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10 Best Surf Camps in the Philippines and How to Prepare

If you want to experience some of the best surfs in the world, then you need to head to the Philippines. Encompassed by the Pacific Ocean, the Philippine Sea, the Celebes Sea, and the South China Sea, the Philippines is made up of a whopping 7,107 islands. And the great news is that each island offers potentially excellent surfing spots.

When you have 22,548 miles (36,289km) of coastline at your disposal, there is no surprise that you will find some excellent swells to surf. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro surfer, there is something for everyone of all levels. 

The laid-back vibe of the Philippines islands will draw you in. The white sand beaches are literally a paradise. Combined with the bluest waters you’ll ever see, the Philippines is the ideal destination for surfers looking for a relaxing time or ride some of the wildest waves on our planet.

The strong offshore winds from December through to April help the ocean waters roar and become a surfing paradise. 

So, whether you want a relaxing surfing trip or an exhilarating experience on your surfboard, we are here to help. Check out our list of the top 10 surf camps in the Philippines so you can decide which one to make lifelong memories and friends at.

Best Surf Camps in the Philippines

1. Soultribe Beach Resort

Situated on the island of Siargao, Soul Tribe Beach Resort is close to some of the best surfs including the world-famous Cloud 9. This area features a perfect A-frame barrel with left and right breaks.

There are waves suitable for all types of surfers from novices to the very experienced. You can check out Quiksilver for a fast break or Tahiti for the righthander, and Jacking Horse. There are also some amazing longboard regions such as Daku and the Little Pony wave just a little distance from Jacking Horse.

There is so much to do at Soultribe. When you’re not riding the amazing waves, you can just relax on the exquisite white sands. Or stretch out with some yoga. You can even enjoy horseback riding and partake in some kitesurfing to experience as much as possible on the island.

Day trips to various local islands are also available as well as sunset cruises to finish off the perfect day of surfing. With a choice of luxury glamping tents nestled beneath coconut trees near the beachfront or cabanas a few yards back from this, you will be able to relax to the sound of the ocean waves helping you drift off to sleep every night.

2. The Circle Hostel, La Union

San Juan, La Union has become one of the best areas for longboarding and surfing. Some call it the longboard capital of Luzon. This is the place to go to catch epic waves if you’re a pro or surf smaller ones with the help of a friendly instructor.

Compared to most of the surf camps throughout the Philippines, The Circle Hostel offers some of the cheapest rates for accommodation. When here, you will get to meet other surfers and travelers from around the world and enjoy the wonderful scenery around the area.

Along with free breakfasts every morning, you can get up and head straight to the local beach and learn new skills on your surfboard. If you’re just here to have some fun, then that’s exactly what is on offer. Fun, sea, and sunshine with new friends!

3. Pacific Recreation Kamp

The Pacific Recreation Kamp is also known as “The PaRK” and is essentially a campsite developed for all kinds of activities to suit the adrenaline junkies among us.

Within the ground, you can play basketball, volleyball, and try some lawn bowling. And of course, you can partake in surfing and stand-up paddleboarding. To hire an instructor, costs are very respectable and extremely affordable compared to other countries.

Surfboards are exceptionally cheap to hire for the day too! If surfing and paddleboarding isn’t enough of an adrenaline rush for you, take advantage of their whitewater rafting and nature trail hiking activities. There is simply something here to suit everyone!

4. Puraran Surf Resort

The instructors at Puraran Surf Camp will ensure that you have the best yet also the safest time out in the water. Available for surfers of all ages, you can turn up having never been on a surfboard in your life or head out on the water with years of experience behind you.

When at the Puraran Surf camp, you can stay at their amazing surf house with 14 other like-minded surfing enthusiasts. Of course, you will all have separate beds and have access to a communal shower area, restroom, and kitchen.

We recommend that you visit from March to August, especially if you’re a beginner as the swells are not as rough at this time. For the more advanced surfers, head here from September to October to ride some wild waves.

5. Aliya Surf Camp & Resort

Whether you’re a 10-year-old who has never surfed or a 70-year-old with a lifetime of experience behind you, Aliya Surf Camp will cater to you. All skill levels are welcome. The main priority is to have a good time!

For beginners, this school provides basic instructions from qualified and expert instructors. You will learn to position and stand on the board in the correct way.

You are also taught how to paddle, take the drop, turn, and, of course, how to ride the waves. In other words, you’re taught all the basics so you can take your newfound skills and build on them.

Currently, one-hour surf lessons are some of the cheapest on the islands. The rate also includes the hire of a board. After a full day of surfing, you can relax in the comfortable modern beachside resort.

You have the choice of shared or private accommodation including amazing Nipa huts. Stay for a long weekend or over a week. As with everything here, the choice is yours.

