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10 Best Adult Surf Camps And How To Prepare

Surfing is a beautiful sport and leisure activity. It can be very tiring though and those who want to hit the waves might decide to make it a vacation too! 

And why not? What could be better than surfing, seeing the most beautiful sights and then kicking back with a tasty cocktail or a tall, cold beer?

10 Best Adult Surf Camps And How To Prepare

There’s a whole sea of adult surf camps out there though, so finding the best can be a serious problem! If you’ve never attended a surf camp, you may also be worried about how to prepare and what the protocol is. 

Well, we’ve sorted all that out for you. Let’s get out there and find out – what are the best adult surf camps and how do you prepare? 

1. Surfhouse, Encinitas, California, USA

If you’re looking to get away from the hard life and really relax – Surfhouse is the place for you. This beauty spot in California offers all the greatest, most therapeutic activities that you could hope to get involved with! 

You’ll start the day with a light breakfast to boost your energy ready for the day. Next up, it’s time for the morning surf. What better way to start your day! Your surf will be guided with one of their friendly and helpful staff members. 

The next thing you know, it’s time for lunch. You’ll be integrated with the real San Diego experience and eat the best Californian cuisine they have to offer. Sit back and enjoy!

In the afternoon, you’ll take part in some relaxing activities such as yoga, kayaking, paddle boarding, tourism and more! 

As the time moves on, you’ll want to slow things down with some evening activities. Why not get down with the locals during happy hour and enjoy a sweet cocktail and then view the gorgeous sunset. Perhaps you’re feeling hungry again – no problem! 

You’ve got plenty of choice with a huge variety of restaurants in the area. Fill your stomach until your heart’s content and finally top it all off with the relaxing call of your soft bed. 

If that doesn’t make you want to book – nothing will! 

2. Miramar Surf Camp, Puerto Sandino, Nicaragua

Nicaragua has an absolute diamond resort here with the Miramar Surf Camp. The beautiful setting is complemented by some of the best activities, foods and drinks that the Pacific island has in store! 

Other than hosting a complete surf package, Miramar also has some super fun extras like ping-pong, martial arts and a skate park.

If that sounds too intense, they also have a hammock area for you to chill out and a library for some quiet reading with simply the sound of the waves nearby. 

Uniquely, Miramar has an oceanside pool that overlooks a cliff to the sea. It’s the perfect place to get some vacation snaps for social media and show off to your friends! 

When you’re feeling that you need some food in you – you’ll be offered the finest, locally sourced foods. If you like seafood – you’re in luck! 

3. Tiny Whale Surf Lodge, Lagos, Portugal

Located in a very warm area in Europe, Tiny Whale has been critically acclaimed and offers a variety of different packages. If you’re specifically looking for surfing with yoga – they can help you out!

The rooms are all different but nearly every room is perfect in its own way. Either way, you’ll be entirely relaxed and looked after! 

They provide a fantastic package to learn how to surf, if that’s what you’re looking for. If you don’t need lessons, then feel free to get out there on the waves! It’s your vacation after all! 

If you want a break from the water, you could take part in yoga or skating. Or you might decide to take in the views of South Portugal – the choice is yours! 

4. Moliets Surf Camp, Moliets-Plage, France

Located in the gorgeous area of the South West of France, you’ll find yourself making it a home away from home. 

Moliets is the ideal setting for making new friends from all around the world and creating everlasting memories whilst ensuring you’re getting the best service that you deserve. 

Along with some amazing packages that the camp offers, including surf school, you’ll ingratiate yourself in authentic French culture. Enjoying the finest cheeses and wines that the region can provide you! 

Moliets can really tailor to your needs. If you want to take your family – you’ve got that to take up. If you want a bachelors/bachelorette party there – no problem! 

All you have to do is speak with one of their helpful staff who will be more than happy to help you out or guide you to the right course of action. 

So, why wait? Feeling like you might want to take in some French sights? 

