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10 Best Surf Camps India and How to Prepare

When you picture a surfing holiday, one of the last places that you will think of is India. This is quite strange really, because India offers absolutely everything that you want from a surfing destination. It has beautiful beaches, warm temperatures, and great waves. So, while it isn’t the most popular surfing trip destination, India could be the perfect place to hit the waves. 

There are lots of different surfing camps across India’s luscious beaches. To help you out, we’ve put together this quick and easy guide to the top 10 best surf camps in India, along with lots of other helpful information to help you plan your trip.

The 10 Best Surf Camps 

1. Indica Surf School 

If you want to go surfing in India, then the best place to visit is India’s number 1 surf school, and that is Indica Surf School. This surf school is actually a chain, with bases across various different areas of India, including Mangalore, Karnataka and Dapoli.

So, if you want to visit multiple different areas while on your surfing trip, this could be the perfect place for you. With a range of classes and camps, top-level trainers, and an excellent knowledge of the best places to hit the waves, it is clear to see why this is India’s best surf school.

2. Samudra Surf School

In South Goa, you will find the excellent surf camp based in Samudra Surf School. This surf camp is based on the West coast of India, and an area which is blessed with good, strong waves throughout most of the year. No matter what age or experience level you are, Samudra Surf School is the perfect place to learn to surf, or to simply improve your skills.

All of their trainers are ISA certified, and they all have lots of experience with the area that the school is based in. So, if you want to go surfing with someone who knows the best spots, then Samudra Surf School is a great place to visit. 

3. Surf Wala Surf School

Another wonderful surf camp in the Goa region of India is Surf Wala Surf School. This surf camp is reasonably priced, and offers lots of different activities, classes, and camps based on the amount that you want to pay. From individual lessons to 5 day courses, plus private lessons and large group sessions, Surf Wala offers something for everyone.

Not only do they offer wonderful surfing opportunities, but this company also has links with accommodation, food and drink spots, as well as local stores and amenities. So, if you make a trip to Surf Wala, they are guaranteed to look after you.

4. Bay of Life Surf School 

As you can already see, some areas of India are more popular for surfing than others. But, there are surf schools in most regions. If you fancy visiting the area surrounding the city of Chennai, then the Bay of Life Surf School might be best for you. This surf school is Chennai’s first, but it is still absolutely excellent.

No matter what age or experience level you are, Bay of Life Surf School promises to improve your surfing abilities, and ensure you have fun while doing it. So, if you want to visit somewhere a little different, the Bay of Life could be the best destination for you.

5. Mantra Surf Club

If you want to see a piece of history, then Mantra Surf Club is the best place for you as this was India’s first surfing school. This club was first established in 2004, in the Karnataka area of India, and has been growing and thriving ever since.

They now offer a massive variety of surf class options, with surf camps lasting from 3 days to a whole month. So, if you want to go to India and surf as an escape, Mantra Surf Club offers you the best chance to really get away from the world. 

6. Goa Surf School

Moving back toward the Goa region of India, Goa Surf School is another excellent choice if you want to get away from reality and be at one with the waves.

This surf school teaches you absolutely everything you could possibly need to know about surfing, from technique to etiquette, and they will definitely make you a better surfer. They offer individual classes, as well as group classes and surfing camps. So, whatever you want out of your trip, Goa Surf School will be able to offer it to you. 

7. Kallialay Surf School

In the Villupuram area of India, you will find Kallialay Surf School. This company is run by people with excellent knowledge of the area, as well as excellent surfing abilities. So, if you make a trip out to sea with Kallialay Surf School then you will hit the best waves, and always be safe when doing it.

They offer lots of different classes and camps to suit people of different needs, ages, and abilities, and are very well priced. So, if you want to explore somewhere new in India, Kallialay could be the perfect surf camp.

8. Mumu Surf School 

South of Chennai, you will find the beautiful area of Mahabalipuram, which is home to Mumu Surf School. This surf camp wants only one thing out of those who attend, and that is passion. So, if you have a deep-seated love for surfing, this could be the perfect location for you to hone your skills.

They offer lots of different packages, with equipment included in the cost, no matter if you attend a whole surf camp or a single class. If you want to be surrounded by people who are passionate about surfing, this is the best location for you. 

9. Salty Soul Surf Shack 

If you want to improve your surfing skills, but also want to experience a good old-fashioned surf shop, then Salty Soul Surf Shack is the place for you.

