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10 Best Surf Camps Barbados And How To Prepare

Barbados is one of the best countries to go to if you want a surfing vacation. The sea is beautiful, the location is quiet, and the waves are amazing.

So many world-class surfers have come from the majestic land of Barbados, and you can join in their waters soon.

10 Best Surf Camps Barbados And How To Prepare

There aren’t many surf camps in Barbados, and there are only a handful of official surf schools around, but seeing as surfing is a significant part of the Barbadians culture, you will be hard-pressed to find someone who couldn’t teach you how to ride those waves.

10 Best Surf Camps

As we said, there aren’t many surf camps in Barbados, but we will start off with the handful that is around.

After that, we will show you some of the best hotels, villas, and apartments that a surfer would enjoy and the surfing schools or teachers they can hire while there.

Zed’s Surfing Adventures

Zed’s Surfing Adventures
Image Source: zedssurftravel

Zed’s Surfing Adventures is both a surfing camp and a surfing school. So if you book your vacation straight through Zed’s, you’ll be able to stay at the Surfers Point Guesthouse, which is literally on the beach, and learn from the 7th best surfing school in the world!

As well as a surfing package, you can book Zed’s fishing package too, so whatever your perfect seafaring adventure is, Zed will have you covered!

Moonraker Beach Hotel

Moonraker Beach Hotel
Image Source: moonrakerbarbados

The Moonraker hotel is perfect for windsurfers, kite surfers, and wave surfers. Winter is the best time to visit their beach if you want to ride the winds and waves. 

If you are new to these various types of surfing, the hotel’s surfer staff will take you to the quiet and relaxing Carlisle Bay, which is home to majestic turtles, and a professional instructor will guide you. 

You can have private, semi-private, or group surfing lessons, or you can simply go surfing on your own if you would rather. 

The only thing you need to bring is your holiday items, swimwear, and a towel. After that, everything else is ready for you.

Cheez Don Bread Apartment

Cheez Don Bread Apartment
Image Source: surfholidays

Barbados renowned architect Peter Burke designed the main house of the Cheez Don Bread Apartment, and it is nestled in the beautiful garden and sand dunes of Long Beach Christ Church. 

The beach itself is about 50 meters away from the apartment, which is roughly a 7-minute drive.

The surfing school is on-site and is run by Peter Burke’s relative, Alan Burke. You may have heard this name before because Alan Burke owns the famous surf school BURKIE. 

This surf school, like Zed’s, gets hired out by lots of the hotels and villas in Barbados, so booking their apartment means you get their schooling perks first. 

Karibu Garden

Karibu Garden
Image Source: karibugarden

Karibu Gardens is the perfect yoga retreat for surfers. The tropical paradise landscape is the ideal getaway and relaxation location after your active day of surfing.

Their yoga teacher specifically designs the sessions with surfers in mind targeting strength, flexibility, and breath control.

Although surf lessons aren’t included in the Karibu Garden treat, you can ask for a class when you are there. Nick Donowa gives exceptional surf lessons no matter if you are a beginner or if you are advanced.

His former surfing champion title should tell you that you can learn so much just by surfing with him.

Little Arches

Little Arches
Image Source: littlearches

Little Arches is a continuously high-ranking hotel for the Caribbean, winning second place for the best small hotels, second place for the best hotel service, and fourth place for the best romantic hotel in the 2020 Traveler’s Choice awards. 

You’ll be given a chance to soak up beach culture with rentals and instructor lessons for surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, and much more. 

You can even spend the day sailing on the luxury catamaran with lunch, cocktails, and snorkeling for two. 

Ocean Spray Apartments

Ocean Spray Apartments
Image Source: oceansprayapartments

We have shown you the last of the surfing camps, so now we bring you some fantastic stays for prime surfers. 

Ocean Spray Apartment recommends using Zed’s Surfing Adventure, which is right next door to them. In addition, they are right next to Freight’s Bay, which is perfect for beginner and unsteady surfers and excellent for any kitesurfers.

Ocean Spray also offers rainforest tours and hikes throughout most of the year. So wake up in paradise, surf in peace or with an instructor, and immerse yourself in the rainforest around you.


Image Source: surfholidays

Seriento Villas are perfect for families. The large open-plan lounge and 4 sleeping areas mean you have all the space you need to relax and entertain yourself and your kids. 

If you wanted to hire someone for lessons, Seriento’s suggests using Brodie’s School of Surf.

Brodie’s will pick you up from the villa, contact you beforehand to make sure you have everything you need for the lesson, and make sure that you have a wonderful time surfing in the tropical seas.

Mike’s Holiday Apartments

Mike's Holiday Apartments
Image Source: barbadosmike

If you are a solo traveler or a couple, then these private studios and apartments will be an excellent pick for your getaway. With a surf camp vibe, the garden has a barbeque and lounging chairs which are available for everyone on the trip.

This way, you can get to know your neighbors and a great family atmosphere during your stay.