5. Soul And Surf, Ahangama, Sri Lanka

If you’re looking to surf in a paradise, look no further than Soul and Surf. The visually beautiful landscape and calming atmosphere of Sri Lanka is the perfect place to get your surf on and wind down from your everyday life. 

It caters for all levels of surfers and brings a tropical paradise right to your door. You feel like you’re in your own heavenly retreat and you wish you could stay forever. 

Your lodge is located within a huge area of authentic Sri Lankan surroundings. Everything is included with your stay, so no need to worry about getting your money out! Do you want a drink or a snack? All you have to do is ask!

You really are treated as a King or Queen here. 

For surfers, the conditions are perfect. The waves are at great height and you’ll enjoy it immensely.

If you’ve got a big group and someone doesn’t want to surf – that’s no problem either! They offer a non-surfer experience for the guest that simply wants to relax. What an amazing package! 

6. Lucero Surf Vacations, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica 

A former fishing village, this resort is now a boutique surfing property. The camp is family owned with a Spanish feeling to it. Every room is designed to assure you are the most relaxed you can possibly be. 

You’ll never need to travel too far for things you need. The beach is right at your feet and so is the main road to the nearby market. This idyllic location is also incredibly quiet and relaxed with pretty ecology surrounding you near the inviting pools. 

They’re incredibly flexible and can offer any sort of package you require. It’s worth speaking with one of the team if you have a specific requirement – they should be able to help! 

7. Puro Surf, El Zonte, La Libertad, El Salvador 

Not only are you situated in rooms where the ocean is at full view all over the resort, but you will also benefit from the most magnificent surroundings of El Salvador.

It is situated on a cliff that overlooks the beauty of the Pacific and contains some of the greatest activities and leisure that you could ever ask for. 

They offer a fully kitted out gym, skate park and yoga rooms. But of course, this is a surf camp – so what about the surfing situation? 

With just a short walk to get to the waves, you’ll get to know the surf academy within minutes of your arrival to the sandy beach. They cater for all surfing abilities and can take you to some of the most sought after surfing beauty spots in the world. 

The cuisine is locally sourced, cooked and prepared to perfection. If you decide to take in El Salvador, you really will have experienced one of the best places on the planet. 

8. Hollow Tree’s Resort, South Sipora, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

White sandy beaches, all inclusive packages and some of the finest waters the world has ever known. Sounds good right? 

The accommodation is a set of shared villas with all modern facilities and a private pool for your relaxing times away from the sea. 

You’ll experience the tastiest foods cooked up by a top chef. This is the best way to recharge or prepare for your day’s surf! 

Other than surfing, you may decide to go hiking in the nearby jungle, take in some snorkeling or maybe get down with some yoga. 

9. Rapture Surfcamp, South Bukit Peninsula, Bali

This surf camp is unique. It’s split between two locations, one of which is on the side of a cliff allowing you to take in some amazing sights. 

Your surfing tours will be guided and you’ll be easily welcomed as part of the Bali family. The lessons are conducted by a highly experienced and trained instructor, so you’re in great hands! 

The rooms are although slightly minimalist, offer a relaxing atmosphere and just nearby – the chefs are on hand to make sure you’re having some of the greatest food experiences you could ever hope for! 

10. Base Surf Lodge, Newquay, Cornwall, UK 

When you think of surfing – you might not think of the UK as being a place to do it. Cornwall however, seemingly has its own climate and is hugely popular with surfers and people on vacation. 

Base Surf Lodge offers daily surf lessons on Cornwall’s famous beaches, some surfing training if it’s required and the finest British cuisine including authentic Cornish snacks. 

Newquay is one of the most relaxing places in the UK. Situated in the South West of England, the sound of the waves and winds make you feel alive again whilst also giving you a calming flood of happiness flowing through you from head to toe. 

If you’ve always wanted to go to the UK, Cornwall is highly recommended! 

