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10 Best Surf Camps in Hawaii and How to Prepare

Hawaii. A tropical paradise made for lounging in a hammock on the beach and removing all the stress from your life. It’s also a perfect destination for being a bit more adventurous, especially for the surfers amongst us!

If you dream of a land where you can surf under the purest blue skies alongside dolphins, and finish the day relaxing on the shoreline listening to the gentle lapping of the waves meeting the land, then Hawaii is your dream come true. 

Originating in Hawaii, surfing has gone on to become a worldwide activity enjoyed by millions. However, there are few places as special as Hawaii when it comes to surfing colossal waves under bright arched rainbows. 

The wonders Hawaii offers for surfers differ from one island to the next.  These tropical volcanic islands dotted in the Pacific Ocean all have varying swells and wind directions.

These are what make Hawaii a unique and prime year-round surfing destination. If you’re looking for consistent swells and fun waves, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and the islands of Hawaii will have everything you need. There are waves to suit beginners as well as the most experienced surfers.

To guide you to the right surfing destination, we have compiled a list of the top 10 surf camps throughout Hawaii. Each has plenty to offer whether you’re a novice or an expert. With accommodation, dedicated surf hostels, and surf shacks, you will never want to leave some of these idyllic surf camps.

Budget Planning

Before you live the dream of surfing in Hawaii, you need to consider your budget options first. These include:

  • Your meal price range
  • The equipment rental
  • Public transport
  • Gas prices
  • Prepaid SIM cards

This is why we have included 10 surf camps that include most of these in their costs. If you need a prepaid sim card for your trip, you can visit Sim Cards Hawaii – Sim Cards Hawaii, Hawaii Sim Cards, Sim Cards to see the best deals.

Most surf camps include daily breakfasts or meals in your rates while the majority offer free shuttle transport to and from the airport.

You should also consider the risks involved. Ensure you have an up-to-date visa for your visit. You must have Travel Authorization under the Electric System for Travel Authorization. See all travel requirements here. 

Make sure you have the right currency (U.S Dollar) as well as surf and travel insurance so you’re covered for the whole trip.

Best Surf Camps in Hawaii

1. I’m Your Trip Surf Camp

For beginners or intermediate surfers, I’m Your Trip Surf Camp offers dedicated programs designed to take your surfing to the next level. There is no doubt that your skills will progress after just a single day here.

Surfers get to stay in comfortable little bungalows and a knowledgeable guide will show you around all sides of the island. And you can partake in other activities too. Try snorkeling with the dolphins and turtles swimming around you as you experience something like never before.

When you’ve had a day out on the waves, you can take in the wonderful panoramic views from various lookout points. Make the most of your time by going hiking and taking some relaxation time on the secret beaches. This adventure trip will see you advance your surfing game and experience a vacation like no other.

2. Pata Sudaka Surf Trips in Oahu

If you’re looking to combine your surfing experience with yoga, hiking, and stand-up paddleboarding, then Pata Sudaka Surf Camp is the one for you.

This surfing school invites you to join one of their exhilarating surf camps. You can choose from a seven-day or a ten-day surfing experience which is designed to involve you in various activities to make your surfing vacation as diverse and memorable as possible. 

If you have little to no surfing experience, don’t be scared! The classes at Pata Sudaka are tailored to surfers of all levels from beginners to intermediates. Just be ready to pack a lot into your week or so stay!

You will experience private surf lessons, theory classes, and be able to hire boards whether they are for surfing or paddle boarding. Enjoy all of this on the Haleiwa River as well as snorkeling and hiking into the exotic hills.

Relax with yoga classes and daily breakfasts and lunches where you get to meet guests from all over the world. This is where you will become introduced to the delicious local cuisine too.

Your accommodation will be a shared room inside a private beach house kitted with its own kitchen so you can prepare your own snacks or meals when you need to.

3. Maui Sports Adventures

Cozy surf-themed bungalows will welcome you as you arrive at Maui Surf Adventures. Located about one kilometer from the best surfing beach, you will be spoiled for choice with the swells and waves on show here.

Maui Surf Adventures offers an adventurous SUP and surf program to suit all levels. You will learn from Matty, a pro surf teacher, who will show you how to surf the best waves, how to read different tides, and he will introduce you to the local surfing community that includes some world-class athletes. Trust us, you will feel inspired!

During your stay, you will benefit from video coaching and six private surf lessons. At the end of your stay, you will be provided with a farewell dinner to top off an unforgettable surfing vacation.

4. Go Nuts Hawaii

Go Nuts Hawaii gives all surfers, no matter your experience, the chance to build their skills through daily lessons. These lessons are offered in both English and Portuguese and are available all year round.