6. Crystal Beach Resort

Surfing in Zambales is a true treat. But the best place of all is Crystal beach and this is exactly where you’ll be spending most days when you stay at the Crystal Beach Resort.

Trained instructors will introduce surfing to anyone, regardless of skill level or age. This surf school is in partnership with Quiksilver Surf Academy Philippines. You will benefit from one-to-one surf lessons with International Surfing Association certified instructors.

The rate per person, per hour, is very affordable. This includes board hire and a rashguard. Tours are also available at reception such as waterfall hikes, island hopping, farm visits, and so much more. With so much to do here, even evening entertainment every night, you will have the best time of your life.

7. Lola Sayong Eco Surf Camp

Here is a surf camp a little different from the rest. This is a non-profit organization run by young local volunteers. The income received from the surf camp goes back into the development of a greener, more eco-friendly environment and camp.

Located in Buenavista, Gubat, Sorsogon, this is becoming recognized as the only beginner-friendly surf spot in the whole of Sorsogon. The sand bottom beach breaks at Buenavista (Rizal Beach) produce about 2 to 5 feet waves from September through to May. Surfing here is more accessible to tourists and the locals alike.

Not only does the money generated by the camp go into a greener way of life but it also goes toward the education of local children and into the local community.

Just by using this surf camp, you are making a difference in people’s lives. With low wind conditions and glassy waves, you will experience an amazing surf trip at Lola Sayong Eco Surf Camp.

8. Turtle Surf Camp

Located approximately 16 km (9.9 miles) east of Dapa in Barangay Catangnan, General Luna, Siargao, we have Turtle Surf Camp. This is certainly one of the best and most affordable camps to learn to surf or build your skills in Siargao.

You may not want to leave their epically cool beach house. As they describe it, Turtle Surf camp is “not your typical resort.” It caters to local and foreign surfers who go here to hit the waves as well as learn about local culture and cuisine.

When at Turtle Surf camp, you will meet many other like-minded surfers and travelers. You can play board games together, partake in yoga, and relax. The best time of year is between September and March for surfing. Simply, the perfect surfing getaway. 

9. Mao Mao Surf

Just a stone’s throw away from General Luna Beach in Siargao, Mao Mao Surf offers everything you need for a complete surf camp. Only a short drive from the powerful breaks at Cloud 9, novices and expert surfers can take advantage of the conditions here.

When you stay at Mao Mao Surf, you will have full WiFi and bicycle rental. Trust us, bikes are the best and most fun way to travel around the area and meet the locals. There is no better way to experience the culture this great region offers.

You get to stay in cozy beach huts or sit outside by the open fireplace and gaze at the incredible stars above you. There is also a bar where you can enjoy some local beverages and unwind after a long day riding the waves.

By staying at Mao Mao Surf, you can relax in the evening and exchange tips and tricks with other surfers, and put these new tips to use the next morning. 

10. Lampara Siargao Boutique Hostel

Sitting on the beachfront, Lampara Siargao Boutique Hostel is located in Catangnan, General Luna. This is another perfect place to stay if you want to enjoy the surf at Cloud 9.

During your stay at Lampara, you can enjoy a large communal area and spend time with other surfers from the local area and around the world. Take this time to compare notes and learn as much as you can about surfing techniques. Make connections over the range of board games on offer and unwind after a day of surfing.

Amenities are available for you to prepare your own meals and there are occasional BBQ nights to enjoy the local cuisine. The hostel’s staff will help you rent a board to hit the waves whenever you need to.

And when you’re back at the hostel, you will be staying in mixed dorms with 8 people but curtains are provided for privacy. You’re here to surf and meet people and sharing a room with other surfers will be great fun. 

Budget Planning

Before you experience the surfing wonders that the Philippines have to offer, you must consider your budget. Many factors come into play with budgets including:

  • Your meal price range
  • The equipment rental
  • Public transport
  • Gas prices
  • Prepaid SIM cards

To help you, we have included 10 surf camps that include some of these in their rates. However, you may need to purchase a prepaid sim card while in the Philippines. To find the best deals, click here

Most of our surf camps on our list include daily meals including breakfast in the rate as well as transport to and from local towns or the airport. However, it’s best to contact the surf camp first to ensure these are still provided. 

You must also ensure you have an up-to-date visa for your visit to the Philippines. Click here for more details. Certain travel requirements are in place for visiting these beautiful islands so you must make sure you have taken everything into consideration beforehand.

Check out the Philippines Department of Health website for more information on vaccines when entering the country. 

Lastly, you will need the correct currency used in the Philippines. This is the Philippine Peso. Click here to compare rates at the moment.