Budget Planning 

You can’t just get up and go, as much as you’d like to! It’s wise to plan a budget for your trip. Let’s take a look at some things you need to bear in mind when planning to attend a surf camp. 

Meal Price Range

This is going to alter wildly depending on what sort of vacation you’re planning to book based on two main factors: 

  • Inclusive or not? 
  • What country are you going to?

If your vacation is inclusive, this means that your meals are already included in the price you’ve agreed and paid. There is little need to budget for catering, but you may want to take some extra cash in case you decide to venture away from the resort. 

If your vacation is part inclusive or not inclusive at all, you will undoubtedly need to budget. In the USA alone, prices will differ from all the States. You should check with your travel operator before making any major decisions.

It is best that you book an inclusive package so that you don’t need to worry about this. 

Equipment Rental 

Much like meal planning, equipment rental may be included in your package, so you have to check that first before you commit to a budget. On average though, the States charge around $50 for a day’s rental and the UK will charge around £35. 

The European and Pacific Island resorts we’ve explored offer different packages with some inclusive of your booking cost, and some ask for a small fee (around 30 Euros) for equipment rental. 

Prepaid Sim Cards 

Roaming charges can be astronomical, so it is always advised to get a prepaid sim. Wherever you’re planning to go in the world, it’s recommended you pick up a prepaid sim for $10 at most stores.

You may find it easier to contact your friends and family with the resort’s free wifi or telephone. 

Public Transport 

You will have no need for public transport with this list of resorts. Having said that, if you do wish to travel further afield, you’re best to budget around $20 per return journey. If you’re looking to save some money, it’s recommended to stick to the resort! 

Gas Prices

The same points remain here. It’s recommended you stick nearby to your resort if you want to save some cash. However, in the States you’re looking at around $3 per litre. The Pacific Islands are situated in very isolated areas that makes it difficult to get cars to. 

Types Of Risk 

This will depend on where you’re going. The US risks will be different wherever you decide to go. The UK generally has little risk, but the nearby cliffs can be dangerous if you travel to Cornwall.

The Pacific Islands have some tropical insects and dangerous animals, so you’ll need to exercise caution and use mosquito nets. 

How To Prepare 

Proper preparation is key for your travels. Let’s assess what you’ll need. 


If you’re living outside the US and want to come to the States, you’ll need to apply for a visa. If you’re living in the States and want to travel to the UK, you’ll also need to apply for a visa. European trips do not require a visa if you’re staying for less than 90 days. 


Vaccinations, particularly in the tropical areas, are strongly recommended. Please check with your doctor about your plans and they will advise on which vaccinations you will need. 

Language And Currency 

USA = English/US Dollar 
UK = English/Pound Sterling 
France = French/Euro
Portugal = Portuguese/Euro
Nicaragua = Spanish/Nicaraguan Córdoba
Bali = Balinese/Indonesian Rupiah
El Salvador = Spanish/US Dollar 
Costa Rica = Spanish/Costa Rican Colón
Sri Lanka = Sinhala and Tamil/Sri Lankan Rupee
Indonesia = Indonesian/Indonesian Rupiah 

Check Surf Forecast

The hosts at your chosen resort can likely guide you with the forecast for surfing. However, there are plenty of websites and apps designed to give you the information you need.

It’s worth checking your smartphone’s app library and finding a global forecast checker. 

Travel/Surf Insurance 

Wherever you’re planning to go, it’s recommended that you get travel insurance. Better safe than sorry! You will need to check with your chosen insurer if surfing is covered within the policy.

Surfing can be classed as high risk, so some insurers might increase the price or refuse outright. 

The Takeaway 

We’ve explored some of the greatest surf camps in the world here, but you’ll always need more information if you decide to book with one of our choices.

When it comes to finances or health, please speak with a trained professional before making any major decisions. 

Have fun and good luck with finding your perfect vacation! 

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