, it is a paradise for water sport enthusiasts. Thanks to the country’s vast sandy shores and blue seas, this destination accommodates the needs of practically every surfer. 

Attending a surf camp provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy a surfing vacation whilst mingling with other individuals who share the same interest in this sport. There are lots of great surf camps located along the Pacific coast in Mexico and many more which are situated in the Gulf of Mexico and the border of the Caribbean Sea.  

To find the best surf camp, you need to decide on the area that you would like to visit. With so many surf camps in Mexico, we have identified our top 10 picks of the best locations below. We have also provided a guide with all of the information that you require to prepare for your visit.

1. Mazatlan Surf Addiction

This surf camp offers a variety of packages to accommodate the expertise and skillset of different surfers. The accommodation suites can hold up to 6 people and are located close to the beach. 

After engaging in one lesson, you will have greater confidence to take to the waves. You will be educated on the techniques behind surfing on the shore, before taking this guidance and applying it to your actions on the water. 

As well as partaking in surf lessons, you will also have the opportunity to check out the best surf spots in the surrounding area, along with the attractions, nightlife, and restaurants.

When it comes to making your booking, you can choose between the beginner or intermediate package, or the Surf Tours Program is ideal for those at an advanced level who want to push their skills to the next level. 

2. WildMex Surf & Adventure

WildMex Surf & Adventure offers three different types of accommodation to cater to various budgets. Each suite or hostel is located in a picturesque setting and some even house their own pool. 

In regards to the surf camp packages, you can choose from 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, and 5 days and there is an option available to cater to different abilities.

Those who select the beginner’s package will be taught on the land first to practice the technique before taking to the water alongside an instructor. Individuals who select the intermediate package will be coached on the water and encouraged to explore different breaks.

3. Mita Surf House

If you want to enjoy surfing on the best surf breaks, this surf camp could be the perfect choice for you. The lessons are tailored to suit surfers of different levels to ensure that you get the most from your experience regardless of whether you are a beginner or at a more advanced level. 

The Mita Surf Studio is located 3 blocks away from the beach and boasts a modern and spacious interior. It is also equipped with a private lap pool and lounge area, so when you aren’t busy riding the ways, you can enjoy relaxing beside the pool. 

4. B Surfer Surf Villa

Located in the famous surfing town of Puerto Escondido, the B Surfer Surf Villa is set in an idyllic bay near a beach that benefits from world-class waves. There are various Surf and Stay packages that differ in length and price. 

The 1-week package includes 5 semi-private surf lessons and theory teaching, whilst the 2 week package includes 10 semi-private surf lessons and basic theory teaching. There is also a 3 or 4 week package available and the surf lessons that you are provided with increase by 5 for each.

5. Oasis Surf & Spanish School 

Have you ever thought about studying a language whilst attending a surf camp? The Oasis Surf & Spanish School allows you to study the language whilst also enjoying the waves.

Their surf program has been designed to suit individuals at different skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or advanced surfer, you will benefit from the teachings of a certified instructor who will cater your lesson to your skillset. 

You will also be taught the basics of Spanish, however, you can develop your skills until you become fluent. 

6. Puerto Surf House & School

The Puerto Surf House & School offers individual surf lessons or several ‘surf and sleep’ packages. Should you opt for a package you will be provided with 6 nights of accommodation along with 5 days of surf lessons.

This school has a range of surfboards available which cater to the needs of those at a beginner level and those that are slightly more advanced. 

If one day you fancy taking a break from surfing you have the option to get involved in yoga, Spanish lessons, or horse riding. 

7. Cabo Surf Retreat

Instructors at the Cabo Surf Retreat aim to offer a real and unique experience of surfing so that you can create bundles of memories whilst perfecting a new skill. The professional and certified instructors will customize their teaching to suit your skills to ensure that you get the most out of your lessons. 

After a fun packed day of surfing, you can then spend the evening in front of a sunset bonfire, or you can observe the beauty of Baja’s magnificent starry skies. 

8. Playa Sayulita Surf Camp 

This surf camp offers a range of accommodation so that you can choose your preferred option whether this is spending the night in a hotel or sleeping beneath the stars. You will then be collected from your accommodation and taken to the location where your surf lessons are going to be held. 

Due to the popularity of Sayulita many of the surf lessons that this camp provides take place on different beaches dotted along Banderas Bay and Riviera Nayarit. Guests can choose from a 1 day, 3 day, or 5 day package. 