During your surfing trip, you will stay at the famous V-land beach where you can explore some of the most famous surf spots in the world. Don’t let the winter months put you off! During this season, you can catch some of the world’s biggest surfing competitions taking place here. You will have the opportunity to see some of the world’s best surfers in action and may even meet some afterward.

The accommodation comes in the form of a shared house in which guests have an option to stay in a private or shared room. The length of trips is pretty flexible. You can stay for a little as two nights or up to two weeks. Once you spend your first day here, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to stay for the full two weeks!

Included in your rate are transfers to Oahu, a daily breakfast, lunch, and various snacks, and board hire. You can also choose between daily surf lessons or practice your stand-up paddleboarding. Whichever you choose, you’ll never forget the experience. 

5. Lumi Yoga & Surf

You will get the warmest welcome when you arrive at Lumi Yoga & Surf. Your hosts will be Reeta if you’re in for a spot of yoga and Jyka for the surfers. They will ensure that your experience one of the best that Oahu can offer. 

Beginners on a surfboard will learn the basics on land at first finding a balance between body and mind. When you enter the water, it’s time to find your balance on your surfboard. 

Located on Oahu’s North Shore, Lumi House is just a walkable distance from some of the world’s best surf spots. As well as this, the area around the camp is known for unique and incredible wildlife such as dolphins, sea turtles, all kinds of fish, and even graceful humpback whales.

Don’t just stick to surfing! You can enjoy kayaking and explore what the waters have to offer by snorkeling or scuba diving near the crystal clear shoreline. And when the swell is flat, take advantage of the catamaran tours. You may run out of time to do everything here!

6. North Shore Surf Girls

North Shore Surf Girls offers an unforgettable surf vacation for all levels and all ages. From the absolute basics, you will learn to master different surfing techniques while having the time of your life. 

Your lessons will be taught by professional instructors who will help you build confidence on the board. You will also be immersed in the local culture to understand the way of life. Not only this, but you will be welcomed and become part of the community.

North Shore Surf Girls surfing camp welcomes guests for seven days. Each day includes surf lessons that take place in safe but fun locations. You’ll start every day with a delicious breakfast so you will be fueled and ready for the many events. The rate includes your accommodation at a local hotel (in a private or shared room), and airport transfer to and from Honolulu.

Guests are also invited to go on hikes into the island’s natural wonders, snorkel the bustling underwater life, relax with yoga classes, and learn to paddleboard. It’s entirely up to you what you want to do!

7. Polynesian Surf Hostel

If you’re already a surfer and just want to hang around with other surfers, then the Polynesian Surf Hostel is the place to go. It’s not necessarily for those wanting to learn the basics of surfing but even a novice can benefit from the overall experience of this amazing hostel.

Every day, you will be treated to a pancake breakfast before having your pick at a surfboard rental. Then, head down to the local surf spot, Kuhio Beach Waikiki close by and enjoy some waves.

The Polynesian Surf Hostel is very proud to be the leading eco-friendly hostel in Honolulu and always puts their guests as well as the environment first. When here, you will be surrounded by the most beautiful beaches and parks.

You can also check out the local restaurants and nightlife for a bit of partying! If you want friendly waves and a relaxing time, Polynesian Surf Hostel will have everything you need. 

8. Polu Lani Surf Lessons & Adventures

This is one for a family surf getaway! At Polu Lani Surf, you will get to enjoy paradise with your family and friends. Beautiful accommodation waits for you with daily surf lessons to learn new skills.

Lani Surf Lessons & Adventures are wonderfully welcoming and will make you feel wholly connected to the mana, the energy that surrounds this picturesque place. Their instructive method will get the majority of new surfers up on the board and riding their first waves.

All ages and experience levels are taught and welcomed here. Every day, you will take your surfing game to the next level with two-hour lessons. And in your downtime, you can enjoy a tour around the North Shore’s famous surf breaks.

Surfboards and paddleboards are available to rent as well as snorkeling equipment for when you want to swim with the busting wildlife around the shorelines.

9. Hawaii Surf Lessons 101

Here is the only surf school that offers day surf camps in Oahu. Hawaii Surf lessons 101 offers daily surf camps as the fastest and safest way to learn how to surf.

The friendly instructors will teach you the basics before giving you time to practice. And don’t be nervous! Your instructors are there to help you every step of the way and give you feedback so you can get better and better!

At Hawaii Surf Lessons 101, you will learn to surf different waves in different conditions. You can enjoy consecutive days out on the water to ensure you learn as fast as possible and soon become an independent surfer.

And while you’re here, there is no doubt that you will become part of the Hawaiin culture. As you’re in Hawaii, there’s nothing better to do than surf! 

These daily surf camps are available on the south shore of Oahu and every camp is open to all ages and all levels. So, whether you’re an adult, a teen, or a child wanting to get started on your surfing journey, Hawaii Surf Lessons 101 have you covered.