Without an instructor of their own, Mike’s suggests using Ride The Tide surf school, which will pick you up from the apartment and take you to Freight’s Bay. No matter your level, Ride The Tide can give you lessons. 

Inch by Inch

Inch by Inch
Image Source: airbnb

Inch By Inch is a villa that sits on the sublime view of the Caribbean sea. Your bedroom will have panoramic views, which will make you not want to leave this paradise. 

Zed’s Surfing Adventure is only 10 minutes away from the villa, and so is the Barbados Golf Club and fishing village. 

Inch by Inch suggests trying out Oistin’s Friday night Oistin Fish Fry and walk along with Miami Beach. 

The villa itself has a gas BBQ and outdoor garden furniture so you can relax in the spacious garden. 

Maya’s Bajan Villas

Maya’s Bajan Villas
Image Source: mayasbajanvillas

These villas are directly on the beach with a beautiful view of the Caribbean ocean. Not only will you be by the perfect surfing waves, but you will also be surrounded by the locals, ready to mix in with authentic Barbados culture. 

The villa itself is in the beating heart of the island, just a couple of minutes from everything you could want on your vacation. 

You can bring 13 people to this massive villa, but don’t worry about cleaning up, as the daily housekeeping service will stop you from the clean-up debate.

They suggest you ask Zed’s Surfing Adventure for surfing lessons if you want an instructor. Otherwise, you can surf without worry. 

Budget Planning

When it comes to saving money on your vacation, we can give you a couple of tips to keep your dollars close and make you aware of how much money you should bring. 

Meal Price Range

Eating out in Barbados is more pricey than eating out in the US. If you were to eat out every day, then the average cost of food would be around B$154 per day, which translates to US$54.77

If that sounds like too much money for an everyday purchase, buy some food at the local store instead. Cooking at your villa or apartment’s kitchen can be just as fun.

We would recommend trying out as much local food as possible, so try and prepare for that extra spend!

Equipment Rental

You probably won’t need to buy any surfing equipment as every hut allows you to rent from them. Leasing charges range from US$10 – US$20.

You could bring your own surfing equipment, but a massive surfboard on a plane can be expensive and a hassle in itself. So instead, we recommend renting a surfboard and bringing out your own wetsuit if you already own one. 

Prepaid SIM Cards

Roaming charges in the Caribbean are super expensive. So when you get to Barbados, you should buy a SIM card to slip into your phone to avoid these heft charges.

We recommend getting Digicel Barbados or Flow. 

Flow’s network is poor along the shoreline but is excellent on the mainland, whereas Digicel Barbados is cheap and does well everywhere on the island. 


Barbados is a relatively safe country with a low crime rate, but that being said, you should be aware of any risk when traveling to a different culture or geographical location.

LGBT+ Travellers

Homosexuality is mostly illegal in Barbados. If you were caught holding hands, kissing, or showing affection to the same sex, you might be putting yourself in danger.

All forms of public affection, homosexual or heterosexual, are discouraged.

Flamboyant men are more at risk than masculine women, but transgender and intersex individuals should be cautious too.

If you are worried, we would recommend traveling in groups of heteronormative people so you will have socially accepted friends among you.

Illegal Clothing

It is illegal for any person, children included, to wear any form of camouflage clothing. 

This is because you might create the illusion that you are part of a terrorist organization. To avoid this confusion or even fear, you should leave any camouflage clothing behind. 

Natural Disasters

There are three types of natural disasters which are known to happen in Barbados. These are hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanoes. 

Hurricane season is between June and November, so if you travel at this time, watch the local and international weather updates and make yourself aware of the evacuation and safety guides.

Earthquakes could happen at any time of the year. So when you arrive in Barbados, ask the locals or hotel staff what you should do if an earthquake hits.

The nearest volcano to Barbados is 5 miles off the coast of Grenada. The volcano is called “Kick’em Jenny” and is underwater.

It’s unlikely that this volcano will cause any issues for you, but watch the Barbados news and weather channels to make sure you are aware of any increased activity.

How To Prepare

Before you travel, you need to make sure you are prepared. Here is a brief list of what you should do or know before traveling to Barbados.


To travel to Barbados from the U.S, you do need your passport, but you won’t need a visa. You will only need a visa if you stay for longer than 6 months. 


Before traveling to Barbados, the World Health Organization suggests you get the following vaccination: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever, Rabies, and Tetanus. In addition, you may need to show a certificate of vaccination before entering the country. 

Language and Currency

The official language of Barbados is English, but Bajan is more common. Bajan is a mixture of British English and West African languages used in informal settings.

Other well-known languages are French and Spanish, which are taught in schools from a young age. 

Barbadians use the Bajan dollar, which should not be confused with the U.S. dollar. Currently, 1 Bajan dollar is worth 0.49 US dollars, but rates do change. Make sure you bring Bajan dollars before you arrive in Barbados, as U.S. dollars will not be accepted.