9. Baja Surf Camp 

Baja Surf Camp offers a selection of breaks, from short beach breaks to long stays. They pride themselves on providing luxury standard accommodation that is situated just in front of the ocean. 

You can choose from a 5-day package or a single-day trip. The custom 4-day all-inclusive package is suitable for groups of 6 to 10 people and covers the cost of transportation, daily surf lessons, accommodation, access to amenities, and healthy meals. 

10. Las Olas Surf Camp

Las Olas is the first surf camp for women. Since their establishment, they have introduced many women to the water and helped them to develop their skills on the waves. This program aims to empower women so that they feel able to achieve their goals and accomplishments. 

Guests at this retreat can enjoy gliding along the waves, hanging out on the beach, or participating in a morning session of yoga. Aside from this, they also offer visualization, guided meditation, and journaling. 

Budget Planning

Meal Price Range

The cost of meals in Mexico can vary, generally, you can expect to pay around $215 a day. You will typically find that just like most other countries, breakfast costs less than lunch or dinner. 

Your spending habits will determine how much you are going to spend. It also depends on the size of your party. If you enjoy fine dining you are likely to spend more than someone who visits the country and seeks budget-friendly alternatives. 

In Mexico, the cost of living is lower than the average cost of living in the US so if you are visiting a surf camp with a more restricted budget there will be cost-effective solutions available. 

Some of the camps that we have listed above will cover the expense of meals in the total cost. 

Equipment Rental

The majority of surf camps cover the cost of renting equipment in the overall cost of your package, however, there may be instances where you need to pay to rent out your desired equipment.

The majority of places will either charge an hourly, day, overnight, or weekly rate. The cost of these rentals will also be determined by the quality of the equipment that you intend to rent out.

Prepaid Sim Cards

If you are going to be traveling to Mexico from the USA or Canada, you will not need a different sim card. This is because your current sim card should support free data roaming in Mexico. 

A sim card, typically referred to as a ‘chip’ in Mexico can cost anything from 29 to 149 pesos. Of course, the cost is going to be decided by the package that you opt for. 

Public Transport

Public transport in Mexico is believed to be very affordable and the City Metro is particularly cheap with a single journey costing 5 pesos. 

The cost of getting the bus in Mexico can differ quite drastically depending on the length of your journey. A short ride can cost as little as $3, whilst a longer ride can be as expensive as $425. 

Gas Prices

In Mexico, the average cost of Gasoline is around 17.97 pesos for a liter. For premium gasoline, you should expect to pay a little more with the average price sitting at around 18.76 pesos per liter. 

Types of Risks

Crime and violence are serious issues in Mexico and this can make a visit to the country a little off-putting for tourists. To fight back against these problems many businesses have hired private security to manage their buildings. Most resorts in Mexico are considered to be safe so do not be deterred from visiting them. 

In regards to the risks associated with surfing, the sea is home to sea urchins, jellyfish, stingrays, and sharks. Because of this, it is important to wear your surf boots. 

How to Prepare


You do not require a visa if you are entering Mexico as a tourist, however, you will need to fill in an immigration form as you enter and leave the country. If you are heading into Mexico from the United States there may be an immigration officer present at the port of entry.


Anyone who is planning on going to Mexico is advised to get their Hepatitis A and Tetanus vaccination. Depending on where you plan to visit you may require additional immunizations. 

Language and Currency

Spanish is the official language of Mexico and it is spoken by 90% of the people living there. Other popular languages include Nahuatl, Maya, and Mixtec. English is also spoken in the country especially by those working in the tourism sector. 

The currency in Mexico is the Mexican Peso. 1 Peso equates to 0.050 US dollars. You can also use dollars in Mexico and it is recommended that as a tourist you use this currency to cover larger expenses such as tours and accommodation.

Checking Surf Forecast

There are several websites that you can use to check the surf forecast in Mexico. They will inform you of the swell, the location of the waves, the expected time of first light, and the time of last night. Most will provide you with a minimum of a 7 day forecast and this will allow you to make plans for the upcoming week. 

Travel/Surf Insurance

It is recommended that you invest in travel insurance ahead of your arrival in Mexico. Though it is not compulsory and no longer a legal requirement as you will not be asked to supply proof of cover, some may feel more comfortable knowing that they have it there.

Medical care in Mexico is rather expensive so having a policy in place will cover you against the unexpected costs of injury or illness. Should you decide to get insurance you will require Worldwide travel insurance. 

Some insurance policies will list surfing as an activity, however, you will need to check the details to confirm whether this is the case. For example, you may need a certain type of cover if you are likely to be surfing in open waters.