This company offers surf classes and camps, as well as operating as a full time surf shop. So, you will always be able to buy a trinket to remember your trip. They have experienced instructors and are based in Goa, with access to fabulous waves. So, this is another great location to consider. 

10. Mother Ocean Surf School

Finally, you should consider Mother Ocean Surf School, which operates out of the Tamil Nadu area in Southern India, giving you access to a completely different area of the country. This company is run by one man who has a deep passion for surfing, and excellent knowledge to support this.

Mother Ocean Surf School offers an incredibly personal experience, unlike any other surf camp in India. So, this is definitely not a company that you should overlook. 

Budget Planning

But, you cannot simply jet off to India, no matter how tempting. First, you will have to budget, so here’s some essential information to help you. 

Meal Price Range

Meal prices in India vary massively depending on the area that you are staying in. This is mainly because India has some incredibly rich areas, but it also has a lot of poorer areas too.

The average cost of food for a day in India is Rs468, with the average meal costing a tourist approximately Rs187. As you will expect, breakfast is usually cheaper than midday and evening meals. 

Equipment Rental

In almost all cases, equipment rental is included in the cost of your surf classes or camp. Every surf camp that we have looked at on this list includes the cost of equipment rental in the overall price, so all that you need to take with you is your wetsuit and your passion. 

Prepaid SIM Cards

In most cases, it is recommended that you buy a prepaid SIM card if you want to make international calls while traveling. In India, it is a little more tricky to get your hands on a prepaid SIM card, as you will need to fill out a lot of paperwork to verify it.

Generally speaking, the SIM card will set you back roughly Rs248, with an additional charge of Rs100 to get credit on the card. 

Public Transport 

India has many great points, but one of these definitely isn’t its public transport system. Public transport in India is bad, and it is also very expensive, with both the buses and the metro costing a lot of money. It is for this reason that tuk tuks are so popular.

They are also a lot cheaper, with it usually costing you Rs25 for the first 1.5 km, and then an additional Rs9.5 for every kilometer after that. 

Gas Prices 

In India, gas prices change every single month. But they usually stay somewhere around the Rs800, mark. For updated gas prices before you make your trip to India, it is best to check the prices immediately before you travel for the most accurate results. 

Types of Risks 

Unfortunately, while India is a truly beautiful country to travel, it really isn’t the safest. For this reason, you have to exercise caution at every stage of your journey. Before you go to India, you should make copies of your passport, Visa, and flight tickets, and keep these on you at all times. You should leave the originals securely stored in your hotel.

Additionally, if you are a woman traveling in India, you should try to stay in a group as much as possible for your own safety. There has been a rapid increase in reports of sexual assault in this country. 

For your own safety, it is also best to avoid traveling at night in India. This country has a sadly high number of opportunity criminals who are always on the lookout for unsuspecting tourists. Be careful when using taxis and private transport during the nighttime, and also be on the lookout at all times for scams.

Finally, you may choose to stay away from some areas of India that suffer from dangerous diseases, we’ll cover these a little later on.

How to Prepare

As well as budgeting, there is some other preparation you will need to do before making the trip. Here’s some more information to help you prepare. 


If you want to visit India from the USA, then you will need a valid US passport, and a valid Indian Visa. Prior to traveling, you will need to apply for an Indian Visa, submit all of your documents, and have this Visa accepted before you will be granted entry into India. You should also ensure that your passport is valid for more than 6 months before you travel. 


Before you travel to India, you will need to ensure that you get a lot of different vaccinations. First, you will need to ensure that all of your routine vaccinations are up-to-date (including MMR, chickenpox, polio, etc.).

Depending on where you are planning to travel in India, you may also need to get a cholera, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever vaccine. You will also need to take medication to protect you from Malaria before you start your journey. 

Language and Currency

In India, two main languages are spoken. They are Hindi and English. Depending on the area of India that you are visiting, one language may be spoken more often than the other. So, it is best to research the area that you are visiting before you travel. The official currency for India is the Indian Rupee (Rs). 

Checking Surf Forecast

When it comes to checking the surf forecast in India, we would recommend using a website that does the job for you. Click here to check the surf forecast for India. Most surf camps will also check the forecast for you prior to your classes. 

Travel/Surf Insurance

It is absolutely essential that you take out a good travel insurance policy prior to your journey to India. India is a fairly dangerous country in terms of diseases, and surfing is a potentially dangerous sport, so it is best to ensure that you are covered.

Before you take out a policy, check that it covers you for surfing, as some companies will not include this in their basic travel insurance policy.